Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Timeless red and green

Well TT over at Flourishes is to do a Christmas card/project without the traditional red & green ... easy peasy as my card to be sent out is not red and or green this year. I used white card stock and embossed the snowflake pattern for my background and then with some super sparkly paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby I used a Sizzix die and cut out my two flakes. Added a little jewel in the center and found an old stamp set from Hero Arts for my rejoice phrase which I stamped in as close to the color I could, using SU's razzle dazzle raspberry or something like that and I did a second generation to get the color to soften up a bit. Fini and to send these beauties off in the mail I of course had to put a crinkled piece of cs in the front of the card . This soft beauty of a card is as easy as punkin pie because I did all my embossing and die cutting and then just sat and slapped it all together.
Christmas shopping...oh dear what a dilema. Bought and took back 3 articles already and I'm getting too old for the hassel. Me thinks a card with some green stuff in it would be easier but my grass is no longer green so I guess that means putting in currency instead. Just kidding. Have a great week fellow stampers.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...altered projecft

               Top of Jar...cut scalloped circle, sanded and added my 2 dies


 Bought the jar at the dollar store and filled it with Christmas
          candies, added a red band, black ribbon and gold die buckle.
So the challenge over at Timeless Tuesday was to make an altered project and I decided to go with a candy jar cause who doesn't love candy?? My GD will give this to her teacher for a Christmas something. The top has 2 cuts ( from my DD's cutting device called the Sillouette machine which is AWESOME but a bit expensive for this old lady. Anyway why buy the product when you can run down the carriage lane ( alley) and use hers. Not much to this but I think it came out cute and will be a good gift. I used the set Dear Santa which is perfect for this jar . Nothing more to it...easy project.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today be happy..."cowboys make me Happy"

Well today on TT we are to show our "happiness" and as you all know the thing that makes me happy are cowboys. Yep, that's right partner I said cowboys. Love those cuties with their great hats and chaps and well just being what they do best...being cowboys. This  set ( Cowby Christmas ) is for us stampers out West to be able to tell our friends elsewhere that we love the cowboys along with the holidays. Easy card..stamp, color, slap it all together and your done. Used some bandana bg paper and some twine to make it fit in with the cowboy theme. That's it my friends and something else that makes me happy??
It's DD's birthday and of course she being my DD makes me happy. So drop by and give her a holler and Happy Birthday too. Happy week good buddies.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...natural

Today's TT is to go au natural...Yikes does that mean no make-up?? That is super scary for most of us plain jane gals and I for one am not digging such a dreadful showing...but wait a second cause we're doing a card not our face and I just let a big breath of relief ooze out. I chose the set Season of Giving ( I think that's the name) because it can serve as a Thanksgiving card for an old buddy back in Michigan. I chose just a plain craft color for my base and a bit darker brown for my embossed side piece then used a piece of beige-tan marble for my image. No coloring since it's supposed to be natural. Added some dark brown chiffon ribbon and the phrase for Thanksgiving and guess what?? I'm done here. Love the folder on this one as when I embossed it took part of the paper and turned it into an almost whiteish color on the raised part. Neat me thinks.
Golly Moses it was so dang cold here last weekend I nearly froze my tushy off but no such luck, the fat remains! Our football team for Billings Catholic won the semi-final game 52-0 and those poor guys were playing in temps about 10 degree weather. Baby it was COLD!
This week we see the championship game and it will be played here in town and they are predicting around 50 some degrees. Yipee! I can handle that and will join the crowd to cheer our kids on. Happy week fellow stampers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me & my shadow...silhouette

Today over at TT we are asked to use one of Flourishes silhouette images and I decided since I'm in the West I would go with Country Roads with the verse from the cowboy stamp set. I could hear John
Denver singing this as I used this wonderful stamp. A  gem missing from our music today and it's dear John. This will be one of my Christmas cards to send back to Michigan where there are no cowboys just muggers...just kidding! Anyway when you use a silhouette image there's not much to do as far as talent is concerned unless you're in the mood. As you can see I wasn't. Easy peasy and a little bit breezy.
I know you all got out and voted and only time will tell. Happy week good buddies got to get back out on the range.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Timeless a birthday card

