Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Timeless Tuesday sketch challage

Tuesday's challenge over at Flourishes is to choose one of the two sketches and do your card with that layout. Love that, as it makes it so easy peasy to just stamp, color, slap together and you are done. So I chose the sketch on the right and followed it to a T as in "Timeless Tuesday."I used a stamp from Christmas Classic set which is an oldie but goodie one. Made my card with kraft color cs and my strip of white was embossed with a snowflake patterned Cuttlebug folder. Doesn't show up too well but it makes a nice touch. My patterned papers are from SU.  Took my photo at 4 p.m. and what the Hail...does "daylight" savings time actually mean??? It was already dark outside and that makes it hard for old toots like me to rationalize it all. Anyway, hope you are all off to a good week. I'm busy making some Christmas cards for the kids at the hospital so it keeps me out of trouble.
Sat. afternoon my dear GS Cal is playing his 2nd. game with the varsity football team in their quest for the state championship. 1 down and 2 to go. I say GO RAMS!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Timeless Tuesday ...checks or houndstooth

TT at Flourishes ask us to use checks or houndstooth.....what the heck is houndstooth you ask??
Well I think that's a mighty strange name for a check BUT that's what it's called so I decided to go with it. It was a wool patterned material used for "peg skirts" back in the day ( like the 50's and 60's) the tight hip hugging type that came below the knee and had a slit up the back about 2-3 inches.  We thought they were mighty sexy back then. Anyway I used this Mae West image from Glamour Girls and my bg is the hounds tooth pattern. She's a bit smudged because my cardstock didn't want to co-operate when I went to blend but I said oh well and just went with it. As we get older that's more the way of life...we accept what happens and move on.
Cold here only in the 20's this a.m. and we just finished up with snow. Hope it's better tomorrow for the Halloween tricksters. Happy Halloween fellow witchy poos.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Timeless Tuesday ...dots

Well over at TT we are to use dots. Dot dot dash sorta like the Morris code isn't it? But of course I digress as usual and instead I will tell you about dots.. I love the kind you get for the movie theater you know those little gummy mounds in different colors ? They are so fun to chew and try to get out of your teeth after the fact. Bet this cute "Glamour Girl" wouldn't even consider eating them just because of that but she is a doll face image and I love her sweet look. Just stamped, colored with the good old pencils, used some dotted bg paper, added a bit of ribbon and a stick it to em little posy and I'm done. This will have a sentiment added to the inside and it will be sent to the hospital for a teen birthday or whatever. Easy card using the set from Flourishes called Glamour Girls. Cute set with lots of fun phrases.
Rainy and cold here today, only in the high 40's and to the west of the state it's supposed to snow. Yikes! Guess that means summer is over and it's time for the long johns. Have a great week and see you soon.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...dry embossing

Well today's challenge at TT for Flourishes is to dry emboss. I don't know about you but my skin is dry embossed from the sun tanning I did at the pool. Dry and certainly has valleys of wrinkles. BUT was it worth it?? Yes it was as it provided some coolness with all the horrible heat we had. Miss that pool and all the fun I had with my sweet GD Ellie. So anyway back to the dry embossing card. I used a fall set that's called...hmmm I don't know but it's a beauty with the fall elements of Indian corn, dry gourds, etc. Just stamped and colored with my faithful water colored pencils and used one of those embossing folders that is two sided ( neat little buggers) . Chose some design paper that would go with the rust ribbon  because I think fall says..rust. So there you have it. Easy Peasy and hopefully pleasing. 
Hope you are all enjoying some nice weather and some last minute barbecues before the weather gets cold and the white stuff flies. Take care and see you next time. 
If any of you are interested in doing some Cards 4 Kids I will love you for life. If I could get some takers I can run a bit of a contest and give out a prize. So are you in ???

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Timeless Tuesday Weds. Use a doily

Well Flourishes TT this week is to use a doily on your card. Just happen to have a pack so it was not a pressure added to my weary life...just kidding , life is good. Easy peasy card when you pick out some cute background paper and match it up with your cardstock and then just as usual...slap it all together to make a card. I used as you can see the Zinnia set and just cut my scalloped circle, stamped and colored with my fabby colored pencils, added a strip of matching ribbon with a small bow and I'm done.
Hope your week is going well for all of you. We have a little break in the weather as it's not 99 as it was on Monday. I spent that day with my cute little GD Ellie and we spent about 3 hours in the water. Too hot to sit and sun . Today is only in the high 80's and that's a good relief for us. Pool time is just about over and I will miss the fun summer I had with Ellie but school starts next Monday and once again I'm on the prowl for some company. Cowboy anyone???

