Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cards Plus...some Wow factors

When I received their great cards for the program these sweet ladies also sent a card and a note
pad. Thanks to Mary Schreiber for the sweet Valentine card on the left, the adorable notepad
along with tons of cards came from Kathy English, and the cutie patootie on the right comes from Lila Holgate. They are all just wonderful surprises and I thank you all so much.
Maxine's thought for the day....In winter keep a set of chains in your car because you never know when you'll need to make a citizen's arrest. She has all the answers...love that crazy lady.


Hope said...

Wow, Beautiful cards, pat! Hope everything is going well for you.

Scrapping Donna said...

Hi Pat,

I have mailed off my cards to you and you should get them next week!

Glad to hear everyone is getting involved!!

mochamama said...

Awesome cards!

Anonymous said...

Been out of circulation for some days and look at the fun you have been experiencing. Yipee! Sharing creativity is a good thing. That jazzy notepad will be mighty busy journaling your joyful occasions as Cards4Kids impacted so many people in distant places for good, heartwarming uplifts near your place.
The mail carrier certainly will be curious. Keep Looking Up!

Shirley said...

It's such an exciting time for the Cards4Kids program. I almost want to see every one of them. Lucky you and wonderful you too!