Monday, January 31, 2011

First Pictures of the Homestead....

Well I'm finally able to start the slide show that you have all been waiting with baited breath for. So here goes...first up is my "guest" family room which is in the lower level of my wonderful new home. Bottom picture is a bit blury cause the furniture is a Merlot colored suede and for us "wino's" the picture should be taken BEFORE the drinking commenses. Love the color of that wine type red couch and love seat. As you can see my tables are a stunning black as is my lamp, and clock. My carpet is a soft white-beige...don't know for how long it will be that color but it starts out looking loverly.
I have missed all my great blogging friends and I will get back to posting more regularly now. I won't show the whole house in one post but tease you a bit each stayed tuned. Also I have to tell you that I am looking for some response to my Valentine drive. Where are you all???If you can even send in 5 it would help make the kids day so very special. Please try and help out and those that do make some and send them and let me know how many and when you send them, I will put you on the list for a blog candy surprise. HELP THE KIDS !!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Hi all... Julie here (DD) for Miss Pat.. a.k.a. The Rubber Maid. She wanted all her "fans" to know that she is alive, breathing and doing quite well! She is still unpacking and still needs to set up her computer but promises to be back on line and back in the blogosphere sometime very soon!! We are going shopping to make her house a home and once we get it all together, she wants to post some pictures of her new abode here. Take my word for it though -- it's just darling and way to cozy for words. I might just move in! HA! So, leave her some love on this post and let her know that you miss her. She would love to hear how all you are doing!