Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Dear Bloggers

Well as usual I made a stupid statement and now I'm laughing yet embarrassed. I'm talking to DD on the telephone and tell her I will go to mass ( church time for Catholics) on Christmas Eve...even though I get a bit bored as they put the same play on every year and I think I have seen it enough by now. DD say's OMGoodness Mother, are you crazy or something??? Of course it's the same each year, it's the story of the birth of Jesus. Well she of course has to tell hubby and I couldn't help it, I did have to laugh at my stupidity. Please forgive me one and all but you know what I'm all about by now so I guess you can just shake your head and understand. Remember all of those who are less fortunate and try to give of yourself in some small way. We were able to feed almost 400 at the Poverty Program and provide toys for at least that many children. I thank God I have this program to work for as it is surely a blessing to see the happiness we can bring. So many smiles and gratitude from those here in Michigan who are out of work.
May you always have LOVE to share, HEALTH to spare and FRIENDS that care. And may you always believe in the magic of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you all....Love you dearly, Pat

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Timeless Tuesday & A Joke on my Neighbor

Well Timeless Tuesday on Weds. again but I have been busy so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We were to use a stencil technique and I got out one of my brass stencils for Christmas which is of a Christmas tree and did a bit of paste and glitter. Easy card...just act like a kid in kindergarten and slap some embossing paste over the brass stencil and then use Prism Glitter and you have a fine sparkly tree. My phrase was done with some gold embossing and slapped on some gold background mat and I'm good to go. Better late then never is my motto for the day.
Funny experience in my post below which just continues on from here so keep reading and looking.

My son came home with this large plastic king about 6 months ago and we have had a blast scaring each other with it. He first put it in my bedroom and when I flipped on the light I nearly had a heart attack seeing this 5' plastic king, but it was so funny. Well I waited very patiently for about a week to 10 days and then I got him back by putting this wonderful king in his shower. Yikes he screamed so loud that I almost had an accident in my panties from laughing. Sooooo....time for some fun with our neighbor next door. He puts this arrangement of lights in the trees and this year he put a spotlight on an angel statue he had added to his garden. My son dressed in all black with a ski mask on trapsed through the woods and snuck up behind the angel and placed the king ( or maybe it is one of the three wisemen...but then again who ever heard of 3 wise men...maybe one would be WISE, but three is kind of stretching it ) behind so when my neighbor hit the lights he would have a great surprise. What fun we had and my neighbor was such a good sport instead of asking me to remove it from his display he wants it left there so everyone who comes for Christmas can get a good kick out of it too. He discovered it was there as he was in his upstairs bathroom perched on his throne having a cigar and opened the window to let the stinky smoke out. Low and behold ...what the heck is that??? P.S. His cat is going crazy over the king apparently she doesn't understand it at all.
This tree creation is eligible for the 2 Red Bananas weekly challenge which is to do some sort of tree. Well I've got the tree so I'm in.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Alteration...old to new

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is take an old Christmas card and alter it with some of your own stuff or if you want, use somebody else's stuff but in short...change it up a bit. Wish it was that easy in altering things in say the body. Boy what I wouldn't give for my old 20year old body, now that was A-Ok. It's crap getting old because alteration is usually altercation and I've lost my old fight lately. Anyway I got this card in the mail and I was supposed to send a donation in for the pack of 6 but I figure if I'm going to buy a 6 pack it isn't going to be cards. Ho Ho Ho.... I fooled them and kept the cards and kept my money too. All I did to this little gem was to take my sweet Nestie packets out and got cranking as in turning that handle. Used some silver for some background paper and cut a few silver snowflakes and added a pretty stone and colored it dark blue. So see how easy peasy it is to turn a card (you would have probably sent to someone who doesn't deserve a handmade one ) into a piece of you. Happy Friday and happy weekend too.
I'm off to the Poverty Program to pack up the toys for the kids whose parents can't afford toys for them. We are providing to over 300 kids this year and I'm so glad we still are able to do it. Let's be kind to someone who doesn't have the resources this year and surprise them with some love and a small token. Doesn't take much to make a sad person into a glad person & when you do it are glad too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas n furious

Well I was trying to do fast and quick and rush and all those words that say GO and Get them done. Got most of them done except for a few special type one. This is a simple yet good one for neighbors and "slight friends". Maybe I should say acquaintances or maybe I shouldn't be sending them cards in the first place. I put out my huge Christmas wreath which is covered in beautiful tiny lights. I was the last in my circle ( cul de sac...French for circle) to show I'm still living here. Soon my house will smell of home baked goodies as I found some wonderful candles at the dollar store that are Cinnamon Bun, Carmel Cream and well you know what I mean. Fools those nosy neighbors every time. Happy Wednesday and see you soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wonderful surprise from Queen Felty

Well I received this wonderful surprise from my sweet friend Queen Felty and of course for those of you who visit her blog...she is Janine Orchard who is very talented with the use of none other then felt. Course she has many talents but she really excels in both stamping and felting out the cutest little things. Thanks are an adorable friend and I'm so glad to call you friend. Love my special gift dear friend.The card is a match book style and of course with a snowman because Janine loves snowmen as do I. For some great inspiration visit her blog. Well go on and do it !

