Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today be happy..."cowboys make me Happy"

Well today on TT we are to show our "happiness" and as you all know the thing that makes me happy are cowboys. Yep, that's right partner I said cowboys. Love those cuties with their great hats and chaps and well just being what they do best...being cowboys. This  set ( Cowby Christmas ) is for us stampers out West to be able to tell our friends elsewhere that we love the cowboys along with the holidays. Easy card..stamp, color, slap it all together and your done. Used some bandana bg paper and some twine to make it fit in with the cowboy theme. That's it my friends and something else that makes me happy??
It's DD's birthday and of course she being my DD makes me happy. So drop by and give her a holler and Happy Birthday too. Happy week good buddies.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...natural

Today's TT is to go au natural...Yikes does that mean no make-up?? That is super scary for most of us plain jane gals and I for one am not digging such a dreadful showing...but wait a second cause we're doing a card not our face and I just let a big breath of relief ooze out. I chose the set Season of Giving ( I think that's the name) because it can serve as a Thanksgiving card for an old buddy back in Michigan. I chose just a plain craft color for my base and a bit darker brown for my embossed side piece then used a piece of beige-tan marble for my image. No coloring since it's supposed to be natural. Added some dark brown chiffon ribbon and the phrase for Thanksgiving and guess what?? I'm done here. Love the folder on this one as when I embossed it took part of the paper and turned it into an almost whiteish color on the raised part. Neat me thinks.
Golly Moses it was so dang cold here last weekend I nearly froze my tushy off but no such luck, the fat remains! Our football team for Billings Catholic won the semi-final game 52-0 and those poor guys were playing in temps about 10 degree weather. Baby it was COLD!
This week we see the championship game and it will be played here in town and they are predicting around 50 some degrees. Yipee! I can handle that and will join the crowd to cheer our kids on. Happy week fellow stampers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me & my shadow...silhouette

Today over at TT we are asked to use one of Flourishes silhouette images and I decided since I'm in the West I would go with Country Roads with the verse from the cowboy stamp set. I could hear John
Denver singing this as I used this wonderful stamp. A  gem missing from our music today and it's dear John. This will be one of my Christmas cards to send back to Michigan where there are no cowboys just muggers...just kidding! Anyway when you use a silhouette image there's not much to do as far as talent is concerned unless you're in the mood. As you can see I wasn't. Easy peasy and a little bit breezy.
I know you all got out and voted and only time will tell. Happy week good buddies got to get back out on the range.