Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday challenge 3D flowers...pop them babies!

Yep you read right...3D flowers is on the menu today at notimetostamp's challenge. Well now how easy peasy is that if you just use a handy dandy punch and that's just what I did. Let me tell you I have been so busy I forgot to remember that Mother's Day is in a week and I hadn't made any cards for the hospital. OUCH!!! So along with cleaning out 30 some years of crap and I do mean junk I forgot. Yesterday and today I speed made cards for the hospital and mailed them off in a box. Anyway back to the card. Used a flower punch and 3D'd them and put a little pearl for the center but you can see that. Made a fancy schmancy bow and slapped my oval Nestie with a phrase from SU. and there you have it.
Been working out and surprisingly enough my butt has lost some of it's jiggle....How will those studs know that's my way of waving goodbye if it get's any smaller...yea right. I have been losing a goodly amount of weight and some of those wings us old ladies carry under the arm tops. Hate those thingy's. So have a great weekend and see you next week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...Vintage

Vintage...hey you talking to me?? Well Timeless Tuesday is to use/be vintage. I only have to look in the mirror to get the picture of vintage...old, wrinkled, worn and sort of dirty around the edges from being handled too much ( miss that being handled part). So anyway I did this one for
the Tuesday challenge at none other then my favorite Flourishes. I've used their set Around the Arbor which I have to tell you is going to be another one of my favorite's. It's a set that just screams classy. I stamped with Memento's Rich Cocoa ( dumb way to spell coco) and just colored the trellis with a dull sense ( not at all hard for me) and by that I mean sort of a scribble with not much punch to the color so it looks kind of old and burned out. Used my Nestie for my cut, it's one of those #'s and did a double cut so I had the gold one in back by cutting it in half and just gluing to the top and bottom. MS punch and some polka dotted ribbon. I think this would make a great card for my vintage friend Clara who is turning 94 soon. You know vintage is really like antiquey and that's not all bad at all. Well happy week people. I'm still cleaning all the vintage out of my basement...vintage dead spiders is one of the gems I'm running across along with the vintage cob webbs. Ahhh this getting old and vintage is crap for the birds. See you soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Timeless Tuesday Sketch by Cindy Haffner

Cindy's Sketch

Well today at Timless Tuesday ( wahoo I'm on time for a change) the challenge is to follow a sketch provided by the lovely Canadian, Cindy Haffner. My Mom was a Canadian so I've got some of that in my blood. Well Cindy drew up this sketch and all we have to do is follow it and so that's what I did. I chose part of the new set Around the Arbor and if you're saying how did she have that stamp??? Well sneaky Patsy ( that's me) stamped it off while at DD's in March of this year but couldn't show it until Flourishes let the flowers out of the arbor and they are officially out so here it is. Followed Cutie's sketch and stamped and colored and put my little phrase and added some nice red chiffon ribbon and I'm done. Always love to join in this challenge and guess what??? I won a gift certificate for being the winner drawn on last week's challenge. See why it's fun to be a part of get your self stamping and join in.

Hope your week is off to a good start. Mine is a busy one as I'm cleaning out over 30 years of junk to get my house ready to go up for sale. Yikes what a job! Happy week fellow friends and see you soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday challenge Color challenge

Well it's time for the challenge at notimetostamp cause it's Friday y'all. Did you ever go to a party and feel like a real pooper??? Guess that's where the term party pooper came from and that's me today because I wasn't thrilled with this color combo.Now I love purple, lavender, and ivory, but putting in brown turned me off. Sorry, but that's just me, a real party pooper; however, as you can see I did play along since I love to be part of the Friday challenge. I took the easiest way out possible on this and used a Crafty Secrets Cotton Scrap from a sheet I had hanging out in my drawer...hiding like a little critter waiting to be found and I found it and used it. Lovely Lilac flower with an ivory background.I just did a little mounting of the colors and added some little flowers I colored purple and added some blingers and I was done.

It's the weekend and hopefully you all got your taxes done and by now are just knee deep in your tax return money. Oh, you're saying that's not the story?? Well I got mine done back in Feb. and rushed to the bank when the check came to me as here in Michigan ( a pretty near bankrupt state) it's like do it now or it may be do it never cause there's no money to return. I made out pretty well so I'm going to treat myself to a dinner out with a friend and who knows perhaps even have a little drinky poo ( cause I am a party pooper...get it!). Have a good weekend friends and stampers. See you next week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Timeless Tuesday Wednesday...but of course!