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tag it Pretty

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is to make a pretty tag. I have heard of're it, but not tag you're pretty, so after some deep contemplation I figured it all out and started creating.I'm sure you have heard that old expression...handsome is as handsome does?? Well I'm going with Pretty is as Pretty does. Does that sound good to you ?? Hmmm...pretty tag takes pretty paper and pretty paper needs bling. I went with some beeutiful paper from my favorite paper store in Billings, Montana called Sisters. The store is called Sisters not the paper just in case you're confused and didn't get that. No name on the paper once again and that of course is NOT my fault. Very simply I cut some red cs ( that's card stock) and then my bee..utiful paper and slapped them together gently so as not to cause any pain and then went to work with my blingers. No stamping but hey that's cool isn't it? I think it is. Added some snazy red satin like ribbon that was laying around from Tuesday's challenge and made myself or should say made the tag a loop to hold it to the package and of course the bow is made with the infamous Bow Easy. The snowflakes are from last year's Stampin Up stash and I thought they matched the paper pretty well so I glued them on. So there you have it...tag it pretty and I hope you think I did.
Time for the weekend and I'm laying low as usual...that's what us little old ladies do. Grab a glass of wine, cup of coffee, or whatever you so desire and get in the recliner for a night at the movies. Watched Gran Torino last weekend and the language was really rank but the movie did have a good story line so I guess I have to say I liked it. When you hear those nasty words my mind goes Bleep Bleep and I move on...hope you do to. Have a great weekend and see you next week

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Timeless Tuesday CAS

Well Flourishes Timeless Tuesday is CAS...I thought that was copy and steal but I was WRONG! It's clean and simple and so that's what I did. Used the phrase from one of the Christmas sets and just simply stamped in red, used one of my Nestie die cuts, added some festive ribbon, some punched out holly leaves, a few red stones for berries and done. Picture not so good cause couldn't get the light to co-operate, took it with the card laying on it's belly edge ( one way to get a flat belly huh!) and hoped for the best. Didn't get the best but guess it's not the worst. Plain oops I mean clean and simple. Have a fun Tuesday and see you soon.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday challenge...super simple & Penny's challenge

Well how about them apples...being simple comes easy for me being I'm a bit "simple" minded. Mr. Webster says "simple" is not involved or complicated, now doesn't that define me totally??? You bet it does. I simply want to have fun without complication or consequences and how hard is that! Well sometimes I pay the consequences but not too often. Yeah, I know I'm annoying but get over it! Life is too short to worry about the small stuff. This is a Stampin Up card all the way. Cute embossing folder cut on a diagonal to use for side of card, an adorable ornament punch and the little phrase. How super simple it was and also cute to boot. Now you know you love it, and if not then I guess we will say goodbye for now. Have a fun and happy weekend. I plan to eat lots of left overs and especially lovin that punkin pie with whipped topping.
Just realized this qualifies for Penny's Challenge which says no DP and since this card has no DP I guess I'm in.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Table Treat

Well I was minding my own business ( for a change) and the doorbell ding donged and there was a guy holding a box covered in celephane and yep under the clear wrap was this very lovely flower arrangement for ME !!! Well wasn't that a sweet surprise from DD and family to set out on my Thanksgiving dinner table. This way she will be celebrating along with just me and my son Justin ( her brother). Thanks Jules, Ken, Cal, Ellie, and Maggie ( she's their dog). I cherish your thoughtfullness and it will be nice to know you are with us in this wonderful way. I hope you all have a wonderful meal and all take the time to pray for all those that are less fortunate and also for the young men and women who are in service to our country and can not be home with their families and friends. May God bless and keep everyone safe. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And Happy Birthday to my SIL Ken, love you dearly. MIL

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...Christmas theme

It's Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes and I'm choosing to use a Christmas theme today.
Well since I am busy with passing out the Thanksgiving baskets at church I decided to use this picture of myself instead of stamping a card. What... you don't see me as an angel??? Well it's definetely not Hearald from Hark oh Herald, angel sing cause it looks like a pretty hot mama angel playing a little blues on her long horn, so yes, it could be me even though I haven't a clue how to blow a horn. This gorgeous little angel is stamped with Brilliance pearlized soft blue ink and just sprinkled with a bit of gold EP ( embossing powder) which if you do it lightly enough, you get a hint of glitzy gold on your image. Added some blueish blingers and a soft blue satin ribbon which I tied in a bow with my Bow Easy. My stamp a Flourishes was bought last year & brought out of moth balls to get it used a bit this year. Easy card cause I don't have time for playing around.
We are giving out 350 baskets to the needy and so I am a busy old broad. Good for the heart and soul to be a part of this fabulous program. I am blessed believe me, to be able to give hope to those who are so less fortunate then we are. I send you all blessings for a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your family and friends be many and your table plentiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Packaging...or something like that

