Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Penny's Challenge Sketch

Today's sketch at Penny's is shown above my card. Well looking at my card you're probably thinking that's pretty corny right?? Well I wanted it easy peasy and bold to be told sooo...I followed the sketch and made it easy by using some Sticko stickers and my Spellbinder's scalloped circles, added a little bow and that was that. Hey you guys before we know it Halloweenie will be here and I love thinking about how to dress up for the trick and treaters. I used to make my front lawn into a grave yard and have all sorts of spooky stuff but I scared the begeezers out of the little ones so I tried to tame down a bit...but not by too much. I got some really cool organ music ( don't know which organ was plucked to produce the screams) and I blast it really loud with speakers out of my front house windows. Probably a little too loud as my one neighbor walked over and asked if I could play it just a little softer. What a hag, and she wasn't even in costume. Well I have some time to put my beanie in motion and see what I can come up with. In the mean time have a good week. Hump day and that means the weekend is almost here again. Be back on Friday for my next challenge.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes

It's Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and I'm not really sure of what I am supposed to be doing which of course is highly unusual for me ( don't smirk...I hear you laughing at me..not nice!) but I noticed everyone had a frame around their work and kind of put a dimension outside the frame so that's what I decided to do. Hey all you Friends of Flourishes it's time for a pat on my back as this week I actually used Flourishes stamps. Yep, I put on my big girl panties and jumped in head first all set to go. Don't you love this Poppy set? Well of course you do, and before you think that this card is black....let me give you my assurance it is NOT! It is a very deep brown and my mat is a kind of rusty orange almost. I used the poppy set to comply with the challenge which is if you have Flourishes stamps use them. This is a very basic card with a rectangle frame made with my Spellbinder die, the poppy set which I used my water colored pencils on and then added a little ribbon in orangie ( don't think that's a word) from Mike's and a few blingers also from Mike's.
Happy week friends and stampers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rich Autumn leaves ...Friday challenge

Well today's challenge at notimetostamp is Rich Autumn I went with gold leaves cause gold means you're rich right? Well I guess Sharon meant lovely in rich colors but I goofed & you're getting gold embossed leaves. I have decided to let someone younger do the raking and blowing of leaves this year. Another way to ignore those falling leaves is just get up off your duff and close the blinds! I think I like that idea even better. I used this PSX leaf stamp the other day and it was still on my table so I thought ...use it again and I did. As you can see I embossed with gold, used my Spellbinders fancy schmansy cut for both the mat and the topper. I put my phrase on with just some Pearl Ex gold powder...yep lazy lady but it worked so what's wrong with that?? Not a darn thing I said to myself. Of course you gotta have some blingy stuff so I colored some clear rhinies with a sort of amberish color which I think made this a rich Autumn card...what do you think???

Well this weekend there is a big party after the 4:30 mass that I always attend as we are making the associate pastor our new pastor ( the old one left...well he wasn't really that old but) so after the mass is over there is a celebration in the church hall. They said finger food but last time they said that I didn't find a finger being served, but instead a real feast. I'm going in to check it out and see if there are any cute old men just sitting around waiting for my glorious appearance. Who am I kidding...but it sounds pretty good doesn't it? Happy weekend friends and stampers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Penny's Challenge...It's for the birds!

Well this is a new one for me...never played in this challenge before but was visiting my friend Darlene and saw this challenge. Make a card using an owl....who who ?? Oh yea, I guess you mean whoever wants to join the fun. So being the party gal that I am I looked for an owl stamp and made a very simple card because sometimes ...simple is good. My little hooter ( Yikes I've seen Hooter's and at that place nothing is really little, it's more full featured if you know what I mean) now I'm off subject so let me re-group. This little owl guy is a Scrappy Cat Clear Stamp ( cheap stamps at Mike's but very nice) and my phrase is Inkadinkado. Just simply stamping in black with no coloring, add some nice ribbon, and some pink rhinies also from Mike's...gotta love that guy as he supplied all of it even my bg (that's background ) paper which is American Crafts. As the sharp gal's say, easy peasy and I'm done. You can find the deets on this fun challenge at Penny's place.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...mist it

Today at Timeless Tuesday the hostess is Silke and I love her work and her too of course as she is a real delightful woman. We are to mist the stamp. I didn't read it right at first and thought it was about spritzing...which by the way Mr. Webster doe's not acknowledge as a word. Well misting a stamp is not the easiest thing in the world...yea, I know you can mist it BUT if you mist too much it's looks like it just came out of Niagra Falls without a raincoat and it you mist too little well it's dry and you need to huff and puff on it. I used a lovely leave put out by PSX...and I just realized this is Flourishes challenge and where oh where is my Flourish stamp! So sorry dear friends I goofed again but at least I played. On with the card, deep brown card with a greenish smeared background paper from Basic Grey and a brown bow compliments of both Mike and Bow Easy. The phrase is from Hero Arts...double ouch to Flourishes. Used two of my Spellbinder's die cuts and a bit of gold around my oval. Finished. I am a bad girl for not paying attention to details like this is a Flourish challenge...use their stamps. I do humbly apologize.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, who invited you for lunch???