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...Autumn

This week at Timeless Tuesday we are to look for Autumn. So when I think about this time of the year....fall or autumn, I think about the mums that appear at the nurseries and how the colors go from the summer bright yellows etc. to a more subdued choice which includes more orange, rust, and deeper colors of rosy wines etc. I used the old mum set and just did a bit of coloring on a cut out bunch of mums with some smaller flowers and some Queen Anne's lace. Simple card .
Hope you are all well and enjoying the last roses of summer because let's face it before we know it the weather will cool and the white stuff will once again enjoy while you can. Found a hummingbird moth in my flower box this a.m. while watering and was so disappointed as last night while it was flitting there I thought for sure it was a real sweet humming bird. Still waiting to spot one this year but so far no luck. See you next time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...old new borrowed blue bling

Well today at Timeless Tuesday it's old, new, borrowed blue and bling. Sounds like a wedding revisit doesn't it with all that jazz. Hey well I'm Old,
what's new?... the stamp set and it's also borrowed from Julie's stash, the card is blue and I added some stones for the bling. Easy card with just doing a bit of paper piecing and adding the bling and you are done! This is a de"light"ful set that is easy to use and will come in handy when I'm doing my cards for the kids at the hospital. This picture is a bit fuzzy but I thought it was just because my glasses were dirty...sorry but it stays.
If you're wondering about the weekend get away, well the Flourishes senior design team had a get together in Big Sky MT. and it was a joy to see the happiness and love they shared for one another. DD has a really great bunch of women to create with and they are a loving & fun bunch to boot. I was able to witness some really true friendship among these ladies who met through the internet which when you think about it is...amazing. I'm sure Julie has some great pictures on her face book page. Talk again soon.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...keep it flat

Today at Timeless Tuesday it's Christmas in July and we have to make it a flat card with nothing sticking up...reminds me of my bosom. Marilyn Monroe I'm not. It's always a challenge to make a card and keep it simple but I gave it a whirl. Used a very old stamp ( showed it dated back to 2007-8) but some oldies are goodies and this is one of them. What more can you say but rejoice when it comes to Christmas. Made it very simple by just embossing the phrase with gold on gold and then just colored a bit with my markers. Did a side embossing to give a little fussy to it and after just matting the whole kit and caboodle I'm done here. 
Hope all is well with all of you. Heading to the resort for the weekend to meet up with some of the finest crafty ladies from Flourishes. Wahoo! Looking forward to meeting... well it's a secret but I'll let you know next week how we all met and had a great time. Till then...happy stamping good buddies.  


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...make it mini

Well TT is to make it mini...small 3x3 cards which are perfect for a gift card or a sweet "hello" to a friend. I chose 3 fruits cause let's face it I'm pretty fruity and so are most of my friends and I just love it like that. I did a naughty thing and cut one of the pears from it's trio of mates and used it that way. The other too fruity guys are single and not married to others like the pear was. These types of cards are easy peasy and I hope so pleasy. Simple work with just stamping, color with water colored pencils,adhering some background paper mats, a bit of ribbon and a small Spellbinder's circle.  Slap together and fini.
Was hotter then blue blazes ( whatever that means) here and today is cloudy and much cooler for which we are all totally happy with.
Have a great week fellow stampers and talk again soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...make it clear

Well here are two shots of my "making it clear" with acetate. In the top photo you can see my card and in the one below shows my circle of the clear product. Hard to photo when you're not the "clearest in the mind" kind of person. Well let's just say...I tried. Used the cone flower set and did just a bit of light coloring on the image. Found some nice purple paper and went to town. Add some glitzies and a simple chiffon knot and I'm done. Hope you are all well. It's beastly hot here today and after just 1 1/2 hours at the pool I decided I was risking heat stroke and came on home. Miss the family but they are having a wonderful time on their trip to California. Take care one and all.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Timeless Tuesday Weds. Different opening