Well today at notimetostamp it's all about packaging ( don't know if that's the right spelling) and as far as packing something I sure can do that lately. I've been packing on the pounds and must really look into a recycled new body. BUT for now let's play the challenge. I made up my own paper to cover this CD container. Found this stamp in the dollar bin at my pal Mike's place and you have to admit he does have some great buys in those bins. I embossed in white on bright red cs and just added a bow ( double bowed with the Bow Easy),and to finish it off, did my tag with the same stamp using red ink, and added a few blingers. The little merry phrase is from Morning Star Co. Easy peasy and there you have it.
Remember to head over to DD's and wish her a Happy Birthday as I said in the post below. Have a great weekend and see you next time.

There's a Birthday to celebrate!!!

Yep today is DD's birthday and I hope you take a moment of your busy day to stop over and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JULIE. You probably wonder how old she is right??? Well if you are good at math I'll give you a little problem to solve that will tell you her age...ready? Add 2x10, plus 4, plus 5x2,plus 15, minus 5,minus 8, plus 3,...oh dang I screwed it all up but anyway she's a young chick whose mother hen truly loves and wishes her the best of a wonderful birthday. Jump on over to say Happy Birthday by clicking here. Happy Birthday to Julie and happy Friday to you all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Am I seeing Double???

Well I guess you are right if you thought you were seeing double as I did this Santa just on Sunday's post BUT that was soft and sweet and I think this card is a little more playful but I could be wrong. I'm sorry if you all thought I was depressed on Sunday...I really wasn't, just a bit "up tight" but after a little fiber I was moving along just fine. This is becoming my favorite Christmas stamp and since Flourishes is having Timeless Tuesday I thought...well let's just change it up and use it again. Silke Ledlow is hosting this week with a sketch challenge and I love when someone else uses their brain power and shows me what to do. I don't like taking orders but when it comes to something like this I say...go for it. Follow the sketch cause it makes it easy peasy. My stamps are from the Flourishes Santa set that is new this year and as you can see and as I already told you...I love it. Use some nice trim paper and just slap that fat man all together. If you click on my image you can get a much better take on my card. It just wouldn't co-operate with my digi camera. Happy Tuesday !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Well it was a boring day in the life of the Rubbermaid so she decided to just sit with her fancy cup of coffee and stamp, stamp, stamp. Dang I was really bored! We had a dark dreary day and I felt like instead of blogging about my life I needed to get one. My friends are leaving the area and heading to the heat belt and the closest thing to heat for me, is to sit on my heating pad and dream. I know I sound bitter...well so what if I am?? My buddy Ray is heading to Atlanta and then on to California and where am I going you ask??? Nowhere that's where and so I hit the rubber to the ink and stamp. This Santa is a Flourishes set and golly do I ever love this guy. He's a big fella and requires a larger size card but he does make up so nicely. I used some walnut distress ink to get the tone I wanted and colored ever so lightly and little. My phrase is Impression Obsession and I got my paper Fancy Pants in Montana and it made for a perfectly lovely background for the fat man. Added a snipet of ribbon and I'm done. So tonight it's time for Desperate Housewives and those ladies ( and I use the phrase ever so loosely) are even more deaperate then I am. Happy new week and I'll be back too soon for words.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Timeless Tuesday on Thursday??? Now that's really Late

Well what can I say but better late then never??? Maybe in this case it should have been never. I made a gift bag for Flourishes Timeless Tuesday and with the sketch for Penny's challenge I followed it with a card. As I said perhaps I should have just skipped it this week as it's not the best work...but it if you were getting a gift of Sumatra coffee and a mug to serve it in I guess you wouldn't care about the gift bag it came in. I used the Flourishes poinsettia set for both the bag and the card. Been blowing leaves with a wonderful blower my husband invented more then 30 years ago. To say it's powerful is being modest, it actually blew all of my perennials into the ravine the first time we tried it out. It's a neat piece of equipment that you just roll around and it blows the leaves in like 5 mins. Awesome and certainly helpful for these old bones. Happy Thursday one and all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Penny's challenge....winter scene

Penny's challenge this week is to do a winter scene. When I read that I thought to I have to?? am I ready for winter?? Absolutely not, but I gave it the old college try and this is what I came up with. This is a very old stamp that I never use cause to be honest with you I don't think it's all that impressive and I don't know why I bought it in the first place. I guess the company that made it wasn't that proud of it either because it doesn't show a name...oops! in very tiny print I just found PSX. Anyway, just stamp and use a bit of colored pencils and then add some glitter glue by Stickles and you're almost there. I did some fancy schmansy punched corners, a bit of $1 bin ribbon and a snowflake by SU and I'm done. I'd rather think of heading to my place in Florida on the beach where I can lay in the sun in my bikini and have all the old men drooling at the sight of me...But since I don't have a place on the beach in Florida or anywhere else nice and warm I guess I'll have the snowblower checked out and get it ready for my winter scene instead. Happy Thursday to you all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Timeless Tuesday go neutral with colored image

