Monday, June 11, 2012

GS's new RIDE !!! Like WOW!

Well yesterday my GS Cal was gifted his first ride from his parents. I think he loves it. He was dumbfounded when they gave him the keys and told him there was something out front that was his. Needless to say he was shocked and so happy. It's a sweet Dodge Ram pick up and I know he will have many good times in it. Doesn't get his actual driver's licsence for another month or two but how sweet it is.


Glenda said...

The picture of him collapsed over the hood of that machine says it all! How wonderful for him!

Susan (rainy) said...

My DH drove a white pickup in high school. Our older boys had a red pick up in high school. Our youngest drove a green pick up in high school, and he still has it at college. The boys do love their pickups. Just look at him!! LOVE it!!