Timeless Tuesday asks for a different opening for your card & at a recent SU party we did a graduation card that had a very interesting opening so I decided to change it up and make a card using a different theme and use some Flourishes stamps. I have shown the unusual folding and made it into a different themed card. Used several different sets from Flourishes. Summer Patio, Flower & Friends, & Around the Arbor. Hope you are all having a good start to the week. Happy stamping fellow stampers.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Timeless Tuesday Weds. From the Garden

Well TT over at Flourishes is to choose something from the garden. I've never tried to grow watermelon but I do love to get all sloppy and drippy ( even more then usual) when eating a sweet slice of this tasty
melon. Easy card just stamp and use the good old water-colored pencils, use a few dies, a bit of bright perky paper and slap it all together on a  perky lime ( like from the garden If you live in Fla.) colored paper and you are easy to rock and roll.
Hey fellow stampers I'm trying something new here in cowboy land. I joined the Senior Citizen's for some learning. Not taking walker or cane classes but decided to go with water color painting and line dancing. What a joke huh?? Don't really know where I'm going to show off my skills with the line dancing but thought it would be fun and good exercise. After the first class when I went to bed at night I couldn't even move my sore and throbbing legs but as they pain no gain. See you next time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Timeless Tuesday Weds.....It's Summer

Well TT's challenge is to  make it summer time and that's a stretch around here the past few days...rain rain go away come again another a month from now. Anyway I used the swimming-jump in a puddle kids from Sweet Days of Summer set. I can hardly wait until we can go to the pool and enjoy those sweet summer days. YES!! Very simple card with a bit of matting and just stamped in Denim colored ink and added the sheer ribbon which was requested. Used an embossing edged folder from SU, added some glitter to the splash that seems to be flying and I'm done. Easy peasy card.
Hope you are all doing well and maybe even missed me as I haven't been posting that much. Doing cards for the hospital and keeping busy that way. Take care and see you next time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...accent black

Well today at Timeless Tuesday we are to accent with black. For my creation didn't want to do 50 shades of black or gray so I calmed myself down and started to work with a simple plan. Used red for my card base added a black mat and then took my white mat and used one of my awesome embossing folders to give some class to the card. For my image I used the summer flowers and the phrase from Friends & Flowers. Simple yet clean Did a bit of coloring, used my circle cut to set my image off and with a small strip of black ribbon behind it I figured my accent with black was fini. Love black and red together. Hope you are all well and are off to a great week. Weather here is perking up and showing signs of Spring. Take care and see you again next time.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Timeless Tuesday..birthday months

Well today at Timeless Tuesday you are to take your birth month and follow the info for it to create your card. Well my birthday is in May and it said to use silver along with color. My card base is navy blue and then I matted the silver and over laid that with some navy and white damask print from MME ( my mind's eye). I used one of those adorable pierced die cuts and then went to work with my small image of roses are red and violets are blue ...but I cheated and made my little rose pink cause I like that better for this card. My phrase is from Spring Bouquet set. To complete it all I added
some wee little stones in blue along with my sheer ribbon of navy. Now that phrase is just too sweet for words don't you think? A mother's love endures and endures and endures some more. My Mom was a prime example of that kind of love and I sure do miss her. I hope my kids feel that kind of love from me that I was ever so blessed to have from my dear Mom. And since Mother's Day is just around the corner this card is perfect.
Happy week fellow stampers. We actually had some snow flurries today...can you believe it! Just the craziest thing ever.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Timeless Tuesday's challenge is wedding something or other. Haven't been to a wedding in one heck of a long time. Probably go to more funerals then weddings at my ripe old age. Anyway...sigh! I love this new set called
Bees & Blossoms or at least I think that's the name. I decided to just do this in a denim blue ink and not be all fussy wussy. Just stamped and then made a lower panel using an embossing folder of stripes. Added a bit of ribbon and then for my inner side of the card, I put my congrats and one of the flowers. I like doing speedy cards that are easy to just do and be done with it.
Hope all is well with all of you. We had a day of snow yesterday but today the sun was out and the temp started to rise. I say Amen to that. Happy week to you all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Timeless Tuesday....frame it