Well what is neutral you might ask??? According to the inter-net it can be black, white, gray, ivory etc. To be safe I went with plain old white...devoid of color since I needed to color my image. And speaking of coloring my image, well I'm sure when you were small, your Mom used the term " waste not, want not" and so I decided to use left over yarn to knit Frosty's scarf. Looks like a remenant of Joseph's technicolor coat, but I know I did not waste in this case and used just about all the colors. For my textured background I ran my card stock through the Big Shot to get a snow like look cause after all Frosty is a "snow"man. Didn't have a Flourish stamp for this...Sorry, so I used a snowman I've had for years and who I thought was really quite cute. This is put out by Print Works. Used my colored pencils and a blender, which by now you know is my favorite way to color up my images. Did a die cut from Spellbinder's label # 3 that I bought on special at good old Hobby Lobby.Also found the little blingers of glittery red and used those for holly berries. Love that place and when I visit DD we head on over. Happy Tuesday to you all and I'll be back again soon.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Accordian/Squeeze Box fold

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is to do an accordian fold. Now you know I don't want to put the "squeeze" on you, but if you're interested you can see it's not all that hard. Did you know the patron saint of accordianist's or is it accordian players??? anyway the patron saint is...ready? are you sure?? silly it's Lady of Spain of course. Or if you are a topless female accordian player it's probably Lady of Pain...Ouch that one hurt! My card ( have to get down to business) is done with the beautiful leaf stamp put out by Flourishes and done of course with my favorite water colored pencils and my blender. I started out by embossing in gold and then went to work like in school and started having my fun. Added a few little dots with a stamp by Judith and a phrase I think by Flourishes but not really sure anymore cause my area is such a piggy stye. Easy card that was done with brown and sort of orangish cs. Put a little bling in the opposite corners and I'm done.
Well my big weekend plan is tonight's party at the church to raise money for the Poverty Program that I work with. We are having a spaghetti dinner with all proceeds going directly to our cause which is to feed the hungry and homeless. Big job as the numbers keep climbing. Hope it's a big success. We are having a raffle and the dinner so wish us luck. Have a great weekend to one and all. See you next week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Timeless Tuesday on Weds. as usual

Well I'm back to my old bad habits of being late for Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes.However; since I just got home from DD's place you need to cut me a little slack. I really love this angel image but did not do it justice and I am well aware of it. This card lacks something and I personally don't like the plain top and bottom of the image panel. Sometimes I use the excuse of getting old when things don't go my way and this is one of those times, so deal with it. I used my faithful colored pencils and a blender to color the heavenly broad who thinks she's Louie Armstrong playing the horn. Got news for her...nobody can play it like Louie! This is a Flourishes image I bought last Christmas time and would you believe it's my first stamping of it? Used my "new " Martha doiley punch for the border and I have to tell you these dang punches do NOT cut through card stock. They sent me one for free but it sucks just like the first one I bought and returned. Used a corner punch and added a few blingies but you already know that. Happy day to you all and I will return on Friday.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Hip to be Square

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is to be don't be square, have a square shaped card and I mean all the way square. No ovals, no circles...just squares. Well I made my square card which is a 6"x6" out of a brocaded type paper that cost $3 a sheet and was just sitting there for I don't know how long, so I decided is the hour. No name on it because I think I bought it over a year or so ago at a stamp store going out of business sale so I can't even check to get any info but do you need to know??? Some things are better off not knowing and this is going to be one of those things deal with it. Lovely cardstock quality. All I did was layer a couple of squares using the brocade then gold etc. On my final gold square I embossed the word Rejoice from a Flourishes Christmas set, in gold and then added some blingers and a bow tied with the handy Bow Easy. Very simple card because as you know I am on vacation and don't have time to fool around. I'm here for fun and my time is running out so I have to get all my square work done in the form of square dancing not stamping. When next we speak I will be back in Michigan. So...have a happy weekend and a big Howdy from Montana.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gimme your candy... or else!

Well I decided to join in Penny's challenge which is a simple task to make a Halloween themed card. Since I love being a bit of a character I used this little Stampendous Halloween set my little darlin Ellie bought on a family trip to Denver. She was a bit miffed that the Nana used it before her but she loved the card so I guess she's not ready to play an Edward role and suck the living blood out of me. This little guy is Mini Edward from the "Twilight" series and he's getting ready to take your goodies rather then hitting on your jugular vein. Just done with my stand by colored pencils (which in this case belong to DD), a couple of circle punches, a bit of glitter and you're pretty set to fly into the night in search of victims...I mean candy.
Happy day to you all. Ellie has a part in today's children's mass at school so we are off to church...need to repent for all my bad ways...yep, I know it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...Christmas in Water Color

Well it's time for Flourishes Timeless Tuesday challenge which is to do a Christmas themed card in water color.