My friends Larry, Curly, & Moe showed up for lunch today and I was not expecting them so I thought to myself ...oh deer ( or should that be oh dear ) what should I serve??? I wanted to make a nice salad but these guys seemed perfectly content eating the rest of their Hosta Fiesta . Oh well summers almost over so I guess it's Ok if they strip my Hosta bare. The three stooges wouldn't stay together long enough for a picture ( they get a bit camera shy) but if you look closely you can see Curly's tail just in the woods a bit behind Larry. Moe decided he had enough lunch and took off.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Challenge BBO...and no coloring

Today's challenge at notimetostamp #105 is BBO and no coloring. What is BBO ..."better butt out"or" best buddy out"??? Yikes...this had me stymied,so after reading more closely I found out it means black/brown ink only with no coloring. No coloring! you've got to be kidding me. I love to color. This is a low blow, but after a few tears I decided to join in . Now I know why it's called a challenge cause I wanted to start a fight...I love to color. But I guess I already said that so I gave in and set out to create. Hmmm what's white all over and sweet as can be you ask???
it's a cute little snowman who is freezing his tush off out in the bitter cold. Since he feels so cold I figured a black card makes a deadly combo but feeling sorry for him I decided to bring in some heat with a red band on his hat. This set is a cutie I picked up at Mike's place for a those 50% off coupons. It is Inkadinkado. Self explanatory card...stamp with black ink on every thing, add a glob of glitter glue, smear around and you've got snow, put on a red & white polka dotted ribbon to add a bit of coloring...oops I meant a bit of color and you are done.
Happy weekend peeps. We have great sunshine today and are supposed to have Indian Summer type weather. Love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...on time

Well hip hip horr...ay, it's Timeless Tuesday day, I stamped and glued and punched a bit without a fit ... it's Timeless Tuesday day! Sing to the tune from the Seven Dwarves work song....memba that one?? Today at Flourishes challenge you are to use contrasting papers or patterns or well I'm not really sure what you're supposed to do soooo....I used two nice patterned papers from a sweet pad put out by K & Company. My leaf is a Hero Arts stamp from a nice autumn set ( sorry I didn't have the Flourishes leaf set) and the phrase is from Flourishes Gerbera daisy set. I punched a few ??? leaves ( maybe elm) added a bit of bling and some lovely brownish copper ribbon I got from Mike's . Oh, I forgot I did also use my fancy rectangle from Spellbinder and put a gold edge on it.

I have to tell you that here in Michigan our leaves are already orange, red, and well it's so early but they are turning. I'm going out with the camera and pretend I'm Curt O'Brien and do a little photo taking. As Arnold would say.... I'll be back. Happy new week peeps.

Happy Day for both my kids!!!

Well today is DD Julie's wedding anniversary and also the day my son Justin is proposing marriage to his girlfriend Callie. He wanted to do something a bit different so we baked a red velvet cake which is her favorite and then made a kinda square hole which was removed so the velvet box( wrapped in foil) was placed and then the piece put back in so the cake could be frosted. We put a tooth pick in the cake so he knew where the box is. Should be a fun day for both my daughter and son. The cake was so moist that while it was being frosted it kinda got the cake into the frosting and that's why it looks smeared with red cake crumbs. I wish both my kids much happiness on this great day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take Time To Remember 9-11-01

Today we all need to stop and remember the tragedy of 9-11-2001. I hope we can all pause for a moment or two to say a prayer for all those who lost their lives on that horrible day and for those that they left behind to grieve and have their lives changed for ever. May God bless them all, and may God bless our country and fellow men.


Well it's time for Sharon's ssnotime104, get in the Halloween mode or use a pumpkin or whatever tickles your funny bone.

Did you read your horrorscope this a.m.?? Have a cup of decoffinated coffee?? Hope a cereal killer didn't poison your corn flakes, but seriously my message is don't spook unless your spooken to and get on with those Halloween cards/projects. My card is done with a cute set from Inkadinkado and I'm loving these little guys...even the little bats ...who apparently left their bellfry. Simple card done with some good old water colored pencils, added some black bling and used my Nesties and Bow Easy. My card is as you can see black as night and matted with that wonderful Basic Grey Lemonade paper. First mat in orange rectangle die and second is a pea green label # 4. How easy peasy is that now! Be sure if you take your little ghosts to school for Halloween that they fasten their sheet belts. Just kidding I know that all good parents make sure their little ones are safe.

