Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...get sketchy with Ally

Today's TT is a sketch challenge...my favorite as someone else does the layout for me. I chose the Aster little bouquet from the calender set # 3...autumn flowers. It's a wonderful time for me as I love the crispness in the air when the sun goes down and before it comes up all the way. Have a story at the end of this post about the sun so hold your horses and I'll get back to you. In the meantime as I said I opted for some fall like flowers and since they are commonly purplish tones I did a purple toned card all the way. Followed the stekch to a T as it's easier that way. Used the Spellbinder deckled edge die and  a edge punch for the scalloped edge. Nothing much to it just stamp, color, and spit glue it all together..Fini.
So we are at a night time football game for my darling GS on Sat. night and it's getting dark ..so I lied, it was dark and I look off into the distance and I see this glorious sun just sitting in the sky. It's the most beautiful orange red and I am in awe. I turn to DD and say..OMGoodness isn't that the most beautiful sun set you ever saw?? She looks at me and says
Mother you're ready for the home...that's the top of the First Bank Building. She then mega phones it to the crowd. I tell the man next to me...no worry I'm not a native Montanian so no disgrace. He just laughs and says , You're Ok.  Talk about stupid.
Well have a fun week fellow stampers and see you next time. The Crazy lady.


Sewflake said...

That is too funny, ROTFLMBO! And scary too, it sounds like something I would say!!
Do you have a red hat to go with the purple flowers?? LOL When I get old I shall wear............
Couldn't resist.
Your asters are lovely and it hardly feels like fall around here.

Glenda said...

Your posts always make me smile. Love the flowers on your card! Gorgeous!

Allison Cope Israels said...

Sounds like something I would do Pat! :)

Stunning Pat! I love those purple papers. Great colouring on your image. Thanks for playing along with my sketch challenge this week over at Flourishes!

Broni said...

I love the image your chose and all the beautiful purple! Your story is so funny! I would definitely do something like that!