Well bring me some friggin....oops! I mean figgy pudding and bring it right now! This may not truly be a Christmas themed card but let's face it ...I am an artiste and we do get temperamental and go a little figgy every now and then. This branch of figs is from Flourishes ( of course as this is their challenge) and since I am away from home and living off the goodness of DD I had to use what I could to create with. Poor girl only has a thousand or more stamps for me to choose from but I never used this figgy branch before so I said to go girl and I did. I think it is a lovely set and I didn't do too badly on doing it justice. It's simply done with my good old water colored pencils and a blender....well I just lied because they are DD's pencils and blender. Simple card with a bit of corner punches, a Nestie fancy shmansy die, a bit of glitter glue, and a bit of matching ribbon and voila...fini, that's French for there you have it and I'm done.

Update on my hoe down. It was a grand time with a special band (some old Dudes) that played some country Western music. Our chairs were bales of hay and we had a dinner of aligator stew and differnt types of soups with corn bread. Talk about Western ...Hee Haw and it was FUN! There was a cute old dude who played the fiddle and he even had a Western name ... Clay, but he also had on a wedding ring....dang! I'll just keep on looking. See you back here on Friday if not sooner.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Challenge > Gatefold

Outside naturally....

and the inside ....

Today's challenge at notimetostamp is #109 gatefold...can be one that meets in the middle or off center which just like me, mine is. Hey...I'm not always willing to meet somewhere in the middle unless, I'm in a really good mood . This little image is from Crafty Secrets cotton scraps and isn't she adorable? I sure think so. I have a niece who is in her 50's now and still to this day is called Punkin by everyone and I think she would love this little cutie. She's not like a Jack O Latern though, you know scary looking with no guts...heck no she's fiesty and fun. Guess that's why we get along so well. So this is an easy peasy card because I took the Nestie's out and one two three, a couple of cuts, some gluing , add a bit of DP by K & Company, a few blingers, and done. My phrase is from Inkadinkado. My card has a fold score at 4 1/2 " and again at 4 1/2"and the whole measurement is 10 1/2" across which leaves my little fold over at 1 1/2". I attached my Nestied image on the small flap and it's attached with a pop dot because I couldn't find my velcro stuff. Bad me...yep I know it. I love Halloween and the fun the little kiddo's bring to my front door.

Hey I'm in Big Sky now and ready for a hoe down...just gotta find the right cowboy and I'm in business. I feel a 10 gallon hat is definetly in order and perhaps some real authentic cowboy boots! I'm ready to ride the range, and do a bit of square dancing. Hope you have a great Wahoo weekend too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes

Well wasn't sure if I would be able to find time, but managed to squeeze in for the TT challenge over at Flourishes. You had a choice of several sketches to choose from and I chose Sketch A. Since this is a Flourish challenge I decided to be a very good girl and use their stamps. I chose the poinsettia set which gave me my beautiful flower and little bit of Joy. I challenged myself a bit too as I really hate cutting but gave it a go and did a bit of the old ( like me) fashioned paper tole...that means layering for all you younger chicks in the coop. I had this wonderful background paper I bought in Billings Mt. last year and so I used it for the background, and the border which has the name has been removed. I will scold Lovely who works that shop when I see her. Anyway it's an easy card...used my circle Nestie a bit of ribbon and some glitter glue that you really can't see too well but it's lovely ( not my friend in Montana, Lovely) IRL ...that means in real life.
So I leave here in Michigan on Thursday bright and early and arrive at DD's at noonish time. Guess what??? The kiddos are off school at noon so they get to come to the airport and pick the Nana up. How fun is that! Can you tell I'm excited to get to where the deer and the animals roam? I really am!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kraft paper /Black ssnotime challenge

Today's challenge at notimetostamp is to use kraft & black. Many of us don't use kraft much but give it a try.
Bet you didn't know this tidbit of info so I'm going to enlighten you with some very important knowledge. Mr. Webster told me about kraft's a tough wrapping paper made of sulfate wood pulp. You're probably thinking right now ...who gives a kraft??? Well, I do and thought you might like that to store away in case you're ever on Alex Trabeck's Jeoprady show. Hey, buzz the buzzer like quick... I know the answer Alex ," what is kraft paper ?" So keep that in mind now betcha! ( that you betcha comes from Sarah Palin ). Anyway back to the plan here. Use kraft paper and you must use black also. Well I think those 2 colors were made for each other so I had no problem following the rules. My card has my wonderful Nestie's label # 4 and my flowers are done with a SU stamp by embossing in white and then just cutting them out ( hate cutting) and adding a bit of bling in black. The top little curly que( or is that curly-q) is from a Scrappy Cat set as is the little phrase. Now the ribbon is super as it's like kraft & black stripped and it's of course May Art's ribbon from Sharon's store.
That's it people and I hope you all have a blessed and crazy weekend. Hey guys guess what??? I've only got until the 15th. and then I leave for Billings to see my DD and family. counting the days until we get together and bust a gut with laughter and fun. Hee Haw...( that's Western talk)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...Late again

