Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cards 4 Kids Update

Well as some of you know I have left the Michigan area but my heart is still holding on strongly to my Cards 4 Kids program. This is a program I started over 2 years ago for the children at
Children's Hospital of Michigan and a program that not only did I hold dear to my heart but one many of you out there also did. In the past you have sent me cards to gather and then take down into Detroit to be delivered to the hospital. I guess now that I'm gone you think is the program. Not true. If there is anyone out there that lives in the Detroit area that would be willing and able to take on this project I guess I'd have to are an angel and I would be so indebted to you as would the hospital and all the kids. I am presently making cards and altering journals to mail and will continue to do so and so can you. The director in charge is willing to have you mail your cards and or journals directly to her so the program still continues. So until someone is found to take over this program I would ask you to mail cards to...
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Attn: Deanna Scanlon
Child Life Project Specialist
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, MI. 48201
We can all make a difference in a sick child's life by sending them these cards for birthdays, holidays, etc. Remember do not send get well soon cards as some of these children will not be getting well at all. The hospital also needs sympathy cards, thank you cards and thinking of you cards. If you decide to do Christmas cards they must be non religious cards but rather a cute card of Santa Claus or a snowman etc. There are all types of religious kids in the hospital so we do not make them as Christian cards. Thanks for all your help in the past and I hope someone out there is willing to take on this job. The first Valentine's Day drive I collected over 6,000 cards so I know you all care. Please keep up on this and thank you for your participation in the past and in the future to come.


marilynwillauer said...

Thank you for this post. . . I too have wondered if you were still going to do this since your move. . . .I will continue to plan my valentines cards and mail them off in time!!! You are a Blessed person for such a caring project you took on.
May you continue to be Blessed throughout your life.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pat, this message was just in time to clear up some wonderings in conversation regarding CARDS4KiDS with past contributors from this Central Montana area and northern Seattle area. Now that the white stuff has hit the deck, so should some cards for kids! Ha! I'm watching NEXRAD to be smarter to this storm front. Need to go stampin' tonight north of here forty-five miles so storm trackin' is in order this morning and through the day. Hope your house doors and heating system are helping those drywallers to be smoothly effective. DS and DIL new home about your home's stage is begging for doors so drywallers may tape those naughsty joints and round corners. Fun to see your homes close in progress though hours apart in distance. Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pat, kudos on DD's latest issue Yellowstone Valley Woman! Some fine work. Always a treat to pick up an issue, share with a walk along friend and grin over Jule's lovely presentations. Of course, a dish from the rubbermaid herself! Big Sky HI

Belas Creating Place said...

Hi Pat...I am so glad you are feeling the warmth of the giving to the kids. I love doing it so much. I would like to donate some card to Detroit too. I will mail them out. I have a little contest going on on my blog for HSC The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto. As you know I do this every year. Now that I am working I dont' have a lot of time but I am making time to get some cards out so making five for your cause is on my agenda. If you like to join in on my Kards for Kids ... Christmas Roll Call..pls. let me know....5 cards simple, use some scraps and you can enter to win some High Hopes stamps. All the best and I love your cards.

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