Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who's who in Who Ville ???

Well welcome to Who's Ville USA...better known as Josephine Crossings Sub.
Last year the sub voted to use " How the Grinch Stole Christmas" for the decorating theme for all the neighborhood and here is some of how cute it is. At Night it's just glorious with all the bright and crazy colors of lights. It's a real wonderful sight to see. Here is just a sample of what we see each day.
My next door neighbors Rory & Mike 

Neighbor Tammy

Here's Max in front of DD's house along with the Grinch
who takes over her front porch. But we are saved by the
Sweet Cindy Lou....on the front grass over from Max.

Mean son of a gun !

                         Sweet Cindy Lou is on the other side of DD's grass...isn't she adorable!
  And not to be out done....My Cindy Lou and my sign for a Happy Who-la-days to all.We all have spot lights on our displays and it's just so fun to see. So I say to one and all of you...I hope your holidays...or who-la-days are warm and bright and full of love and happiness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...a sketch

Well don't you just love it when the challenge is a sketch??? I do, because it means this feeble old brain doesn't have to ponder ( that means think) about how my layout will be set up. So, I said hoooray, or is it hoorah? Or it might just be ...well hot damn! Anyway this is the challenge over at the Flourishes TT blog site. So I got out some glitzy Christmasie paper and ribbon and went to town. I'll bet you wonder what town I went to huh...well stamping town of course. I used the lovely set called Christmas Candles along with some beautious paper from my local scrap store put out by Making Memories...called Mistletoe. Found some fancy schmansy ribbon that had the glitz and knew it would work. My bowmaker is giving my head a dizzy feeling as I forgot how to use it and had to rely on my own skills to produce a bow. My coloring was done with my favorite water colored pencils..just love them. Used the circle dies from Spellbinders and viola
( French for here you go). I'm done.
Had a real work out at the gym this morning with my sexy sweet Rory who is my very own personal trainer. Well he's not mine exclusively but I pretend he is. Came home and ready for the linement.'s hard to be fit.
Happy week fellow bloggers and see you next go round.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Timless Tuesday..flower, ribbon, tag

Well did you miss me last week when I went AWOL?? Bet you thought some strong, handsome, wonderful mountain man stole me into the wilds and showed me the time of my life....NOT! I took my fantasy pill this morning and I'm a little off as usual. I just said to myself...if you don't want to stamp you don't have to and so I didn't. So this week at Flourishes we are to follow the lead of that adorable Miss Cindy (you know that wild Canadian) and do a card which has a flower, tag, and ribbon on it. I used " Meet me Under the Mistletoe" ( wow would I ever love that) and stamped and colored the mistletoe with my faithful colored pencils. The sentiment is from " A Gift for You" and it fit the tag perfectly so that's why I chose it silly. Now I also know you are going to tell me that the berries on the branch are not red but rather white BUT I wanted to go with a red to match up my card nicely. I embossed my bg paper with a flowerly die and to my little flower added a little sparkly stone like thingy. Easy peasy with not much to do but measure our the mats. Hope you are off to a good week...I'm just off as usual.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Timeless Thursday...flag it

Timeless Tuesday@ Flourishes this week is to add a flag/banner to your card. Well hey I'm not so good at this but I recently got a little die cut of a flag from my order from LilInker's and it was a perfect way to cut out a flag. I chose the Christmas Classic stamp set and stamped out this bough of greenery and bells . This did not photo very well with the glittery  I added, but IRL it looks loverly. My glittery punched border was found over at Hobby Lobby and it's a bit pricey @ $2 a sheet but was on sale so I let the moths out of my wallet and decided to pay the price, after all you have to splurge once in awhile. ( I even bought a sheet that was really extravagant).  My BG is from Studio Paper . My card was made with a very dark green base.
Well it's almost turkey day and of course it's time to stuff the bird and of course yourselves too. Love this holiday but it's scary to realize Christmas is just around the corner and I better get busy starting my shopping. When you get old like me the best answer is gift cards...that way your gift can be used the way the receiver wants it to be. Anyway have a happy weekend and see you next time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Timeless Tuesday Double Embossing...migraine headache

