Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...do a birthday card

Well it's time for another TT at Flourishes and today we are to make a birthday card. I just finished this one to send off to the hospital so I was all set. Easy card with just using one of the stamps from the set Autumn Blossoms . Can't remember which set the phrase is from but it's perfect on all my cards wishing the happiest of birthday to anyone. My bg paper is from lilybee designs and I love it. Stamp, color, do a Spellbinder's circle or two and you're done. If it's your birthday...it's your card.
Deary weather here in Billings MT. and we are supposed to get rain. Talk about rain and cold ..yesterday my GS played football and it literally poured and was so cold I thought I would freeze. They won their game and after sitting in the cold and pouring rain I went home and took a 15 min. hot hot shower and then turned on my fireplace to get my body warm again. Boy what parents and grandparents do for their kids huh! He's a great boy though and so you say to yourself...he's worth it.
Happy week fellow stampers.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well talk about a happy and fun filled time! The rodeo is in town and I was so excited that they had a cattle run in our downtown area and boy oh boy were there ever tons of cowboys. Can you see that huge smile on my face...that means I'm one happy cowgirl! Some were old some were young but hey who even cares about the age when it comes to cowboys?? Not me no way. My friend Sheila called me and asked me how fast I could get over to her warehouse ( Mattress Land USA) cause there was this gorgeous cowboy there buying a matress.  Wonder if he needs help breaking it in...now that was naughty but these guys are so dang cute! Fun time for all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...winter or whatever

Well it'a Timeless Tuesday Wednesday for me but so what is all I have to say. Bad attitude..you betcha, as the folks in Montana say. You can do a winter/Christmas for the challenge and since I have no really wintery type stamps I went with a Christmas theme. Very easy except for the bottom strip which I cut all the little bitty leaves etc. and for me that's quite a feat as I absolutely hate cutting. Easy peasy card once I colored and cut I just slapped it all together and put on a band of ribbon, used my oval Spellbinder dies and I'm done. This is all from the set
Christmas Candles. A very loverly set.
Very windy here today...winds are at least 40-50 mph. I nearly got blown away going down to pick up my mail. Should have left it there as because as usual...no mail from any cute cowboys, just junk and bills. Will it ever change? I doubt it but I figure it is what it is and that's that.
Happy week fellow stampers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Snow in October???

Can you believe it??? We had a real blizzard going on and that's why this picture is a bit blury. It's only the begining of October and we got snow? CRAZY!!!