Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gimme a Break...literally

Well here's the deal, I've been really busy trying to get rid of my junk to get a real estate agent in to put my house on the market. Also as you know, I have had other things going on like the critter who Ofcr. Dave assures me is out of my life. Well I haven't heard any noise in several days now and my law enforcement buddy is keeping a close tab on things. The critter apparently found a way in and found a way out...which doesn't make me happy because my home looks pretty well sealed up to me but anyway the whatever ( Dave...we're on a first name bases now think's it was a squirrel and he feels he is gone)is not my issue anymore. Took me a day to clean out my dining room and move things back to the basement where my craftroom is. So Timeless Tuesday may be Timeless this week and happen on Thursday or Friday. Who knows??? I'm so tired I want to take some of that NiQuil stuff that makes's the stuffy & sneezy makes you so damn dizzy, you just give in and sleep medication. So I'll be back in a few days.I'm using my own telephone technique...not caller ID but ignore it ID. Happy week fellow stampers.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pat, we'll share some rainy daze zzzzs from the lightning and thunderstorm last night causing pull the covers up attitudes when fresh rain air entered through the window opening to greet us while birds chirpped at sunrise. Then, did we sleep! Hope you may have some soon.
Then look out papercrafting! Enjoy the day which ever way.
Keep Looking UP!

mudmaven said...

Feel better soon friend! Glad to hear your visitor has vacated the premises. Hope it stays that way. ~chris

Diane said...

Glad your visitor is gone!
Feel better soon girl!

Our Little Inspirations said...

Aww Pat, I hope you get some much needed rest in the coming days. It sounds like your life is quite busy with planning to move soon! I hope your uninvited guest went adios now that the weather is a bit warmer and hopefully you can sleep peacefully once again. Take care during this "timeless" week :)

Jenny Gropp said...

Ignore it ID! You are too much! Well the critter saga and Dave was entertaining, glad he's gone and you hopefully will get some rest with out the scratching of a critter in the ceiling. We had one a few years ago, drove the cat NUTS!

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