Friday, November 20, 2009

There's a Birthday to celebrate!!!

Yep today is DD's birthday and I hope you take a moment of your busy day to stop over and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JULIE. You probably wonder how old she is right??? Well if you are good at math I'll give you a little problem to solve that will tell you her age...ready? Add 2x10, plus 4, plus 5x2,plus 15, minus 5,minus 8, plus 3,...oh dang I screwed it all up but anyway she's a young chick whose mother hen truly loves and wishes her the best of a wonderful birthday. Jump on over to say Happy Birthday by clicking here. Happy Birthday to Julie and happy Friday to you all.


Julie Koerber said...

Oh you are sooooo Grampa Willy right now with that whole equation thingy!Thanks MOM!!!! LOVE YOU!

Our Little Inspirations said...

HaHaHaHaHa!! You totally crack me up woman!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice way to quip thirty-nine and holding, Rubbermaid! even if Black Friday enthralls her coupon bearing list concealing index cards! Now, for that formula three over six or nine equals a mighty nice dinner out time! HB to JK via mama P or something like that you wonderfully loving Rubbermaid! Keep Looking UP!