Well this was a real pain for me to accomplish but after at least 8 times...I got it. So migraine or not it's entered into the TT challenge over at Flourishes. I was so mad at my trying this over and over that I was ready to seek out Beate and literally do her harm...but since that seemed a bit drastic I took my computer to my craft room and followed step by step her directions and finally I got it. My big problem was my cardboard was not heavy enough and once I figured out what I needed worked. I used my dotted swiss folder and my die is of course from Spellbinders and I'm not going to check out the number but say figure it out for yourselves. Mean spirited I know. I used this candle arrangement from one of the new sets called Christmas Candles. Tied a bow with the Bow Easy and slapped everything on a red card.  Put on some glitter and it's done. I looked at this just now and said to myself...That choice of colors is not the best but maybe I'll do another later and re-post...yeah right! Happy week fellow stampers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...out of the box

Well Timeless Tuesday was yesterday and I'm just getting out of my box to create this card for the "out of the box" challenge. Have to tell you, I had to study this one a bit in order to let's say...get it. Anyway I chose the set for Thanksgiving called A Season of Thanks or something like that. Love the Autumn images in this set and chose this vaase or vase or fancy bowl of veggies and berries to color up and use. My base card is that SU crumb cake color which is only peeping out about 1/8 " and I then went to a forrest green window like opened mat which is embossed with a fancy schmansy folder . Found some lovely damask type sleek paper to use behind my opening to set off the deep green and lovely autumn colors.Popped this up with some demensional dots. Added some soft willow green ( that's what we called it back in the day...willow) satin type ribbon and bowed it with the none other then Bow Easy. Used my Spellbinder's oval shape and to get me out of the box, I stamped and cut the bowl part and plastered it down. Fini!
Hope you are all off to a wonderful week and will soon have a happy weekend. Taking DGD to see Puss in Boots tomorrow as the kiddos are off school a few days for teacher's conferences. Fun times with the darling it. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Timelss Tuesday...leaf or tree

Well today at TT over at Flourishes the challenge is to use a leaf or tree and try not to use a flower. Well I pulled out my set called Herbs and chose the geranium called Scented Geranium cause it's the only leafy type set I had from Flourishes and since it's fall time I think using leaves is wonderful. I got out my Kalidicolor ink called Royal Satin which has the rust, wine, and blue tones. My sentement is from the window set . I chose a card base of kraft color which SU calls crumb cake...just a second while I lick the crumbs off my fingers . I added a band of navy, and rust and then added a bit of twine for a rustic look. Easy peasy card and fits the challenge.
If you didn't see my craft room yet just droop or if you prefer drop your eyes down a bit and you can see it below.
Happy week fellow stampers.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Craftroom...

 These are not the best pictures ; however, it gives you an idea of my work area and the place I call my little hole in the wall. This was taken from the door of the room and gives you a sort of complete view.
 On this side of the room I have some organizers that have cubbie holes in which I have put some steel boxes that hold my different supplies. My walls are sage green and my desk etc. is black so my steel boxes are both sage and black. Neat huh???
The top picture shows my arty candle decor and my flower holder. Looks great over desk # 2 on which I keep my die cutter and paper cutter. The bottom picture is my closet which holds my colored papers all organized in marked shelves.
Hope you have a pleasant weekend fellow bloggers. It's kind of cool here but the sun did come out so how can you complain!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...make an ornament

Happy TT fellow bloggers and today we are asked to make an ornament for the Tuesday challenge. Well I didn't have any real ornament stamps by Flourishes so I improvised and used my angel from the Alleluia set and made her into an ornament. I have named her Hazel as I think she looks like an old angel and needed an old name. I colored her hair with tons of silver ( just like my own) and added a bit of glitter pen to everything cause angels are glittery I think. Have you seen an angel??? Well me neither so I'm just guessing on most of this. This is probably as close to me ever  seeing an angel so, hello Hazel. She is placed on two circle die cuts from Spellbinders and colored in very softly with just a touch of soft blue. Easy ornament and I'll have to set her aside to adorn my Christmas tree. Hope you are all off to a good start of a good week. It's cold here but I'm not complainig as the heat was getting me down. Take care and talk soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Timeless Tuesday ...get inspired

