Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timeless Tuesday ...Sketch

Well today at TT over at Flourishes the challenge is a sketch one. I don't think I did it justice but I did try. I used an oldie but goodie for a Valentine card..the set is Angelic Love and a simple set that is very versatile. Easy stamp, color and slap it all together. Used my embossing folder to make up some dotted swiss bg and then just put it on a red card stock with a circle die to put my little cherub on. Made a  bow with the Bow Easy and I am done. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm still a bit under the weather with this pneumonia stuff but I'm heading to my beddie bye for a nap and hope to wake a bit refreshed. Happy stamping fellow bloggers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

More Valentines for the Children

Well I've been under the weather & because I've been confined to my home I decided to make more Valentines for the kids. These are very simple yet suitable for maybe some teen girls. Used IO's older Valentine set and the phrase is Flourishes. Hope to send off another 25 or so. I sent in 280 today and will keep on this until the very end. Thanks to those that have been supportive in this drive. You are appreciated.
Guess what??? My BFF Lindy went to lunch the other day with some ladies she used to work with and one is a stamper/card maker. Lindy said too bad Pat moved to Montana as you two would have gotten along great. Well her friend said.. is that Pat Adam who's daughter is Julie Koerber? Yep...what a small world this is. My BFF's friend is Rama Ready who subscribes to our blogs. Can't believe it but it's true. Hi Rama...glad you came by.
Take care fellow bloggers and happy weekend. I'm sitting by the fireside reading and just taking it easy. Have pneumonia ( or however it's spelled) and not feeling all that great. Taking a toll on this old lady but hopefully soon I'll be able to get out and about.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My ATC size Valentines for Children's Hospital

I did these ATC size Valentines for Children's Hospital big day ....these are easy once you get everything cut and colored. It can be done in a production line . Hope you will consider offering up some cards for the kids and thanks to those who have already promised and are coming through for this .

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Timeless Tuesday ....get inspired

Well it's time for Timeless Tuesday and Tammy has asked us to get inspired by this funky topirary picture. Wow is all I can say...crazy isn't it and certainly very challenging. I see the bright colors of pinks and oranges so that's what I went with. I need my hair touched up and it looks about as funky as this free for all curly ribbon mess. It's a crapper getting old and seeing all the gray and different colors on your head and trying to make it look even half way decent...but I do try every now and then. ANYHOW ! I took out the set called Hearts & Flowers and decided to make a sort of Valentinesie card. My base is white then the orange, then bright pink, and lastly the Valentine type paper. Used 2 circle dies from Spellbinders and added some bright pink and orange ribbon and I'm fini. Easy card and it does fit the challenge I hope.
Weather here is still Ok ...in the 50's today but they are predicting a cool down tonight and well since it is winter time I guess we have to expect that. I'm content just sitting by the fireplace reading a good book. I'm just starting The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. Heard all sorts of reviews on it but will wait and judge on my own. Happy week fellow stampers. Hope it's a good one for you all and if you get any time to join in the Valentine drive I would love to have you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...Tri-Fold

OK so here's the deal...My pictures are not all that great BUT I did participate in TT's challenge to make a tri-fold card. The bottom of course is my finished card tied the folds together....wish I could tie my own folds aka wrinkles that easily as I'm sure we all wished the same. Anyway this is done with the new pear set from Flourishes and I did some research on pears and boy there are a lot of varieties of this lovely funny shaped fruit. Pears offer a great source of fiber and potassium ( or however you spell that ), so they are a healthy fruit to gobble up. I'm not big on eating all pears but do like some of the soft and juicy ones as I'm sure many of you do. Simple card using my water colored pencils as always and just cutting a die and slapping everything together.
Weather here is so mild it's crazy but enjoyable. In the 50's today and we may even hit the 60's tomorrow. Who said we are not in a global warming is a bit nutsy coo-coo...but that's just my opinion. Hope you are all off to a good week. I'm exhausted from dismanteling all my Christmas decos...took me over 4 hours yesterday but it's all packed away for another year. Happy week everyone and before I go I hope you will all consider starting your cards for the Valentine's drive. I'll keep you posted but it's going to start...ready, set, stamp.