Well Timeless Tuesday says ...frame it. Well I don't really follow directions all the time and since I stink at cutting I just pretended that by using one of the sweet pierced frames I could make it work. I used an embossing folder that looks like honey-comb. It's a SU one and I really like the effect or is it affect? Stamped the Gerber Daisy image and colored with my faithful colored pencils. Cut out 2 little bees....hear them buzzing with excitement?? Then I slapped it all gently together and added a bow easy bow. Easy except for the cutting which I admit is not my strongest ability. Fini and that's that. Hope you all have a nice week. It's been cold here and we even had some snow. Where oh where is Spring time?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...around the house

Well it's Timeless Tuesday Weds. for me but oh well at least I'm back to posting. This calls for something around the house so I said to myself., about bleach??? Haven't done that in a long time so that's the way I went. Stamped an image from the beautiful pear set and went to work. I embossed the image in gold and then with a clean Q-tip ( not one used in my ears) I used some Clorox bleach and gently dabbed the kraft colored c.s. so as to remove the color. I then went back with another clean Q-tip and chalk colored my image but not too much. Wanted it to be rather mono toned with the greenish papers I used. Simple and easy to do. Cut out 2 dies from Spellbinders and used some pop-up dots and I'm fini.
Hope you are all off to a good week and enjoy the soon to be weekend. Happy times to you all.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...go green

Well to me to go green is to cheer for Michigan State or here locally the Rams of Catholic Central High School where my darling grandson Cal goes. But I'll leave them out of this for now and just do as asked and go green. I used a SU embossing folder to create my background and realized after it was put together that I had glued everything to the wrong side so instead of my embossing being up from the paper it's down...oh well! Simple card with just the folder, a die cut, two punches and the little phrase "hello" from one of Flourishes sets that has a bunch of little phrases and yep I'm bad cause I never know the name of the set so excuse me paleeze. Add a bit of green ribbon and a wee stone and it's fini. Hope you are all well. We are supposed to get up to 68 by Thursday. WOW !!! Spring is coming and I couldn't be happier. Take care fellow bloggers and see you again soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bring in a bit of Red

Well the TT chanllenge over at Flourishes is to bring some RED into your card. My favorite thing is red and black so that's the way I went. Got out a new pierced type die from Spellbinders and also added a small circle and away I went. The sweet image is from Flourishes Roses are Red set. It's the perfect little image that can certainly be used in so many ways. I just used my colored pencils and in a jiffy I was fini. Hope your week is getting off to a good start. Thanks to those who sent in Valentines to the kids at the hospital. They had a wonderful day and were so happy to recieve all of our cards to be sent, received etc.

Friday, February 15, 2013


After using a drawing type method my winner for the Valentine Drive donors is Patti Moffitt. Thanks for those that participated in this wonderful cause...a great day was had back at the hospital and your efforts were greatly appreciated. Patti will win my blog candy and if she will send her address to me @ I will see that her goodies are sent to her.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Timeless, pearls, & tail

Well the challenge for TT is to use a circle, pearls, and a tail so here we go. I used the set Angelic Hearts which is an oldie but goodie...just like myself. What a sweet little angel this image is as she flys along the sky. I'm sure she is dropping happiness along the way. Not much to color so I tried to add some color with my paper and ribbon. Used my dies of circles and added some pearls and a bow easy bow. Does that look too unsophisticated with the dotted bow? Oh well the little angel is not up to complaints so neither am I. Still hoping some of you will jump in on the Valentine drive for the kids. If everyone even sent in 5-10 it helps the great cause which is to have a fun day for a bunch of children who are stuck in the hospital. Hope you will consider and send some off. Have a great week fellow stampers.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well TT at Flourishes is to make or use something new or something like that so..I got some new Spellbinder's dies and chose the Victorian Oval which has some neat piercing on the top and bottom. Also used the new Roses R Red image and since roses aren't always red I did mine in lavender with some purple toned violets. Used the little phrase from a Valentine set I'm Just a Love Machine and slapped it all together and added a Bow Easy bow and some bling. I'll give it to my cowboy Clint or Rusty or maybe at my age he'll be called Musty but what the hay. Hope you all are having a great week and please offer some Valentines up for the kids. See my post up top and join in.