Today at TT at Flourishes we are to get inspired by the top photo. Wow it's autumn looking and so very colorful so I chose to use the new set A Season of Thanks which has some beautiful images which have to remind us of Thanksgiving. My card done in the purple tones actually was the first one I did with this image but while surfing the web after I made the card I found Beate had made one almost identical so I redid and came up with the green one. I don't know how it happens when I make a card and then find another designer ( I know I'm not a real designer but let's pretend) has done a card just like mine. Once again I'm being "corny" and using this Indian corn image and my water colored pencils to do it up. Used my Spellbinders oval both regular and scalloped to set this off. Found some nice BG papers and added some bling and done. Both cards will be used for Thanksgiving to wish happiness to friends. The purple one is already in the mail to my cousin in Canada since their Thanksgiving is  next Monday.
We are still having hot weather and I'm getting sick of it....come on let's have a cool down please.
Happy week fellow stampers and see you next time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Timeless Tusday something or other

Well I don't know about you but I call Halloween a holiday cause it certainly is for all those little trick or treaters. Now can you ever be too corny?? I don't think so and neither do my grand kids. I fill the jar, they empty the jar. Anyway I took the easy way out on Flourishes TT challenge and just made a bag topper with one of my Spellbinder's labels I think it's # 8 but I now have so many I can't keep track or them all. Used the Halloween set Witching you a Happy Halloween and kept this very simple as I'm pretty pooped from having company. Stamp, color, make a bow to attach the topper but first you have to fill it with candy corn and I did just that. Now that the picture is up, it's time to rip that little sucker open and chow down on some sweet candy corn. Want a few?? Get your own ! I will give this to my little GD who is coming for her piano lesson today. Gosh I can't get over her skill at the piano. She took to it so quickly and when I introduced her to classical she wasn't too happy BUT we went to a concert last Sunday and they had a terrific pianist and she said...I want to learn that kind of music too...of course it was classical and she came back to my place and sat down and started to play a tune by Edvard Grieg called Morning. The old lady wins...hip hip hooray! Have a great week fellow bloggers. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...all dolled up!

Well once upon a time there was a young very cute gal who loved to get "all dolled " up and she wore shoes that were super high heeled because they were necessary being she was so short. Bet you thought I was going to tell you she wore them to attract the opposite sex and they made her legs look just too terrific for words. Well that... and she was very short and in order to be face to face with those hunky men, she needed those high heeled shoes. Now she wears the chubby kind of high heeled shoes so she doesn't kill herself when walking or trying to make herself look taller. Did you think I was telling you MY story??? Well I was and believe it or not I was kinda cute back in the day. Anyhow for this challenge which is the Timeless Tuesday one ( yep, I'm slow and late this week) you are to doll it up so...I chose this spikey shoe from the new set called Feminine Charm. I used some paper from my stash and just used my circle dies and then colored with the pencils and cut and added a bit of dimention to the fancy schmancy on the silver shoe. Added some blingers on my dotted paper to bring some pizazz to the whole affair. Now all I need is a little bit of charm and a cutie patootie guy and I'm all set for some dancing fun. Who am I kidding??? Have a fun rest of the week and great weekend friends and fellow high heeled wearers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Grass is In..and the flowers are in great bloom

Well the grass is in and here's what the front looks like now. The flowers are much brighter IRL but as you can see they are blooming very nicely. They are actually a very bright fushia ( or however you spell it). Wanted you all to see the sweet abode all ready for the parade of homes...just kidding but if anyone wants to parade by it's OK with me...especially one of those super sweet cowboys I see every now and then. Hey why are all the really cute ones married or otherwise committed???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timeless Tuesday ...make a different shape card

Well today's challenge at Flourishes TT is to make a card other then the normal ...Yikes! I'm really bad at this type of thing so the best I could do was to try. I used my scalloped square and made my
"little" card because I couldn't find a big enough die to make a bigger card...HELP!! I used the set Bee My Honey for this one and made it super simple by using the honey comb stamp which is all by itself and stamped some different shades on it to create the honey comb look, guess I should have picked a bit lighter color but it is what it is. Just did the honey pot and the little phrase and that was it. Colored with my water colored pencils and added some shading with chalk. Added a little button and fini. Can you tell I wasn't very good at this whole thing? Well of course you can but as I said I did try. Getting some company again today as my sister is coming from Michigan to stay a week and see my abode. Oh and yes I will post some pictures this week as I got my landscaping and grass in finally. It looks so cool and makes it look complete finally. No cowboy in the picture as of yet...the one I met just vanished into thin air and I guess this old broad will have to settle for the single life which I must say is not all bad. Happy week fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...use water

