Thursday, October 28, 2010

Windows are in....Yeah !

Well the windows are in and it's really progressing nicely. Do you see the slope of the roof?? It looks like a challet and I'm going to look into having a tow rope installed so I can run my own ski lodge. The loft will serve as a warming spot where you can stop for a mug of mulled wine. So do you think cowboys wear high heeled ski boots??? That makes me really wonder if they do or not. I suppose I'll have to ask permission to run a ski resort in the neighborhood but hey it never hurts to try something new now does it! Just kidding but it would be a neat idea for an old broad to run her own business out of her house now wouldn't it! The contractors started another house around the same time as mine and tonight we saw it all lit up with the lights in and everything so hey maybe I'm next. I'll be in before you know it and you are all invited to come and see it in person and of course be sure to be hospitable and bring a dish to pass and your own drink. How fun that will be for all of us. Talk soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Timeless Tuesday Wednesday

Yep, I know I did it again with the lousy photography BUT I'm still trying to find the right lighting and DD is busy with her magazine work so I don't want to bother her. The challenge this week is to do a card with no buttons and bows which is not a big problem for me cause I'm not really big on buttons and I can do or not do with the bows. I had this Martha punch of a spider web and decided I'd better get it in use or forget about it as you know Halloween is this Sunday.
Are you going trick or treating??? I bought so much candy to pass out I'm sure before Sunday roles in I will have gained a few pounds and forget getting dressed up to try and fool the neighbors into thinking I'm just an oversized kid yelling for candy etc. Anyway this is a Halloween set that Flourishes put out new this year and I stole a few of the stamps from the
DD to use and make a card. Easy as all get out as I just stamped, colored, blended a bit, used some glitter and a bit of chalk and done.

Going to the home site tonight to take some up to date pictures as they have installed my windows. My darling G-son told me once the home was closed up I could move on in....I think he was just kidding but with teens you just never know. Hope your week is going well and I'll be back with my new photos sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A house is not a home ....just yet!

Well it's starting to look like a real house. This is the front of my "cottage" style home.

A peek from the side of the little place.

Love all the wooden frame work so had to take a picture.

This was the way it looked on Tuesday and the top picture was how they had progressed today on
Weds. The guys are really slow as they take a couple hour break for lunch and I guess tea time or just pass the gas time ....who knows BUT the electrician came out today and was not happy with their tooting around and so they got a bit more work done. Have a few issues I need to get straightened out such as my master bathroom shower area but I will get on it and see that it is done right. It's coming....Yeah!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Timeless Tuesday for Flourishes

Well today is Timeless Tuesday and the adorable Maki from the DT is challenging us to use a phrase as our focal point. I took a short cut ( mainly because I was in that kind of mood today) had my hair cut and although I think I look like Peppermint Patty, DD and SIL like it. My little Granddaughter 's comment was ...why the poofy look? Crapola, I guess I just can't win in the cutting department. Anyway I did a short cut with this card as it was so easy. Grab a nice phrase from Flourishes, stamp it down and do a bit of a punch out ( maybe I'll punch out anyone who makes fun of my haircut), do a oval scallop to glue it to, add some sweet lavender blingers, a strip of purple along with some white and then my SU edge punch to make a scalloped piece in the green and voila... I'm done. The BG is from Paper Studio and my buddy Mike had it on sale at a cheap price so I grabbed it up.

My house is in slow progress but I'm walking down tonight and grab some photos to share. Have a fun week fellow stampers.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for Timeless Tuesday

Yes I am still trying to use my new camera to take good pictures and with no great success as yet. DD has a light she uses and I have tried it but without doing a good job. I get shadows etc. so I guess for now I'll just deal with it. This is a phrase from one of the Flourishes sets I think it's called Lines. Many nice phrases but this one is really me....don't you agree? After all I am of nature in a sense ( well maybe not too much sense) and I am something of the marvelous so there you see, it's me! The paper from my old friend Mike's place and I can't tell you the company who made it's not a secret but I apparently cut the piece I used and the rest of the sheet has no name so I'm thinking it's glued down on the card. Pretty BG so if you want some check with Mike and he may be able to clue you in. I used some rust colored ink for my phrase and have to admit I did a lousy job on my distressing...quite distressing to me but I really did try. Added some matching ribbon and a few blingers and I felt exhausted and decided to quit. Hope your week is off to a good start. Mine is better then last week when I ended up in the ER with DD sitting next to my bed for almost 5 hours. I think it was food poisoning but the doctor really didn't know so he hooked me up to an IV for pain and the puking and after some time of being out of it he unhooked me and sent me home to bed with pills. I was not up to par for a few days but am much improved. See you soon fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Timeless Tuesday

Well the sweet Canadian Cindy is doing Flourishes challenge today and it's a sketch one and I love those kind. Personally I have a lot of difficulty deciding when it comes to card making just how to set it up so this is my cup of tea...or in this case, apple cider. I used Flourishes new apple set to make this one and it was a simple card thanks to Cindy's sketch. Made my circles with my Spellbinder's circle and scalloped circle, made up some dotted swiss BG with my Cuttlebug folder and some scallops for the bottom from DD's stash of Flourishes scallops. Used my water colored pencils and just easily slapped it all together and added some twine and a matching button. Done! Hope your week is off to a good start.
I got myself a personal trainer at the gym...his name is Rory and he's a super beefed up dude. He's going to work on me...well not on me but with me starting this Friday. My body is in agony from the workout I did yesterday on all those crazy machines but I will keep at it so it learns to take it like a man. I lost another 5lbs. and am determined to get myself in good shape. Still no cowboy but what the heck life is what it is and I really can't complain. Talk soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Update...floors are poured and drying

The floors are poured and will be dry by tomorrow ( Monday) and they are going to start the framing on Tuesday. The plumbing pipes are in place and so the next step is the gyprock and framing. Not sure if that's gyprock or jip ( which I hope I'm not being jipped) rock. It is moving right along and I still haven't found my cowboy. Well dang I guess I'm on my own on this one.
Have to tell you we had a fun weekend starting with my grandson Cal winning his football game and WOW his team is 4-0...pretty dang good team I'd say. Partied into the evening as DD's in-laws are leaving to winter in Arizona and we all had to say good bye. Today was a SU camp and everything was Halloween and it was fun. So I'll talk to you next week.