Happy weekend to you all and hope you enjoy your family and friends. See you soon but before I go... Do you know why mummies can't keep friends??? Well their too wrapped up in themselves ...but I bet you knew that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Timeless Tuesday on Wednesday...oh well !

Well I'm back to my old lazy ways of doing the Tuesday challenge on Weds. ...yea I know I have like a whole week but I'm still battling the dry wall dust and will be for another few days sooo...
everything is delayed. I used Flourishes Gerbera set and once again I took a rebellious attitude and made these little guys into chrysanthemums's Autumn and I love the fall line of colors. I think they colored up nicely as mums ( not dads but mums). I added the phrase Autumn which is a Hero Arts stamp. I stamped in onyx black ink and used my colored pencils and decided to add a bit of chalk to tone down the brightness of the white card stock. Followed the sketch to a tee or is that T but I know it's not tea cause I drink a lot of that ( get that from my Mom not mum, as she was French Canadian and loved her tea). Anyway just did some coloring some matting some chalking and fini. Hope you have a great Wednesday ( another crazy spelled word...I would delete the D if I were Mr. Webster). Got to get back to the dust fields but will see you Friday.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Challenge at Flourishes

Flourishes is having a sketch challege and that is a challenge I am trying out for. You can check it out on their location by clicking on their name in the beginning of this discertation. As you can see I have done my interpretation of it below.

Being a good follow the leader type gal that I am, I decided to give it a try. My sweet friend Tammy Hershberger sent me this sweet, adorable paper pad from Basic Grey called Lemonade and she's been wondering when this old broad was going to put it to good use soooo....dear friend here it is, I'm starting to put it I hope, to good use. Since I was a little "sketchy" about trying to change up my card too much I followed it as called for. Well nobody really called me about it but you know what I mean... I guess, or hope you get it somewhat. I used the cherries & phrase from Flourishes wonderful fruity set called Peaches & Cherries which I plan to keep using even though our summer fruits are disappearing. When I say the fruits are diappearing I mean the fruits we eat....unfortunately the other ding bat type fruits are still around. I can see using these cherries even as winter approaches by adding some glitter to make it look like frozen fruit, now isn't that a fruit-loopy idea??? I think it will work, just wait and see. I made my mats with my Nestie's fancy rectangular shape ( really love it) and of course when there is a bow...what better little tricky appliance then the Bow Easy. Made this one by making a double one using some wonderful chiffon red ribbon from good ole Mike's place. Be sure and click on the Flourishes name to get all the details about this sketch challenge as they are giving some sets away as a prize or candy or whatever you want to call it. Nice!
Hope your weekend is going well. Mine is going to be trying to clean up the drywall dust mess.
For a bit of fun...correction bite of fun, I plan to take my little neighbor girl out to the ice cream parlor for a birthday treat. This parlor serves you one scoop that could serve 2 people it is sooo large. The kids love it and hey I'm still a kid at heart.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Challenge....Phrase over image

. Well today's challenge at Sharon's no time to stamp is to have your phrase over your image. I used the Hydrangea from Hero Art's and the phrase is from Inkadinkado. Since this looked pretty plain with just coloring and matting I decided to mask and put some leaves/filagree or whatever behind the flower in gold.These are from Scrappy Cat,and of course some bling. My gold ink was just not working well so I went with a pathetic pretend gold. Did you ever do that??? Just pretend when things don't work? Just pretend they did and well you'll just not get yourself all frazzled, and if you do get upset, then put it aside and have a lovely glass of wine or phone a friend or ask the audience, OMgoodness I think I'm on "Who Want's to be a Millionaire" and now even I'm confused which is really unusual ( just ask my kids as they know what a stable person I am for a lady of my age. ) I guess you could say I'm aged to perfection, but that might be a wee bit of a stretch. Anyway I think we're done here and I hope you all have a GREAT holiday weekend. I'm laying low with no plans as of yet. See you next week.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...on Time again!

Well I guess wonders never cease as I made Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes on time. How great is that...I think pretty awesome. The challenge asked for no coloring so I took my Spring Epher. set ( Yep, I don't know how to say it or spell it) and used the bleeding hearts with onynx black Versa ink and then added the phrase from the peach set. Used black for my base then ivory,and then some great black/ivory DP from K & Co. for my first mat that I used the Spellbinder's fancy rectangle and finished with an ivory mat die cut again. Added some black beads to give a bit of pizazz and once again I'm done. Oh woe is me, I am covered in dry wall dust as I'm getting my walls all repaired and painted. The work guy is really messy and how I got covered in this dirty dust is beyond me but I look like I just came out of the desert that had a major sand storm going. Cough cough!
For those of you who remember my dear Clara in the nursing home now...she is in pretty good spirits considering she has to be in a nursing home. Keep her in your prayers as she still could have problems with blod clots etc.