Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Timeless Tuesday ...checks or houndstooth

TT at Flourishes ask us to use checks or houndstooth.....what the heck is houndstooth you ask??
Well I think that's a mighty strange name for a check BUT that's what it's called so I decided to go with it. It was a wool patterned material used for "peg skirts" back in the day ( like the 50's and 60's) the tight hip hugging type that came below the knee and had a slit up the back about 2-3 inches.  We thought they were mighty sexy back then. Anyway I used this Mae West image from Glamour Girls and my bg is the hounds tooth pattern. She's a bit smudged because my cardstock didn't want to co-operate when I went to blend but I said oh well and just went with it. As we get older that's more the way of life...we accept what happens and move on.
Cold here only in the 20's this a.m. and we just finished up with snow. Hope it's better tomorrow for the Halloween tricksters. Happy Halloween fellow witchy poos.


Helen said...

Oh Yes, Pat, I remember those skirts! We were ALL "Glamour Girls" back then, weren't we? I love your gorgeous lady and that striking black, white and red colour scheme.

Broni said...

Beautifully done, Pat! I love the big, bold houndstooth!! Thanks for playing along in the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday challenge!

Katie Sims said...

I always love reading your entertaining posts, Pat! Love the houndstooth pattern and your sassy Glamour Girl! So glad you could play along with us this week at Flourishes for our Timeless Tuesday Challenge! :)

Anonymous said...

Pat, May your westerly winds be light and breezy today! Ha! Nice Mae West! Good houndstooth bg to set off the framed hat red, black and white, always striking. Now, about those winds, are you keeping your hat tightly bowed?!! Wowzers! It hit here and continued with fierce intent over eighteen hours. Believe it or not, not all trees are leaf cleaned! More job security for leaf raking crews or lawn tractors turned leaf vacuums!
Your dot gal previous entry is such a nifty looker with half veil and jazzy dots. Ah, to have those days of good clean clothes, pressed and ready for a busy day.
Great card!
Keep Looking UP! mt23stamperaahodc