Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...old new borrowed blue bling

Well today at Timeless Tuesday it's old, new, borrowed blue and bling. Sounds like a wedding revisit doesn't it with all that jazz. Hey well I'm Old,
what's new?... the stamp set and it's also borrowed from Julie's stash, the card is blue and I added some stones for the bling. Easy card with just doing a bit of paper piecing and adding the bling and you are done! This is a de"light"ful set that is easy to use and will come in handy when I'm doing my cards for the kids at the hospital. This picture is a bit fuzzy but I thought it was just because my glasses were dirty...sorry but it stays.
If you're wondering about the weekend get away, well the Flourishes senior design team had a get together in Big Sky MT. and it was a joy to see the happiness and love they shared for one another. DD has a really great bunch of women to create with and they are a loving & fun bunch to boot. I was able to witness some really true friendship among these ladies who met through the internet which when you think about it is...amazing. I'm sure Julie has some great pictures on her face book page. Talk again soon.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...keep it flat

Today at Timeless Tuesday it's Christmas in July and we have to make it a flat card with nothing sticking up...reminds me of my bosom. Marilyn Monroe I'm not. It's always a challenge to make a card and keep it simple but I gave it a whirl. Used a very old stamp ( showed it dated back to 2007-8) but some oldies are goodies and this is one of them. What more can you say but rejoice when it comes to Christmas. Made it very simple by just embossing the phrase with gold on gold and then just colored a bit with my markers. Did a side embossing to give a little fussy to it and after just matting the whole kit and caboodle I'm done here. 
Hope all is well with all of you. Heading to the resort for the weekend to meet up with some of the finest crafty ladies from Flourishes. Wahoo! Looking forward to meeting... well it's a secret but I'll let you know next week how we all met and had a great time. Till then...happy stamping good buddies.  


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...make it mini

Well TT is to make it mini...small 3x3 cards which are perfect for a gift card or a sweet "hello" to a friend. I chose 3 fruits cause let's face it I'm pretty fruity and so are most of my friends and I just love it like that. I did a naughty thing and cut one of the pears from it's trio of mates and used it that way. The other too fruity guys are single and not married to others like the pear was. These types of cards are easy peasy and I hope so pleasy. Simple work with just stamping, color with water colored pencils,adhering some background paper mats, a bit of ribbon and a small Spellbinder's circle.  Slap together and fini.
Was hotter then blue blazes ( whatever that means) here and today is cloudy and much cooler for which we are all totally happy with.
Have a great week fellow stampers and talk again soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Timeless Tuesday...make it clear

Well here are two shots of my "making it clear" with acetate. In the top photo you can see my card and in the one below shows my circle of the clear product. Hard to photo when you're not the "clearest in the mind" kind of person. Well let's just say...I tried. Used the cone flower set and did just a bit of light coloring on the image. Found some nice purple paper and went to town. Add some glitzies and a simple chiffon knot and I'm done. Hope you are all well. It's beastly hot here today and after just 1 1/2 hours at the pool I decided I was risking heat stroke and came on home. Miss the family but they are having a wonderful time on their trip to California. Take care one and all.