Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...let's play Bingo

Well today at Flourishes it's a TT challenge to play bingo.Well as an old broad I know what bingo is all about and that's why I DON'T hit the bingo halls....I'm desperate but not quite that hard up. I need more excitment in my life then filling a card with some tiddly wink circles over letters to win some body's old jewelry or a quarter. Yikes how bad is that! So anyway if you follow the directions and you can go across or diagonally or whatever. I chose to go with the pink, die cut, and ribbon. Used some cute paper from Paper Studio, my circle dies, part of the cherry blossom set, and the phrase from one of the Botanical Bookplates . Add a ribbon tied with the good old bow easy and I'm done. Guess I'm getting lazy in my old age as this is two in a row I have done with no coloring. I'm BAD !Easy peasy card which will end up in my Cards 4 Kids box and be shipped off to the hospital back in Detroit.
Was excited to know that there's sex at 71...just down the road from me and no roads to cross or anything...I'm grabbing my walker and heading out! Talk later good buddies. Have a fun week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Timeless Tuesday....your favorite

Well TT at Flourishesis asking us to use our favorite set on our card today...are you crazy??? Almost every set is my favorite and I know most of you feel that way so I dug through my box and found one of my favorite sets the Zinnia. When I was a kid zinnias and marigolds were what we called alley flowers as they grew in everyone's back yards and many times their seeds flew in the breeze and soon the alley way would have those bright flowers popping up all over the place. They are more classy now and in our sub they call the alley a carriage lane. I said to myself...who the blankity blank has a carriage?? But anyway I used the Zinnia set and kept it totally simple by just doing a black and ivory card. Lazy? well maybe but it to me is not only simple but kind of elegant so that's what I'm sticking to. I hope you are all off to a good start this week...remember to file your income taxes. I got a note from the IRS about my 2010 taxes and I hope I'm not headed to jail as there was an error on them. Referred it to the CPA who was the guy who figured it out and hopefully I will be safe..Let you know if I have to wear a striped suit or not. Happy week everyone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Timeless Tuesday be fruity...

Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes is to be fruity. Well I sure know about being fruity but making a card with fruit...not really very good at it. Got out the Lemon stamp set and went to work. What does that phrase mean??? Lemon's love life? Well who doesn't love life, I know I do or at least most of the times. I love hot summer days with a chair by the pool and a cold glass of lemonade. Who am I kidding, I'd much rather have a cold beer or a nice cold wine cooler but let's pretend it's lemonade shall we!And while we're at it I'm pretending I still have a pool to sit by but boo hoo...that's back in Michigan. Just found some bg paper and did a bit of die cutting and my colored pencils and to top it off I found some green & white baker's twine and called it a day.
Sorry my picture sucks ( like a lemon pucker ) cause it's after 7:30 and the sun in down...oh well.
It's almost the weekend again so I hope you all enjoy and see you next time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...birthday card

Well it's Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and we are to do a birthday card so I did just that. My card is done on a card already beautifully fancy edged that comes in a package of 8 put out by Stampin Up. I know cheating huh? But what a beautiful piece of cardstock for a card isn't it! I used Spellbinder's die cut lable 4 for my 2 cut-outs and stamped with the wonderful Cherry Blossom set.Colored with my favorite water colored pencils, added some glitter to the blossoms and ribbon, a few fancies and my phrase is a Stampin Up one which fits nicely or at least I think it does. So anyway who would say unhappiest birthday or have a rotten day? Not me cause if I'm going to make a card I want it to be a nice way for someone nice. Hey I'd love to do a card for a cowboy but as yet all I've seen are hay seed tobacco chewing guys who pretend to be a cowboy...hey I'm getting to know about this stuff and I know a fake when I see one. And since we are coming up to Easter this weekend I want to say a big Happy Easter to one and all. I hope the bunny doesn't forget me cause I love chocolate but then who doesn't huh?