Saturday, May 15, 2010

Critter update!!! Still present...

Well Officer Dave our animal control guy came out yesterday and said not to worry it's probably a squirrel and he'll come back on Monday with a trap. I said...but you don't understand, I'm terrified hearing those noises, it's scary and it makes me nervous. Don't worry he says it's up in the ceiling and can't get you but you will hear the noises. Can't leave a trap over the weekend and I'm thinking you mean I get to have 3 nights with no sleep??? Well the little bugger went to sleep when I did and was apparently lazy cause I didn't hear any noise until around 9 this morning. I told Officer Dave if he rings the bell and there's no answer to just break in and step over my body to get the trap set. What a life. Hey it's Armed Forces Day so if you see a service him a beer.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what? i would have made him leave a trap! how dare he! does he think the rodent goes away for the weekend?????? sure hope he sets one on monday! definitely keep us posted!

Diane said...

Lol! Poor you,he's not nice at all!
He should of set that trap,but it's a good thing that it's a lazy squirrel,at least you'll get some sleep! Have a great weekend Pat!
Tell Chipie to be quiet!

Anonymous said...

Trap chip prior to dale's arrival!
Could be a swing dance day and night!
Another reason exists for rising early, peaceful quiet!
Blessings on your squirrely weekend, Pat.
Keep Looking UP!

denise g. said...

Good Grief! That's a he!!uva birthday present you got yourself. Did the critter follow you home from the party? Sure don't like that you're there all weekend with the intruder. And totally baffled as to why the Animal Control guy didn't have a trap on him. Hope that the furwad is captured SOON and that his method of entry is barred for all other varmits forever.

Julie Koerber said...

Oh mom! I hate to sound like tough love --- you'll be ok!! I agree, Officer Dave should have left the trap but chances are the little guy's not rabid and is just as scared of you as you are of him! Be strong mama, be strong (or, go sleep at Johanna's!)

Our Little Inspirations said...

I hope you survived the night with your uninvited guest occupying the upper floors of your home! I can't believe the guy came out and refused to set a trap right then and there! *sigh*
I hope they soon catch the little stinker for you!

lin_ka1 said...

Pat, I translated what you wrote translator, and almost burst. You have a good fun night, and I for reading. :)

Velta said...

LOL...You should have made him sleep with you at your house...then he would have had to deal with that little fella...oops...sry..did not mean to say "sleep with you" slip of the tongue...We all wanna know the keep us posted you crazy woman you :)

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