Friday, February 15, 2013


After using a drawing type method my winner for the Valentine Drive donors is Patti Moffitt. Thanks for those that participated in this wonderful cause...a great day was had back at the hospital and your efforts were greatly appreciated. Patti will win my blog candy and if she will send her address to me @ I will see that her goodies are sent to her.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Patti! Congrats! Such fun making mail to each patient so important in a lovely creative way on a day many have been less than recognized! Now, Thank You! to Pat and each of you for touching so many lives with uplifting messages and beautiful, fun, age appropriate papercrafting contributed to all of 'our' CARDS4KIDS blessing others 2013. Hats off to you, Pat and Julie, this is a grand year to be in the helping mix you have so dedicatedly continued for the children. How I enjoy being able to have children help in card assembly! A second generation interested in others is a good good thing! Keep Looking UP!