Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday Birthday card...

So today's challenge for Timeless Tuesday is to make a birthday card and I had made this card on Sat. for a friend whose birthday is coming up in March. I guess the voodo vibes were working & I was all set.This is from the Flourishes calendar set and actually the daffy dilly is for the month of April but who cares right? I used my wonderful colored pencils and then got a bit sassy and decided to cut my image out and give it a bit of demension...cause let's face it I am a bit demented ( get it? demention...demented )but I think that's Ok. I love my fancy birthday phrase, which I'm sorry to say is not from Flourishes but another company. Used my Spellbinder ovals and slapped some ribbon and cute BG paper on and I am done. So fellow bloggers Smile even if you don't know what the heck is going on...life is short, enjoy it . Have a great week and see you soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey Cupcake...Sweeet!

Well there's a sweet challenge at IO (that's Impression Obsession for those that don't know). It's to do a cupcake card. So, I sweetly decided to enter the challenge. My cupcake is of course an IO image (Everything Rose Cupcake)that has been paper pieced (not to be confused with paper pierced) by using some cute little bits of dotted paper. I just realized I forgot to put some glitter on the top but hey cupcakes are so caloric do we need more? This was just colored with the good old colored pencils and kind of blended and then just used my die cuts and then slapped it all together.

Want to read up on the challenge? Just head over HERE.

Hope your week is going good as mine is. See you soon. Montana cowgirl mooing off.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...3 patterned papers

Well winter ain't gone and Spring ain't riz but if you're wondering where the Rubbermaid is...here I am with the TT challenge. I have to confess my craft room is still a royal American mess so I found this calendar set in a box and said this is it. Actually the month of February is picturing the primrose but I found this patterned paper in the blues's ( I'm not in the blue's the paper is)so I said to myself...self use it and make it work. The papers came from a packet from Making Memories and is all in the brown and blue tones. The Flourishes calendar packs are amazing in the ways they can be used and I will use them to whip up some birthday cards to forward to the hospital and Hospice. I am becoming a Hospice volunteer here in Montana. Got to get busy and thought this would be a good cause to become involved in. Hope you are all off to a good start to this week, I am and hope it continues. Can you believe it was in the low 60's here today !

And the winner of the Valentine candy is....

The draw was made by my darling granddaughter Ellie and she picked the name Debbie Pokerwinski. The prize is the choice of 3 Flourishes stamp sets. So Debbie please send me an e-mail and I will see that your choice is sent through and on to you. Thanks for sending in the Valentines ladies and gentlemen...the hospital was over joyed.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm just a Love machine:)

Well it's Timeless Tuesday and it's still Tuesday here in the gun toteing West so I'm going to do this post on time and get back in the saddle of posting some cards. How's that for being a brave cowgirl??? This cutie stamp is a Flourishes sweetie from the set Token of Affection...or something like that and I have to tell you it's way better then a token of infection which seems to be going around this sage brush area. Everyone is sniffling and sneezing and tearing up. Not a pretty sight so this little robot should take us all to a better place. Baby this is one COLD wintery day in the minus temps. But back to my card which yes I know my picture is a bit blurry but I'm still not set up in my craft room so this was taken on my bedroom window seat with the sun beaming in. Just used my faithful water colored pencils and of course put a sweet "button" on since the challenge called for putting a button on. That's it just a few slaps of glue and a bit of matting and I'm fini. Glad to be back in the swing of things and will start my visiting tomorrow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Pics!

Hi all... Julie the DD here! I was over at my mom's house and was taking a few pictures and she wanted me to share them here. So... here goes!

Some of this she shared but.... I thought I'd put these up anyway!

Living Room -- you can see door to master from here.
This is a peek from the living room up to the loft....(which is not ready for pics yet!!)

This is a shot moving toward the kitchen to show how open this all is....

And here's a shot from the other way looking into the living room!


Where she blogs! ;-)

Dining Area....

Master Bedroom... (forgot to take pictures of bath - but she has a big bath and HUGE walk in closet - I am jealous. It doubles as a laundry room for convenience)

Basement Living Area... off to the right there is a door and that will be her craft room once we get it organized so she can actually take stuff out of boxes! ;-)

View from other side...

Guest room 1 -- have to get some art for above the bed and maybe a nice sitting chair for guests.

There is another guest bed but we still have to get it together - have the bed,bedding, and all that jazz just not really together.

So, hope you enjoyed "the tour!!" Happy Sunday!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Master Bedroom

There is a little nook in my master bedroom where I put my new " Black Beauty" dresser..right next to my window which has a wonderful window seat. Have to get some fluffy big pillows so I can prop my newly "svelt" body in the window by my darling late husband's cowboy hat. See I do have a cowboy in my life and will have for ever more.
My room is a soft blue tone that is called "Sea Salt" which I think in it's self is a beautiful name. I carried out the black in my coverlet and commplete set except I bought ivory sheets made of that exquisette Egyptian silk which is so luxgerious to lay between. I just realized I used a bunch of uppity words that I don't even know how to spell so please give a bit of forgiveness here. The sun was out when I took these so they aren't the best in clearity but I gave you somewhat of an idea. My room is very generous in size and I am looking for a lounge chair to put in so I can prop my feet up and watch the tellie.
Have a super-bowl terrific weekend. See you soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Bit more of the Home...

This is my powder room ..just off the main living area so it is convenient for guests. Soft yellow gold in color with burnished bronze fixtures. Julie and I found these lovely butterfly prints and they worked perfectly. It's hard to take good pictures when there is a mirror involved. But I think you get the drift. Hope you don't have drifts in your neck of the woods...it's just bitter cold here.

Thought I'd show you a beautiful piece of art work I have on my open stairway. Love the beauty of this one so much with rich soft purple tones against my sage green walls. Pretty keen if I do say so myself. Try to stay warm fellow bloggers or do like me and just stay by my warm fireplace...show that one soon.
For those who asked...that's my SIL in the bathroom mirror.