Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simple for friend Monday Dec.31st

This is designed to be a plain and simple Valentine that could go to a good friend or a "man" friend. I like to use navy cardstock which my DD Julie cringes at but I did it anyway. Happy 2008 to all my SBS5 sisters.


Julie Koerber said...

Hey! Not fair! I don't cringe at navy cards! I cringe at navy holiday cards! BOOOOOOOOO! :-)

"Jany" said...

Hi! Happy new year from your SBS 5 sister Jany!

I’m commenting this time (after reading your post, of course) to let you know that there is a group for our sisterhood (group 5 only). If you’re already part of it, feel free to ignore this message. If you’re not, please e-mail me so I can have your e-mail address (the one to use for all group related) and add you to the group. It is a Google group but you don’t need a google account to access it, just be a member. My e-mail address is

Hope to hear from you soon!