Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely Lace

Well today's challenge at Sharon Johnson's ( click on her name on right) is to use lace on your card. I'm not much of a lacy type old lady but did find a piece to use on my card. My little birdie in the tree is singing a sweet little song to has that trill to it, do you hear it?? Better then little birdie in the tree...don't drop that white stuff all over me! My bird is from Crafty Secrets cotton scraps called flowers,my phrase is from Impression Obession, the embellishments are Petaloo, and I used my Nestie and a Fiskar's border punch. What else you want to know?
Took my friend Clara out for her 93rd. birthday yesterday and before lunch she emitted sounds like my coffe pot does in the early a.m.& then after lunch the crickets came out loudly as she proudly passed gas on the way out of the restaurant. What a funny old lady....she asks me " Hey Pat did you hear that one???" I praised her soundly letting her know what a great gas passer she is.
Have a great weekend fellow stampers
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO card is a twofer and it's my happy birthday card to the great company that Flourishes is!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a floral cow...or should I say Moo Moo

Well isn't she udderly cute?? You betcha...she is a floral Moo Moo and at one time or another I know and you know we all owned a mumu or is it moomoo! Golly those things were comfty and you could let it all hang out and nobody even knew the difference. This is another cutie stamp from the Stamping Up set my son's girlfriend bought me at a garage sale. Just did it with my faithful watercolor pencils and added a few glitzy beads on the flowers. On the card's inside it says... I know how much women your age enjoy a Floral Moo-Moo! I think it is so udderly cute don't you! Happy Day to you all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...monochromatic

Well this is not my forte (that's like fort...ay but my computor doesn't have those Frenchie marks over letters); however,being the good sport that I am I decided hey why not. I'll give it the old college try & since I went to U of D which is(University of Detroit) and the colors are red & white I did a little college cheer and got started. Using Flourishes Poppy set I created a simple yet mono card. I guess red is not the most popular mono color but who said I had to be popular. Here's my simply Red & white card. Used my Nestie's one of the numbers and a few red blingy stones and done. Gosh I posted yesterday am I going a bit bonkers here???

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 93rd. birthday

Well my friend's mother Clara is turning 93 and since she loves a good laugh I am sending her this froggy card which says on the inside...we may not be tadpoles anymore but at least we haven't croaked! I know she'll get a good laugh out of that one and I'm thankful she or I haven't yet croaked either. I'll go down to her place on Thursday and we will go to Bill's greasy spoon for a brunch. This place reeks with grease but she loves it so I just go along with the indigestion I'm sure to get and make her happy. Hope you are all off to a good week. See you soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Challenge...fruit

Tootie fruity oh rootie....Well I don't have many fruit stamps so I went to the old stand by... the pear. Since this is a flat solid stamp I decided to get out my Lyra water colored crayons which I always forget to use. These little bums are tricky because too much water or not enough water and you just get a glob. This is not perfect but it ain't too bad. My stamp is from Stamp in Hand and the leaves are from
Autumn Leaves, used my # 2 Nesties and since we were to be fruity I chose "soft lemon and avacado " colors for the paper,a bit of 2 ribbons and gold blingers.Can you believe it's time for the weekend again??? Me neither and since I know I can't beat the time I had last weekend ( with the Queen and her court ) I will just sit and read a good book. Have fun dear friends and I'll see you next week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Returned From Amish Land

Well I'm back even though this card is kind of crappy, but in my defense I have sort of an excuse...I did see a lot of crap in Shipshewana left so nicely on the roads by all the horses trotting the black buggies here and there. Lame excuse; however, I wanted my friends to know I am thinking of them. What a wonderful group of women I had the honor to spend the weekend with. AMAZING and super talented. Thanks for letting me a part of it all. Amish joke....what do you call an Amish man with his hand up his horse's bum??? Give up??? A mechcanic. Silly but true.
This card was done with some clear stamps from Michael's called Scrappy Cat. I guess it's the bird of paradise flying ( a bit off kilter...too much wine) in to say a bright and cheery hello.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Going AWOL for a bit

I'm going to take a break in my blogging for a little hiatus ( if that's how you spell it). I don't have any excuse or reason but then again do I have to ?? I just feel like sitting out awhile and reading and or sitting on my deck by the pool and relaxing. Who knows maybe I might just enjoy the smells of summer...bug spray, charcoal, lighter fluid, tanning lotion and you know what I mean. See you in a couple weeks but in the break of it all....stay happy and healthy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sympathy cards for the Cards 4 Kids program

These are just two of the many sympathy cards I received last week from my friend
Mary Schreiber who lives in Minnesota. Thanks Mary for your continued support to this program, you are special to me and the hospital for making these lovely cards. You have hung in there and continued to make and send such beautiful cards. Many thanks. I am still collecting cards for the hospital but am on a small break on taking them as my co-ordinator is on a maternity leave until September. At that time I will make a trip down and deliver any I have stored on a temporary basis. Thanks to all of you that have sent in cards.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Challenge...Stars & Stripes

Well using stars and stripes I just decided to take the easy way out and go with paper from Mike's place. There was no name on these 2 papers probably because they were so cheap somebody just ran them off to sell. I used my Nesties and a stamp from
DeNami which I stamped with denium colored ink. Added a few blings and a bit of ribbon and I'm done. Nothing special but my way of saying have a fun 4th. of July.
Hope you all have a rip-roaring fireworks display to watch and enjoy all the noise the fireworks always make....scary but fun. Never liked them as a kid or even as a young adult, I found them way too noisy but they don't bother me now. Does that mean it's time to have my hearing checked??? I wish they still had drive in movies in my neck of the woods because that was always a fun place to watch the fireworks & I mean the ones in the air, not the ones in the other cars. Happy 4th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...Wednesday

Well one thing you can count on is my always doing the Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes on Wednesday. What a loser...yep I know it but I just can't seem to get it done on Tuesday. Probably because I'm recouping from a roarous weekend of wining and dining and dancing and ....who am I kidding here? Well this week the challenge was to use chalk and I took it literally. I inked up my stamp with Versa's watermark ink and then tried to find the shadow of ink on the paper, dang it sucks getting old. I used Flourishes Spring * Ephemerals bleeding heart. That's * a hard word to say so I'm glad I just had to type it for you. Once I found the shadow I used a kind of fuchia color for the flowers and just the green for leaves, but since I wanted some definition I also used my colored pencils to kind of outline everything. Used
BG Sultry for the pink background paper and 2 of my Nesties for the shapes. Add a
phrase from DiNami and a bit of ribbon ( Flourishes beautiful brown chiffon ) and a few blingers. Done! Happy hump day stampers and I'll be back for another challenge on Friday.