Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cards 4 Kids Update

I have received over 300 e-mails from those wanting to join in on this project and I am so grateful; however, if you leave a comment and there is no e-mail on your sight I am unable to give you my address as to where to send the cards. Please contact me at
and I will answer your e-mail with my address. Thanks so much to you all. Pat
Blog candy on my sight and also and the newest addition is Regina Easter at and Regina is offering a complete Valentine printables set that she explains on her sight. Wow, these ladies are wonderful.


Heather in FL said...

I'll be sending you 12 cards tomorrow. Someone from my JustCards Yahoo group contacted you and posted your mailing address to the group, but I wanted to let you know they'll be on their way! I hope the kids like them. I hope to get more done, but wanted to at least get these to you!

twinkle teaches said...

I'm in. :) My email addy is on my profile (click name).
Thank you so much!!!! I cannot wait to send! :)

Jules said...

How nice of you Pat to do this. I have your address I will let you know when I send them.

paperscissorsink said...

Got your address, thank you, I will work on some today. You have a Fabulous blog, so I would like to pass on an award, please visit my blog for the photo. Thank you for all you do, shirley

Anonymous said...

I mailed 12 cards to you.. It will take about 2 weeks to get there as I'm sending them from S Paulo, Brazil. Congratulations on your gesture! It's amazing what you are doing for the kids!
Viviane Casale
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rebecca Ednie said...

Any chance you could put all of the candy offers and their deadlines and links in one post? Pretty please?

Rebecca Ednie said...

81 cards are in the mail to you. they are all general or thank you cards because I don't celebrate valentines day for religious reasons. Even slow mail from Canada, they should get there in time.

Debbie H said...

30 Valentine's day cards going postal on Monday, I really enjoyed making these cards!

Deb H