Well it's time for another TT at Flourishes and today we are to make a birthday card. I just finished this one to send off to the hospital so I was all set. Easy card with just using one of the stamps from the set Autumn Blossoms . Can't remember which set the phrase is from but it's perfect on all my cards wishing the happiest of birthday to anyone. My bg paper is from lilybee designs and I love it. Stamp, color, do a Spellbinder's circle or two and you're done. If it's your's your card.
Deary weather here in Billings MT. and we are supposed to get rain. Talk about rain and cold ..yesterday my GS played football and it literally poured and was so cold I thought I would freeze. They won their game and after sitting in the cold and pouring rain I went home and took a 15 min. hot hot shower and then turned on my fireplace to get my body warm again. Boy what parents and grandparents do for their kids huh! He's a great boy though and so you say to yourself...he's worth it.
Happy week fellow stampers.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well talk about a happy and fun filled time! The rodeo is in town and I was so excited that they had a cattle run in our downtown area and boy oh boy were there ever tons of cowboys. Can you see that huge smile on my face...that means I'm one happy cowgirl! Some were old some were young but hey who even cares about the age when it comes to cowboys?? Not me no way. My friend Sheila called me and asked me how fast I could get over to her warehouse ( Mattress Land USA) cause there was this gorgeous cowboy there buying a matress.  Wonder if he needs help breaking it that was naughty but these guys are so dang cute! Fun time for all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...winter or whatever

Well it'a Timeless Tuesday Wednesday for me but so what is all I have to say. Bad betcha, as the folks in Montana say. You can do a winter/Christmas for the challenge and since I have no really wintery type stamps I went with a Christmas theme. Very easy except for the bottom strip which I cut all the little bitty leaves etc. and for me that's quite a feat as I absolutely hate cutting. Easy peasy card once I colored and cut I just slapped it all together and put on a band of ribbon, used my oval Spellbinder dies and I'm done. This is all from the set
Christmas Candles. A very loverly set.
Very windy here today...winds are at least 40-50 mph. I nearly got blown away going down to pick up my mail. Should have left it there as because as mail from any cute cowboys, just junk and bills. Will it ever change? I doubt it but I figure it is what it is and that's that.
Happy week fellow stampers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Snow in October???

Can you believe it??? We had a real blizzard going on and that's why this picture is a bit blury. It's only the begining of October and we got snow? CRAZY!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Timeless's fall/Autumn

Well this week's challenge at TT is since it's now fall it. So instead of falling into a pile of leaves and having that wonderful smell about me I used fake leaves for my picture. ( Took them off my wreath I have on my dining room table. I went to the Calender set # 3 again and chose the mums ( not like mother moms but flower mums. Did a bit of water colored pencil work and used my Spellbinder deckled edge rectangles and a bit of golden organish yellowish cs to create this card. Wow did you notice my ribbon matches the card so well? That was a chance meeting for the two items and they fell in love immediately. Added a panel of dotted swiss punched out bg paper ( doesn't show very well in photo) , used the bow easy with a little blinger and I'm done for the day. This was an easy peasy card and I'll just add a sentiment on the inside and it's good to go to somebody.
Weather has cooled somewhat and it's just awesome to open the windows each a.m. and feel the coolness. I'm so proud of myself as I went back to my old haunt...the gym. Only stayed for about 45 mins. but it's my start for a healthy plan of action. Also joined WW ( weight watchers)
and so between the two things I hope I get back to a good and healthy me. Keep sweating is my new motto. Have a good week fellow bloggers. Talk soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...get sketchy with Ally

Today's TT is a sketch favorite as someone else does the layout for me. I chose the Aster little bouquet from the calender set # 3...autumn flowers. It's a wonderful time for me as I love the crispness in the air when the sun goes down and before it comes up all the way. Have a story at the end of this post about the sun so hold your horses and I'll get back to you. In the meantime as I said I opted for some fall like flowers and since they are commonly purplish tones I did a purple toned card all the way. Followed the stekch to a T as it's easier that way. Used the Spellbinder deckled edge die and  a edge punch for the scalloped edge. Nothing much to it just stamp, color, and spit glue it all together..Fini.
So we are at a night time football game for my darling GS on Sat. night and it's getting dark I lied, it was dark and I look off into the distance and I see this glorious sun just sitting in the sky. It's the most beautiful orange red and I am in awe. I turn to DD and say..OMGoodness isn't that the most beautiful sun set you ever saw?? She looks at me and says
Mother you're ready for the home...that's the top of the First Bank Building. She then mega phones it to the crowd. I tell the man next to worry I'm not a native Montanian so no disgrace. He just laughs and says , You're Ok.  Talk about stupid.
Well have a fun week fellow stampers and see you next time. The Crazy lady.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...Pintrest inspiration