Well Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes Calls for the use of pink because October is breast cancer awareness month. I took my Flourishes coffee time set and used it to create my simple card. Having coffee with a friends really does make it taste better so this expression is very true. Used one of my Spellbinder's fancy die cuts, added a bit of ribbon and a small bling and done. Sorry, I can't ramble today as I have a splitting headache for two days now which is very unusual for me. I'll be back for Friday's challenge but for now I'm closing the blinds and having a nap. Sounds lazy I know ,but seriously not.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sketch Challenge from Susan Roberts

Well being as today is World Card Making Day I decided to get in a challenge over at The
Classroom where Susan aka Rainy is showing a neat sketch to follow. Thanks Rainy for all the measurements ( not as if mine are all perfect ) it did really help. I chose to do a Halloween card as you plainly or even not so plainly can see. I found this cute set at my boyfriend Mike's place and it is put out by very cheap when you use a 40% off coupon you only pay $3.50. Now that's a real deal. 11 stamps in the set....gosh I sound like I'm getting a commission from this company which trust me I am not. Anyway I just used my faithful Nestie
scalloped circle and stamped and colored some green stripes, put on a few little rhinie buttons on witchy pooh's booties, added some cute orange and white polka dotted ribbon and added my Happy Halloween by Hero Arts. Ain't that easy and so cute! Get in on the action and have a little fun.

Happy World Cardmaking Day!

We ARE the world and we share moments of laughter, worry, sadness, and everything else in between, but today we are going to share this special day with all of you out there. So I would like to say Buonasera ( Italian) Guter Tag ( German) Bon Jour ( French) God morgon (Swedish) Buenas Dias ( Spanish) and of course Good Morning Eh!! ( Canadian), and I didn't mean to leave out any of the other languages but a girl can only process so much. Love you all out there as you make my day when you stop by and say Hey. So quit clicking away on your sight and get out there and wish all your friends....all over the world a Happy Day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ABC...easy as 1 2 3...Friday Challenge

Today's challenge at notimetostamp#107 is use letters or numbers on your card . That title reminds me of the Jackson Five's song ABC...easy as 1 2 3, bet that will run through my nutty head all day long but anyway in order to do this challenge I thought well I could wish a Happy 25th. anniversary to Sharon & her husband Steve just a few days in advance. Their actual date is the 6th. ( I heard it through the grapevine). 25 years is the silver celebration and I'm sure it adds some silver in all our hairs being with the same person for 25 years. Let's think now love him BUT you hate the dirty socks and undies just left discarded on the floor. You love him BUT why doesn't he help around the house instead of sitting in front of the boob tube watching football, baseball, basketball and did I mentionhe loves his sports?? Then you beg him to cut the grass because it's now 6" tall but he thinks it looks just fine. Well I think you get the picture and you all know what I'm talking about BUT would you give up all the great things about him? Heck no. He's a good provider, a good father, a great partner during the good and bad so now after 25 years you say...he's a keeper. Happy anniversary to Sharon & Steve and many many more.

My card was easy as I used stickers today from Mike's place and they are Mary English Bright or what ever her name is. Just stick them on some nesties and you are good to go.

Hey guys it's the weekend and I sure hope it is a happy one for all of you. My big plans...well I'm going in on Sunday to see my sweet pea Joe. He's a special guy who I've been seeing now for many many years, sounds good doesn't it ! Well truth be told and I always tell the truth Joe's my hair dresser. Bet you thought I had a boyfriend huh? No such luck but I love spending time with Joe as we discuss his love life, the lack of my love life and everything else that we feel like talking about. So have fun and keep a smile on your beautiful faces. See you'll next week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Penny's Challenge Sketch

Today's sketch at Penny's is shown above my card. Well looking at my card you're probably thinking that's pretty corny right?? Well I wanted it easy peasy and bold to be told sooo...I followed the sketch and made it easy by using some Sticko stickers and my Spellbinder's scalloped circles, added a little bow and that was that. Hey you guys before we know it Halloweenie will be here and I love thinking about how to dress up for the trick and treaters. I used to make my front lawn into a grave yard and have all sorts of spooky stuff but I scared the begeezers out of the little ones so I tried to tame down a bit...but not by too much. I got some really cool organ music ( don't know which organ was plucked to produce the screams) and I blast it really loud with speakers out of my front house windows. Probably a little too loud as my one neighbor walked over and asked if I could play it just a little softer. What a hag, and she wasn't even in costume. Well I have some time to put my beanie in motion and see what I can come up with. In the mean time have a good week. Hump day and that means the weekend is almost here again. Be back on Friday for my next challenge.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes

