Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Timeless Tuesday....uses more then one set

Use more then one set...it's Timeless Tusday at Flourishes. This was a fun challenge and after rummaging through my sets I came up with a plan or sort of anyway. My branch which is almost invisible unless you click to enlarge is done in a shadow sage and is from the set called Humming along...my favorite little bird the humming bird. The butterfly which I set on 2 die cut circles from Spellbinders is from the Clematis set and lastly the word friend comes from the Gerber Daisies set. I think I should have used a brighter color on this card and it may have ended up to be a bit more showy but I didn't so it is what it is. Hope your week is off to a great start. This is my week for Hospice training and I'm really looking forward to starting that service...I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...mask it

Well today Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes says to "mask" it. Does that mean I'm supposed to put on a mask and act like the Lone Ranger???Probably not so I'll get down to business and play the game. I used the beautiful set Hello Hyacith which makes me feel like Easter is fast approaching,and I always treat myself to a pot of this beautiful smelling flower. Save the bulbs and plant them for next spring..I do don't you? I stamped this in a soft gray ( or grey if you prefer), so it would stay as soft looking as possible since I planned to color it softly with my water colored pencils. Love the phrase and hope we all follow that hint. Love my ribbon which I purchased at Mike's place and bought several rolls so I had it. Well happy week fellow stampers. We are having some snow today but it's not sticking and collecting other then on the grass...or since I don't have any of that yet I should say mud.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anything but a card....IO's challenge

Above is the Before

Well today's challenge for Impression Obsession is having you do "anything but a card". Found my anything in the "cheaper then cheap" aisle at Mike's place. A pack of 8 coasters to work with. So I got out the die cuts by Spellbinders and did a bit of die cutting and then got to work stamping. Used IO's set Life and FlowersCL-250 for all the phrase work and some other leafy type stamps I dug out of DD's hoard. Used some smeared colors and just tried to match the ink to the color so it would show but not be too over-bearing. After all the coasters were done I put several coats of Modge Podge on so they can actually be used. Easy little project and usable. Hope you week is going well and you all have a Happy Weekend. Happy St. Paddy's Day to all of you Irish people out there and don't forget to have a green beer for me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How about a coffee???

Well last night a friend had a SU party and we did this card which is supposed to mimic a cup of coffee you might buy at good old Starbucks or the local coffee place. Cute card with all SU product. Thought the dotted part was cute for the foam on a double Capachino ( or however you spell it) my favorite coffee drink...decaf with skim milk foam of course. So there you have it.
Remember I told you I went to get my liscence plate mounted on the front of my car. Well we were leaving the dealership when this super handsome "cowboy" tipped his hat to me and out of my stupid mouth flew the word...Howdy! I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing super hard but I know I probably turned beet red. Yikes I just can't get used to these adorable guys in that special hat. Wahoo!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's the Cherries...for challenge

Well Flourishes put up a challenge for some sort of fancy edging or scallops or something...can't remember what I read but know I needed to make my card "edgy". I chose a stamp from the set called Peaches & Cherries. Love the phrase on the card as it's so true. Since making my move I found that my BFF Lindy and I can grow separately but will not grow apart. She's the best! This was a simple card with just choosing the cute circle cuts from Spellbinder along with some cute polka dotted paper, a SU edge punch and just the smallest part of the cherry bunch. Did a bit of coloring and fought with my "bow easy" ( you kidding me???) can't remember how it works bow maker and voila I'm done. It's the pits when you can't remember how to use a snazzy little bow maker but DD helped me remember so we're good to go.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Weather here in Montana is spring like and so enjoyable.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...stitch it up...

Well just a bit overdue again for Timeless Tuesday happening on a Tuesday but that's Ok isn't it??
Of course it is cause I said so. This week you are to stitch it either real or faux..kind of like friend or foe but I chose to go with the friendly kind and DD did a zig-zag for me because my machine is not set up yet. Could have done the foe or faux and just draw on some stitches but went all out and had DD do it for me. This is done with the Poppy set from Flourishes and a set that I have used over and over again as it's just so nice. My BG is from a pad by Autumn Leaves called Pretty Poppies. Just did a bit of coloring after stamping and then put it on a few mats and slapped on the glue along with a little phrase from Flourishes ( forgot the name and am too lazy to check ). Put on some little blingers and I'm ready for a good night's sleep.
Have to take my car down the road into a little village called Laurel to have a bracket put on the front end since here in Montana you need to show off your liscence plate both front and back. Always something isn't it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blue skies smiling at me...

There is a challenge at Impression Obsession ( started yesterday) and you are to use the color blue with one of their stamps. I chose this lovely garden type bench with the sweet Easter bunny( Alesa Baker's Wire Garden Bench) and decided to stamp in Adirondack's denim blue . Rather then really color my image I chose to take my faithful blender and just pull a bit of the ink to add highlights to different areas. My BG is from a pad of Making Memories which is double sided so you can surely match your colors. To add a bit of pizazz I added a "bow easy" satin ribbon bow and some bling. Always need a bit of bling to finish it off. And speaking of finishing it off...that's what I'm doing with my "Sheen" personality. I say enough of it already. How can a drug/alcoholic celebrity stay in the spot light so long??? He needs to go and stay in rehab and clean up his act. Sermon over Charlie! So have a fun filled weekend fellow bloggers. Spend some time doing some fun things with your family.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Timeless Thursday...late again

Well I'm late as usual for the challenge but I've been having a head problem....stuffy and not clear thinking. Then I thought to myself, what would Charlie do??? Have a "Sheen" moment and remember how great life is and how wonderful I am and get on with it. So with that said I decided to make a card which is green even though it's not St. Paddy green and join in the Tuesday challenge for Flourishes. I love my papers, both the dots and stripes so I'm using a lime green and pretending I'm a bit sickly green and moving on. This is from the set Clematis & Butterflies and I know your thinking...whoever saw a green Clematis and I agree but so what! Just stamped and colored a bit and then slapped it all together like I always do and took a picture and I'm done. I am going to stick my head under a towel with some steamy water blasting in my face and see if I can clear myself out a bit. Happy week everyone, take care and be sure to file your income tax quickly if you get a refund so you get the money before there is none to give. YIKES!