Well  TT challenge at Flourishes this week is to get a Christmas picture from Pinterest for inspiration and make a card or project. First of all I said to myself...what the heck is Pinterest??? Well after I scoped it out on the net I discovered how fun it is; however, I did not see any pictures of lonely cowboys waiting to take a spot under my Christmas tree and I thought ...DANG! Anyway I did find this candle picture and thought it's a cute idea to make a kitchen tool your holder for a Christmas deco. I used two sets to create my card the first is
Poinsettia & Pine ( the new release) and the second part from Christmas Candles. I took the pine sprig and stamped then masked it ( not like the Lone Ranger mask) then stamped my glass covered candle...yes I know there's a name for it but the brain's not warmed up yet this a.m. Used my water colored pencils, my Spellbinder's dies, and my bow easy to add the finishing touch. Voila ( French for well whatever ) I'm done for this one.
Happy week fellow stampers. My son's visit was great and I got my DIL Cali started with a lesson in stamping. I think I created a monster but I did send her home with tons of supplies so she's set for fun. See you next time partners.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Timeless Tuesday..make it small

Well today at TT over at Flourishes Broni is asking us to make a card that is 4x3. Tiny wheenie
yellow polka dot bikini...yep that's pretty small. So I took the humming bird set and created this small little card. I can't decide if I like the flower in the mono effect or with it being pink.What's your opinion? In either case there's no coloring as I used shadow inks which create a very soft card. Easy peasy and I'm done.
 Want to see my flower box flowers?? Of course you do so here they are. They will probably keep blooming until November if the weather stays hot. They are so lovely.

Deep purple ...sun cut the color somewhat but they are very deep purple. 
The trailing flowers are lavender...I think it's called bocupa or something like that.
Have a good week fellow bloggers. I'm excited as my son & his wife are arriving on Thursday for a visit. Haven't seen them in a year...Wahoo ..can't wait till Thursday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...purple & blue

Well today's TT is to use purple and blue as your focus...since I don't focus too well at my age I guess that's called blurple and I tried to acheive it as well as I could.  I started with a purple card on which I matted a piece of soft blue and then added a bg from Paper Pizazz which was called sponged purple so since it has both colors I thought Yep and hooray...this will work. I took out the hyicinth set and went to work shading up the big sprig and added some lavendar for the ribbon on it. Love this type of flower and was wishing I could get a whiff of it as to me it is such a wonderful fragrance. Added a few blingers and I'm done.
Still bloody hot here...high 90's each day and I tell you I've had enough of it. Wish the damn weather man would be right for once when he says a cold front is moving in but so far not happening. Hope you all have a grand week fellow bloggers and see you next time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...bee you a bee or butterfly??

Well today's challenge at TT is to use a bee or butterfly on your card. As you can see I did the butterfly. I'm a bit off as usual as being the corny lady that I am, I thought this flower was an astor not a cone flower so coney me colored it to match the paper and so there! I guess I made an ass-tor out of myself because who ever saw a blueish astor or cone flower??? My card has the top section done with a sweet My Mind's Eye dotted paper of kind of aqua blue and the bottom was fancy doodled up with a SU embossing folder to give it that lacy look. My butterfly was a punch also from Bad I know but the cone flower is a Flourish stamp from the With Gratitude set so I'm safe I guess. Used my colored pencils as usual and made it all very simple. I bet you're asking how I did such a beautiful cutting job aren't you? Well my DD has the new wonderful machine that does all that glorious work for you and when I spotted it laying on the table ...I did a grab and run thingy. Not grab and run machine but just the cut out flower. The new machine is called a Sillouette ( I don't think I spelled that right but you get the idea) and you need to see more about it on the shop at Flourishes. Go take a peek and you'll probably be hooked.
Still hot here in the Big Sky country and I'm a little sick of it. We are to get a storm tonight for a cool off so I'm hoping the weather guy isn't blowing smoke up our butts. Have a fun week fellow bloggers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A celebration with Sprinkles on Top!

It's a day of partying and celebration! Flourishes turned five this month and they want YOU to help celebrate! Today Flourishes is ushering in a 2-4-6-8, Help Flourishes Celebrate Day and the good ladies there asked me to help them out. I'm here with the 6PM Challenge. If you missed the 2PM Challenge, just click HERE or if you didn't tune in at 4PM, just click HERE to catch up! If you play, they have some FUN goody bags for the winners! Are you ready for the 6PM Challenge?