It's Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and I'm not really sure of what I am supposed to be doing which of course is highly unusual for me ( don't smirk...I hear you laughing at me..not nice!) but I noticed everyone had a frame around their work and kind of put a dimension outside the frame so that's what I decided to do. Hey all you Friends of Flourishes it's time for a pat on my back as this week I actually used Flourishes stamps. Yep, I put on my big girl panties and jumped in head first all set to go. Don't you love this Poppy set? Well of course you do, and before you think that this card is black....let me give you my assurance it is NOT! It is a very deep brown and my mat is a kind of rusty orange almost. I used the poppy set to comply with the challenge which is if you have Flourishes stamps use them. This is a very basic card with a rectangle frame made with my Spellbinder die, the poppy set which I used my water colored pencils on and then added a little ribbon in orangie ( don't think that's a word) from Mike's and a few blingers also from Mike's.
Happy week friends and stampers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rich Autumn leaves ...Friday challenge

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is Rich Autumn I went with gold leaves cause gold means you're rich right? Well I guess Sharon meant lovely in rich colors but I goofed & you're getting gold embossed leaves. I have decided to let someone younger do the raking and blowing of leaves this year. Another way to ignore those falling leaves is just get up off your duff and close the blinds! I think I like that idea even better. I used this PSX leaf stamp the other day and it was still on my table so I thought ...use it again and I did. As you can see I embossed with gold, used my Spellbinders fancy schmansy cut for both the mat and the topper. I put my phrase on with just some Pearl Ex gold powder...yep lazy lady but it worked so what's wrong with that?? Not a darn thing I said to myself. Of course you gotta have some blingy stuff so I colored some clear rhinies with a sort of amberish color which I think made this a rich Autumn card...what do you think???

Well this weekend there is a big party after the 4:30 mass that I always attend as we are making the associate pastor our new pastor ( the old one left...well he wasn't really that old but) so after the mass is over there is a celebration in the church hall. They said finger food but last time they said that I didn't find a finger being served, but instead a real feast. I'm going in to check it out and see if there are any cute old men just sitting around waiting for my glorious appearance. Who am I kidding...but it sounds pretty good doesn't it? Happy weekend friends and stampers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Penny's Challenge...It's for the birds!

Well this is a new one for me...never played in this challenge before but was visiting my friend Darlene and saw this challenge. Make a card using an owl....who who ?? Oh yea, I guess you mean whoever wants to join the fun. So being the party gal that I am I looked for an owl stamp and made a very simple card because sometimes ...simple is good. My little hooter ( Yikes I've seen Hooter's and at that place nothing is really little, it's more full featured if you know what I mean) now I'm off subject so let me re-group. This little owl guy is a Scrappy Cat Clear Stamp ( cheap stamps at Mike's but very nice) and my phrase is Inkadinkado. Just simply stamping in black with no coloring, add some nice ribbon, and some pink rhinies also from Mike's...gotta love that guy as he supplied all of it even my bg (that's background ) paper which is American Crafts. As the sharp gal's say, easy peasy and I'm done. You can find the deets on this fun challenge at Penny's place.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...mist it

Today at Timeless Tuesday the hostess is Silke and I love her work and her too of course as she is a real delightful woman. We are to mist the stamp. I didn't read it right at first and thought it was about spritzing...which by the way Mr. Webster doe's not acknowledge as a word. Well misting a stamp is not the easiest thing in the world...yea, I know you can mist it BUT if you mist too much it's looks like it just came out of Niagra Falls without a raincoat and it you mist too little well it's dry and you need to huff and puff on it. I used a lovely leave put out by PSX...and I just realized this is Flourishes challenge and where oh where is my Flourish stamp! So sorry dear friends I goofed again but at least I played. On with the card, deep brown card with a greenish smeared background paper from Basic Grey and a brown bow compliments of both Mike and Bow Easy. The phrase is from Hero Arts...double ouch to Flourishes. Used two of my Spellbinder's die cuts and a bit of gold around my oval. Finished. I am a bad girl for not paying attention to details like this is a Flourish challenge...use their stamps. I do humbly apologize.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, who invited you for lunch???