Well who's covered in glitter and not so smart at making shaker cards?? Give up? It's me and I'm really not a big fan of glitter that is in a wee container and is impossible not to get everywhere but where you want it BUT, I love Dee Jackson so I'm going for this shake em up card and for my "seeds" for the Sweet Peas ( why aren't they called like Sweet Beans or Corn ?) I decided since I had no seeds available I would create some with that totally messy stuff called glitter. Wow that was a mouthful. Figured pink seeds, pretty smart huh! Love this set of Flourishes and the phrase says it all...I'm not really holding the seeds as the glitter went everywhere and if it sprouts boy am I in deep trouble. This place will look like a fairy tale for sure and if I'm lucky there will be a Prince Charming and a beautiful happy ending. OMGoodness I'm way off base here. Anyway just used my Nestie cut out to make my frame etc. and glued it all down and I'm done. Need a shower now to get the glitter off my bod and clothes etc. Happy week fellow stampers and I'll see you later in the week for another challenge.

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday's challenge...graduation or congrats

Today's challenge at notimetostamp is to do a graduation or congratulation type card. I have no need for a graduation card at this point so I did a congrats card. I hope I can give myself congratulations by getting a gas bill for my heating under $500...that would be something to really celebrate. Where the heck is the spring weather when you need it to lower those high bills??? It's actually snowing here, can you believe that?? Me neither! Well my card is so simple, ivory card layered with black and then some K & Company BG paper and get out the Nestie for the label cut and the fancy tag one to back it. My stamp is Hero Arts and I did add some little beads to jazz it up a bit and that's that.
Well happy weekend fellow stampers. Nothing on the horizon but I guess a good movie will do and some peace and quiet. Who am I kidding...that's the story of my old life, I really need some fun and games to spice up the action around here. Yesterday at the coffee shop the manager offered up her 60 year old father and when I told her he was a bit too young she spewed coffee out. She was agast when I told her I was an old lady and she said ....what he don't know won't hurt him. Well I'll give that a bit of thought and maybe just jump in. Smiles to all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Timeless Tuesday...Wednesday

Well can you beat that...late again but what's a girl to do when she has running around to get done? But better late then never so here's my Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes. The challenge called for using something that was just laying around waiting to be used ( sounds like me now doesn't it?). I had this sheet of Crafty Secrets Cotton Scraps like forever now and decided that now is the hour...that's an old song...Now is the hour when we must say goodbye, remember that? Well that makes you pretty old as I think that was an old WWII song. Well what I did here was super simple cause I am super simple myself , I just took my scrap showing this sweet little robin who is humming along cause he doesn't know the words to the song and some sweet pansies and used my Nestie cut label #4 and double cut it so I could mat a bit of green to make it pop a bit. Used my MS punch for lacy edge and some polka dotted ribbon to bring some color. My little phrase is from Flourishes tag a line and cut with the Nestie label cut. Added a bit of bling and I'm done.
Well hope your week is going well. I'm having a bit of a problem with a leg of mine and have been confined to wearing a support hose....Sexy huh...NOT!!! But it helps and I will get some surgery for a vein situation asap. Crap getting old is a real bugger.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Challenge ...use chipboard

Well today's challenge ( yep, I did say's that for being on time???) at notimetostamp
is to use chipboard on your card. I had these little ditties from Michael's $1 like one dollar makes you holler bin and decided, what a stroke of luck to get to use them. I don't normally go with chipboard but hey I need to cooperate once in awhile so I played. Just used some as you can see black and white polka dotted paper, along with some polka dotted ribbon, a circle Nestie, some flower chips, and a little phrase from Flourishes tag a line and there you have it. Done in a snap.

So today is eat fish day since it's Good Friday and of course that's no big to do as I happen to like a good fish dinner. I picked up some walleye and plan a feast for my din-din tonight. Perhaps I'll even have a glass of Pinot Grigio along with it since fish calls for a good white wine. Hopefully I won't get sloshed and have to go to bed right after dinner but I will try and restrain myself. Happy Easter to you all and I hope the hoppity guy brings you tons of chocolate eggs and bunnies etc. See you next week.