Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Timeless Tusday something or other

Well I don't know about you but I call Halloween a holiday cause it certainly is for all those little trick or treaters. Now can you ever be too corny?? I don't think so and neither do my grand kids. I fill the jar, they empty the jar. Anyway I took the easy way out on Flourishes TT challenge and just made a bag topper with one of my Spellbinder's labels I think it's # 8 but I now have so many I can't keep track or them all. Used the Halloween set Witching you a Happy Halloween and kept this very simple as I'm pretty pooped from having company. Stamp, color, make a bow to attach the topper but first you have to fill it with candy corn and I did just that. Now that the picture is up, it's time to rip that little sucker open and chow down on some sweet candy corn. Want a few?? Get your own ! I will give this to my little GD who is coming for her piano lesson today. Gosh I can't get over her skill at the piano. She took to it so quickly and when I introduced her to classical she wasn't too happy BUT we went to a concert last Sunday and they had a terrific pianist and she said...I want to learn that kind of music too...of course it was classical and she came back to my place and sat down and started to play a tune by Edvard Grieg called Morning. The old lady wins...hip hip hooray! Have a great week fellow bloggers. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...all dolled up!

Well once upon a time there was a young very cute gal who loved to get "all dolled " up and she wore shoes that were super high heeled because they were necessary being she was so short. Bet you thought I was going to tell you she wore them to attract the opposite sex and they made her legs look just too terrific for words. Well that... and she was very short and in order to be face to face with those hunky men, she needed those high heeled shoes. Now she wears the chubby kind of high heeled shoes so she doesn't kill herself when walking or trying to make herself look taller. Did you think I was telling you MY story??? Well I was and believe it or not I was kinda cute back in the day. Anyhow for this challenge which is the Timeless Tuesday one ( yep, I'm slow and late this week) you are to doll it up so...I chose this spikey shoe from the new set called Feminine Charm. I used some paper from my stash and just used my circle dies and then colored with the pencils and cut and added a bit of dimention to the fancy schmancy on the silver shoe. Added some blingers on my dotted paper to bring some pizazz to the whole affair. Now all I need is a little bit of charm and a cutie patootie guy and I'm all set for some dancing fun. Who am I kidding??? Have a fun rest of the week and great weekend friends and fellow high heeled wearers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Grass is In..and the flowers are in great bloom

Well the grass is in and here's what the front looks like now. The flowers are much brighter IRL but as you can see they are blooming very nicely. They are actually a very bright fushia ( or however you spell it). Wanted you all to see the sweet abode all ready for the parade of homes...just kidding but if anyone wants to parade by it's OK with me...especially one of those super sweet cowboys I see every now and then. Hey why are all the really cute ones married or otherwise committed???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timeless Tuesday ...make a different shape card

Well today's challenge at Flourishes TT is to make a card other then the normal ...Yikes! I'm really bad at this type of thing so the best I could do was to try. I used my scalloped square and made my
"little" card because I couldn't find a big enough die to make a bigger card...HELP!! I used the set Bee My Honey for this one and made it super simple by using the honey comb stamp which is all by itself and stamped some different shades on it to create the honey comb look, guess I should have picked a bit lighter color but it is what it is. Just did the honey pot and the little phrase and that was it. Colored with my water colored pencils and added some shading with chalk. Added a little button and fini. Can you tell I wasn't very good at this whole thing? Well of course you can but as I said I did try. Getting some company again today as my sister is coming from Michigan to stay a week and see my abode. Oh and yes I will post some pictures this week as I got my landscaping and grass in finally. It looks so cool and makes it look complete finally. No cowboy in the picture as of yet...the one I met just vanished into thin air and I guess this old broad will have to settle for the single life which I must say is not all bad. Happy week fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...use water

Today at Timeless Tuesday the challenge put on by Miss Maki is to stay calm and use water or something like that. This cutie patootie is from a fairly, well very new set called More kids at Play. Sweet little silouettes of kids having fun in the water etc. Here is Mary Mary quite contrary sprinkling her garden to get it to grow. I found some great paper at the scrapbook store here in town by a brand of Pebbles and both of these papers are from this company. I used the cute silouette of Mary sprinkling and just added a tiny bit of color to the flowers, grass, and her hat bow/flower or whatever that is. Used my circle Spellbinders dies and my bow easy for a matching bow.Put a bit of glitter on the sprinkled water and done. Funny while I was in my craft room making this card there was a frog jumping up and down on the window screen trying to get out of the window well. I thought to myself might be Prince Charming waiting to be kissed but decided against it. I'm not that hard up just yet. Happy week fellow bloggers.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the winner is....

Well my winner is chosen by and the # is 52 which is Catdidit so if you will send me your address and your selection of 2 Flourishes stamp sets we can make sure you get your prize asap. Thanks for all who signed up in hopes of winning but of course there can only be one winner. E-mail me at