My friends Larry, Curly, & Moe showed up for lunch today and I was not expecting them so I thought to myself ...oh deer ( or should that be oh dear ) what should I serve??? I wanted to make a nice salad but these guys seemed perfectly content eating the rest of their Hosta Fiesta . Oh well summers almost over so I guess it's Ok if they strip my Hosta bare. The three stooges wouldn't stay together long enough for a picture ( they get a bit camera shy) but if you look closely you can see Curly's tail just in the woods a bit behind Larry. Moe decided he had enough lunch and took off.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Challenge BBO...and no coloring

Today's challenge at notimetostamp #105 is BBO and no coloring. What is BBO ..."better butt out"or" best buddy out"??? Yikes...this had me stymied,so after reading more closely I found out it means black/brown ink only with no coloring. No coloring! you've got to be kidding me. I love to color. This is a low blow, but after a few tears I decided to join in . Now I know why it's called a challenge cause I wanted to start a fight...I love to color. But I guess I already said that so I gave in and set out to create. Hmmm what's white all over and sweet as can be you ask???
it's a cute little snowman who is freezing his tush off out in the bitter cold. Since he feels so cold I figured a black card makes a deadly combo but feeling sorry for him I decided to bring in some heat with a red band on his hat. This set is a cutie I picked up at Mike's place for a those 50% off coupons. It is Inkadinkado. Self explanatory card...stamp with black ink on every thing, add a glob of glitter glue, smear around and you've got snow, put on a red & white polka dotted ribbon to add a bit of coloring...oops I meant a bit of color and you are done.
Happy weekend peeps. We have great sunshine today and are supposed to have Indian Summer type weather. Love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...on time

Well hip hip horr...ay, it's Timeless Tuesday day, I stamped and glued and punched a bit without a fit ... it's Timeless Tuesday day! Sing to the tune from the Seven Dwarves work song....memba that one?? Today at Flourishes challenge you are to use contrasting papers or patterns or well I'm not really sure what you're supposed to do soooo....I used two nice patterned papers from a sweet pad put out by K & Company. My leaf is a Hero Arts stamp from a nice autumn set ( sorry I didn't have the Flourishes leaf set) and the phrase is from Flourishes Gerbera daisy set. I punched a few ??? leaves ( maybe elm) added a bit of bling and some lovely brownish copper ribbon I got from Mike's . Oh, I forgot I did also use my fancy rectangle from Spellbinder and put a gold edge on it.

I have to tell you that here in Michigan our leaves are already orange, red, and well it's so early but they are turning. I'm going out with the camera and pretend I'm Curt O'Brien and do a little photo taking. As Arnold would say.... I'll be back. Happy new week peeps.

Happy Day for both my kids!!!

Well today is DD Julie's wedding anniversary and also the day my son Justin is proposing marriage to his girlfriend Callie. He wanted to do something a bit different so we baked a red velvet cake which is her favorite and then made a kinda square hole which was removed so the velvet box( wrapped in foil) was placed and then the piece put back in so the cake could be frosted. We put a tooth pick in the cake so he knew where the box is. Should be a fun day for both my daughter and son. The cake was so moist that while it was being frosted it kinda got the cake into the frosting and that's why it looks smeared with red cake crumbs. I wish both my kids much happiness on this great day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take Time To Remember 9-11-01

Today we all need to stop and remember the tragedy of 9-11-2001. I hope we can all pause for a moment or two to say a prayer for all those who lost their lives on that horrible day and for those that they left behind to grieve and have their lives changed for ever. May God bless them all, and may God bless our country and fellow men.


Well it's time for Sharon's ssnotime104, get in the Halloween mode or use a pumpkin or whatever tickles your funny bone.

Did you read your horrorscope this a.m.?? Have a cup of decoffinated coffee?? Hope a cereal killer didn't poison your corn flakes, but seriously my message is don't spook unless your spooken to and get on with those Halloween cards/projects. My card is done with a cute set from Inkadinkado and I'm loving these little guys...even the little bats ...who apparently left their bellfry. Simple card done with some good old water colored pencils, added some black bling and used my Nesties and Bow Easy. My card is as you can see black as night and matted with that wonderful Basic Grey Lemonade paper. First mat in orange rectangle die and second is a pea green label # 4. How easy peasy is that now! Be sure if you take your little ghosts to school for Halloween that they fasten their sheet belts. Just kidding I know that all good parents make sure their little ones are safe.

Happy weekend to you all and hope you enjoy your family and friends. See you soon but before I go... Do you know why mummies can't keep friends??? Well their too wrapped up in themselves ...but I bet you knew that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Timeless Tuesday on Wednesday...oh well !

Well I'm back to my old lazy ways of doing the Tuesday challenge on Weds. ...yea I know I have like a whole week but I'm still battling the dry wall dust and will be for another few days sooo...
everything is delayed. I used Flourishes Gerbera set and once again I took a rebellious attitude and made these little guys into chrysanthemums's Autumn and I love the fall line of colors. I think they colored up nicely as mums ( not dads but mums). I added the phrase Autumn which is a Hero Arts stamp. I stamped in onyx black ink and used my colored pencils and decided to add a bit of chalk to tone down the brightness of the white card stock. Followed the sketch to a tee or is that T but I know it's not tea cause I drink a lot of that ( get that from my Mom not mum, as she was French Canadian and loved her tea). Anyway just did some coloring some matting some chalking and fini. Hope you have a great Wednesday ( another crazy spelled word...I would delete the D if I were Mr. Webster). Got to get back to the dust fields but will see you Friday.