Saturday, November 27, 2010

Card for kids Bela's

Well my buddy Bela who lives in Canada asked me if I would contribute to her program for the Children's Hospital there in Canada...Toronto I think. How can you turn down such a request???
You can't, so I whipped up some cards to forward to her and this is one of them. Easy card with a bit of coloring which I love to do anyway. She has a drive going to get some cards for the Christmas season so visit her site and jump in and help. Hope your Thanksgiving was a real humdinger. Lots of turkey and pumpkin pie with tons of whipped cream. We did like the pilgrims did and "gobbled" it down with such a sense of WOW! See you soon and visit Bela's place by clicking here.


Our Little Inspirations said...

Bless your heart - you never let the kids down when it comes to making and sending cards! This one is really pretty! Have a super weekend!


Any little child would love to receive this one! You can just tell this cause has a treasured place in your heart!

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