Today at Timeless Tuesday the challenge put on by Miss Maki is to stay calm and use water or something like that. This cutie patootie is from a fairly, well very new set called More kids at Play. Sweet little silouettes of kids having fun in the water etc. Here is Mary Mary quite contrary sprinkling her garden to get it to grow. I found some great paper at the scrapbook store here in town by a brand of Pebbles and both of these papers are from this company. I used the cute silouette of Mary sprinkling and just added a tiny bit of color to the flowers, grass, and her hat bow/flower or whatever that is. Used my circle Spellbinders dies and my bow easy for a matching bow.Put a bit of glitter on the sprinkled water and done. Funny while I was in my craft room making this card there was a frog jumping up and down on the window screen trying to get out of the window well. I thought to myself might be Prince Charming waiting to be kissed but decided against it. I'm not that hard up just yet. Happy week fellow bloggers.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the winner is....

Well my winner is chosen by and the # is 52 which is Catdidit so if you will send me your address and your selection of 2 Flourishes stamp sets we can make sure you get your prize asap. Thanks for all who signed up in hopes of winning but of course there can only be one winner. E-mail me at

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Timeless Tuesday ...Bingo

Hi all it's time for another TT ( that's Timeless Tuesday in case you didn't know) and it's a bingo challenge. You can pick from the card and do your card accordingly. I chose the line that has piercing, ribbon, and pearls. Believe it or not this card is a purple hue even though it seemed to photo more in the blue tones. Used Spring Bouquet set and went to town coloring with pink and purple tones with my colored pencils. Did some paper piercing and added just a stripe of ribbon and a little pearl for the two pierced corners. Used a Spellbinders die for my shippidy shape and that's it.
Hope you are all well and happy. I have company from my home state of Michigan so I have been a little busy . Still had time for GS's first football game of the new year and it was so awesome...they won in the last 23 seconds of the game. We all went wild and the team rooters or should I say brute-ers from the other team were really ticked off but we of course were all happy and of course that's all that really matters. Talk later when I have some time on my hands. Remember to sign up for the blog candy on the post below as I'll be picking a winner soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Flourishes!!

Happy Birthday to Flourishes, which is now a big 4 years old! So as a part of the birthday celebration for this super stamp company, there is going to be plenty of prizes and fun! Today kicks off the fun with a customer appreciation day and I am so honored to say I was one of the designers asked to help celebrate. Much happiness and hugs to Jan Marie and her wonderful husband Mike, "the shipping guy" for operating such a great company. We are asked to use our favorite set but how can you do that when they ALL are my favorite! How can you get in on the action? Just pick up your favorite set and create. Want to see what you could win?
A mix of these sets above! There are more than a half dozen prize packages being given away this week so, be sure to get all the details and just  click HERE.
I chose the  new Wild  For Watermelon set for my card. Used some bright and cheerful colors to set my watermelon in the spot-light. Just colored with my water colored pencils and used my Spellinders Classic Oval and Classic Scalloped Oval to set the image off.  I made a little tag for my phrase which is from the Tag Lines set...Flourishes of course. I had a wonderful buckle-style button, so I could thread my lime satin ribbon through and... I guess I'm done here! Not really though, because in honor of this celebration and my own upcoming 4-year blogoversary, I am offering up some BLOG CANDY! What do you win? Two stamp sets of your choice from none other than Flourishes! Just sign up by leaving a comment here on this post and you are in the running. You have until September 1st at 5 PM CST. GOOD LUCK!

Your next stop in the hop is Debbie Marcinkiewicz!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Timeless,one button & ribbon & or lace

Well today at Flourishes we are going to follow the lead of cutie Heather J. and do as follows.Use the color pink,1 button, ribbon & or lace. To me pink can sometimes be hard to use because you have to choose just the right shade to blend it all together.Sooo...I hope I'm in the pink with my choice.I found that this Zinnia set is becoming one of my favorites when making cards as it can be colored almost anyway and be correct. As you can see if you are looking, I did the bowl full of zinnias and used some sweeet bg that was in my bin (think it's probably K&Co. ) but don't quote me on that. Not much to this card as once I put the ribbon on and added my button I thought to myself...what else can I do?? I decided nothing because sometimes more is not the route to go. Simple easy and hopefully pleasing. Are you all off to a good week?? I am as I went back to my routine at the gym with my hunk of a trainer Rory and I felt so good about getting back into the swing of the aches and pains a work out can bring. You know as they say...No pain no gain. Happy week fellow stampers.