Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...color challenge

Well it's Timeless Tuesday over at Flourishes and today's challenge comes from that Canadian power house Cindy who said..let's use cranberry, caramel, dark grey (a.k.a. gray) or dark brown. Well hey who doesn't love cranberries and caramel (syrup all over a heaping bowl of ice-cream)? I don't think that was what she had in mind!

I thought this would be a hard one but put the feeble mind and body in action and found out it wasn't so bad after all. My card base is using the dark brown and my buddy Mike provided me with the BG paper which I found in my stash. Do you see the cranberry colored writing on it? Perfect. I chose the set "What a Catch", which is wonderful for Father's Day cards. I picked out the bag ( not my cup of tea as I prefer leather). This is the one that houses those pretend flies etc. Used my faithful water colored pencils and a blender and went to work doing my thing which is coloring..love that being a kid part. My small background mat is cranberry, next is the caramel one which is embossed and sanded a bit to make it more manly, then did a dark brown mat with my Spellbinder Labels Three die and then my image, which I also die-cutted..is that a word?? To finish it off I did a bit of sponging with one of those old antique inks, slapped it all together and I'm almost done. For my final touch, I put on some gold nail heads and I'm done here.

So since most men think they are all that and a bag of chips the phrase was perfect. Haven't heard that here in Montana but it was a popular one back in the big D (Detroit area) and was used in a most happy fashion. Well fellow bloggers here's hoping your week is "fly". It's sunny today and wow no rain. See you soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...bag or box..I'll choose box

Well fellow stampers today at Flourishes it's time for the Timeless Tuesday challenge and Miss Dee says do a bag or box and make it your own. Well since I've got the being a bag down pat I decided to get out of the box and decorate one.

As you can see I used a Macy's box which is not from here in cowtown but from my former abode in Michigan. DD came over to direct me in the making of a box but as fate would have it...she just took it upon herself to do it. I guess you can't teach an old bag new tricks and it's easier to just do it for the old broad. Well this box is to house a gift for my DGD Elizabeth who is making her First Holy Communion this Thursday evening. She loves pink so what better then these gorgous blossoms from the Cherry Blossoms set. Stamp, use die, and then do some paper tole which I have done for so many years. Back in the day we did the dimension by using silica gel to raise the image ( probably why I'm so doped up to this day) but in this case I used some little foam raise me uppers. Classy, soft, and sweet just like dear Ellie. The lovely pink satin ribbon sets off the image and of course needed a bow...done with the Bow Easy which makes making a bow pretty darn easy. Guess that's why it's called the "Bow Easy".

All done fellow stampers and friends. Raining and pouring and the old man is snoring...oh that's wrong now but it is raining and they came and took my door off so they can paint it and return it as ordered. Should be back in a day or so then I'll finally be able to take a picture. Happy week fellow bloggers and see you soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...toporary or something like that

Well Timeless Tuesday was to use the picture above as your inspiration... I am a little "light headed" as I got my hair cut yesterday so being the lame brain that I am I just used the lemon tree from the lemon set and made a ... yep you guessed it my own take on the toperary ( dang that's a hard one to spell). I got frisky and used a punch to make my little flowers and added a bit of blingers for pizazz. Very simple card as my paper takes front and center. It's from a pad of K & Company purchased from my buddy Michael. Very little work..well there is a lot of work if you're like me with old hands that don't work too well with small objects like the punched out flowers and the blingy things. Stamp, color, make a bow, use the die cuts and there you have it. Happy week fellow bloggers.
Still waiting for my front door to be painted and then it will be picture time. DD put my flowers in the flower box which is just below my bedroom window and gosh it looks so cute all filled with bright pink. You'll see it soon I promise.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...Anything goes

In olden days a show of stockings was looked upon as something shocking now heaven knows...anything goes. Well ain't that the truth! Now it's how much can you show cause anything goes. Oh my what have we come to??? So with that in mind I am doing my "anything goes" with Flourishes calendar set using the rose which is a June flower and I said so what if I'm a month early cause this is an anything goes challenge. Just used some perky papers from a pack from K & Company and got out my Spellbinders die cuts and then stamped my rose and used my water colored pencils, added some ric-rac and a bright colored button. My birthday stamp is from the flag set and I just did a bit of curvature and viola I'm fini. Dig the French??
Hope you all had a fab Mother's Day. I was super surprised by DD with tickets to are you ready for this....Sugarland. I love this group and know it will be a blast as DD, myself, and my spunky GD Ellie are having a girl's nite out. Dinner (and of course I'll sneek in a Dirty Martini) and then the concert. Sounds like so much fun. Have a great week fellow bloggers. See you soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms

Want to wish all you Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. I was pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous flower delivery on Thursday nite. My niece Punkin ( her real name is Patricia after me) sent them to me for Mom's Day. She always has thought of me as her Mom and our realtionship has been very close and still is. Love the beauty and smell of this beautiful bouquet. Hope you all have a great day with your family, friends or whoever is special in your life. DD has invited me to dinner which means I don't have to cook or do clean-up.....Yeah!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Timeless Tuesday...card for a child

It's time for Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and the challenge is to do a card/project for a young person. Well I don't have any stamps that say "use me" for a kiddo so I went to the stash and found the flag/banner set and decided with some cute BG I would be able to pull it off. Well at least I would try and pull it off.I looked through my designer papers and found this perky stuff and thought it would work with the banner of posies if I colored it correctly and so that's what I did. Added some glitz cause all kids love anything blingy and to top it off or in this case to bottom it off I colored some of those I forget what you call them flowers to match the paper and add a button with some ( not twine) but dental floss to pretend it's sewn on. And there you have it friends and bloggers...fini!
Guess what??? They painted my house and it looks awesome. Soft sage and a lighter sage for accent and ivory for the trim. They haven't done the door yet but as soon as it's painted ( sort of wine or plum) I will post some pictures. Have a great week.