Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Timeless Tuesday Sketch

Well today's Timeless Tuesday is a sketch that Silke designed and I love to do sketches because that means someone does the work for me and I elementaryily just copy it and make it my own. Looks like I was a bit tipsy when I took this picture but I was fighting a very bad cloudy day and was trying to make it work...so just tilt your head a bit to the left and it will look a little more straight. Sorry about that. I just used my Spellbinder's die cuts and the small flower from the Flourishes Sweet Pea collection...the word is from the hyacinth set. Easy peasy and maybe a bit pleasy who knows! Hope you are off to a good start for this week. Easter here was a wonderful warm and sunny day of just sitting in the sun drinking in all of it...especially my wonderful bottle of White Merlot by Mr. Behringer. Got to love that man for making such a delish wine. Had fun playing card Scrabble and Uno..we all had a lot of good time and hope your day was great also. Talk later.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Timeless Tuesday use aqua, yellow, & brown

Well the Timeless Tuesday challenge is to use aqua, yellow, & brown and I have to tell you this was a tuffy for me because I am not an "out of the box" kind of gal and I find it hard to put different colors like this together. Love you Miss Cindy, but you stressed me out on this one. Grabbed the colors from my paper stash and tried to make it work. I used the daffy dills from the calendar set, a couple dies from Spellbinders, a bit of ribbon and a wee button and I slapped them all together and this is how it ended. Hope everyone is getting ready for the Easter Bunny...I am. Can't figure out where to hide all the goodies for the kiddos so I don't eat it all before the big day. When my DGD asked me for something special I told her to put it on her list for the bunny. She explained it's not like Christmas Nana, you don't make a list. Gosh was I ever disappointed to find that out and here I was with my list all ready to present to the bunny at the mall. I think I'll just give it to him anyway and see what transpires. Happy week fellow stampers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rubbermaid meets Mudmaven for a really good time!

Well I just returned from my trip to Colorado and what a great surprise...I met Mudmaven who is aka Chris Pereira. How great it was to meet her IRL and enjoy a lunch together and find out about each other's life. She is a doll of a person and someone I know if I lived in Colorado, she would be a real life friend. Thanks for the time Chris...it was wonderful. I also had time with my son & his fiance Callie and we all had a great visit. Justin and I went into Denver and saw tons of stuff and spent hours at the Denver Art Museum, which is a 7 story high one and totally awesome. Weather was good and because my hotel had an indoor pool we had the luxery of a swim each night. Talk soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update on my training for Hospice

Finished my training for Hospice and when I return from my visit to Colorado I will be assigned my first patient. I'm really excited to be able to be accepted into this program and hope to gain some good spiritual blessings from it. Talk soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...Friday

Well better late then never or is it never late then better? In case you noticed I've been busy and haven't been posting much so here I am again. This was a hard one for me because I take things literally and try to copy the sample rather then going out of the box and thinking a bit more. So I copied the quilt pattern and made my card a mimic of it...or at least somewhat a mimic. Easy peasy and not a struggle like Betsy Ross probably had doing our first flag. No sewing just grabed my Spellbinder's circle and fancy edged circle and used a stamp from Flourishes tagaline set and voila it's done. I'm heading over to Colorado tomorrow to see the son, whom I've not seen since Jan. of 2010. He moved from Michigan and I came to Montana and our paths just haven't crossed in awhile so I'm going for a visit. Be gone for almost a week so if you don't see me you'll know why. Keep stampin and see you when I return.