HOW TO PLAY: This challenge is about adding sprinkles onto your card or creation -- Glitter? Beads? Flower Soft? You choose! Just sprinkle on some fun and you'll be in the running! Use Flourishes stamps if you have them -- your entries will count twice. If you don't have Flourishes stamps, play along anyway, you could win some! If you upload to SCS, please use the keyword FLLCIS5C. You have until August 31st to enter and can enter as many times as you like! Some of our designers have helped us sprinkle a little celebration on their creations today!

For my creation.... I started with a white card and then used My Mind's Eye decorative paper both on top and bottom. The image is from the new set Garden Picks set, which is soon to be my new all time favorite...move over Zinnia set cause you've got competition! But let's face it -- all of Flourishes' sets are the best there are. So, you got white card, 2 bg papers, a pink mat that I used an EK fancy border punch on, and my  prisma glitter. Added a bow easy bow of some beautious green to finish the card off.

And, here's a close up so you can see that prisma glitter that got sprinkled all over my Queen Anne's Lace flower...

This will be a fun filled day for Flourishes with all the great challenges that are scheduled so be sure to join in. I'm so happy to be a part of it and cheese snacks on the lawn at 6 p.m. See you there fellow bloggers! If you need some inspiration, be sure to hop on over and see...

Cindy Haffner
Beate Johns
Danielle Kennedy
Pat Adam - that's me!

If you want a peek at the OFFICIAL Rules….. just click HERE and then, get those fingers inky and join us for Flourishes' 5th birthday bash!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Timeless Tuesday Sketch

Well it's TT over at Flourishes and Heather has made it a sketch challenge which I love as it means someone else is doing my work of placement for me so Yeah here goes. I certainly hope I get a few visits on this one as last week I was left crying and hurt that no one came by and said hello. Just kidding I realize people do have lives and fun things to do. So this week I chose the pansies ( or at least I think they are ) from Botanical Bookplates vol. 2 and went to work. My card has a base of olive green and a mat of purple that I ran through my machine using a embossing folder from SU called Fancy Fans which I really love. Cut an oval, stamped my flowers, did a bit of coloring with my colored pencils and finished off with some lavender ribbon and sentiment from the Zinnia set and a punch to set it off. Finished quickly. Liar, liar, pants on took a bit of time to get it all together but there you have it.
Hope your week will be a goodie...since it's so hot I will head for the pool and sit in the sun to keep my glowing tan which looks like I just returned from a romantic place on the ocean. What a joke huh? But a girl can dream now can't she! Happy week fellow bloggers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...CASE A CARD

Well at TT the challenge is to CASE a card from one of the designers and of course I chose my DD to copy and steal everything but as you can see...mine does not have the beauty and class her's does. This is the Summer Blossoms set and she made it up so soft and sweet and being the crass lady I am I decided to make it up as a bright and not so classy card. Instead of following in her footsteps I used Spellbinder's lable # 14 instead of the oval and changed the whole thing up. My dotted paper is Mind's Eye and I used some bais type ribbon with some ric a rac below which you can't see too well in the pic a ture. Oh well such is life in the country. I went with a bright colored button and some twine because I'm not a refined lady anymore and am showing my bumpkin side now. Annnyway...that's the way the blossoms bloom here and I did my own thing on the copy and steal challenge. I never have figured out what the CASE really stands for so I just say it's copy and steal everything. Happy week fellow bloggers or is it buggers in your neck of the woods??? The grasshoppers are driving me nuts here  as they eat all my plants and make me extremely MAD and I mean worser then usual. Have a happy trails kind of week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...Christmas in July

Hi all and Merry Christmas in July which is the challenge at TT today. Well my all time favorite set is the Santa  I Believe set. He is the cutest image of Santa you could ever ask for and I tell you I'd love to plop my butt on his lap and have a little talk. This stamp is so neat because it takes little or no work to color. I just used my colored pencils and did a bit of color and added glitter to the rim of his snow hat and a few blingers to the holly berries. Not sure if that ribbon is really necessary and debated back and forth about putting it on. My GD Ellie said yes you need it and although I love her dearly...I 'm still not sure about it being there. My bg paper was from our stamp store that is now closed. Boo Hoo !!! So there you have it all done for this week. Hope you all have a great week and talk to you again soon.