Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...CASE A CARD

Well at TT the challenge is to CASE a card from one of the designers and of course I chose my DD to copy and steal everything but as you can see...mine does not have the beauty and class her's does. This is the Summer Blossoms set and she made it up so soft and sweet and being the crass lady I am I decided to make it up as a bright and not so classy card. Instead of following in her footsteps I used Spellbinder's lable # 14 instead of the oval and changed the whole thing up. My dotted paper is Mind's Eye and I used some bais type ribbon with some ric a rac below which you can't see too well in the pic a ture. Oh well such is life in the country. I went with a bright colored button and some twine because I'm not a refined lady anymore and am showing my bumpkin side now. Annnyway...that's the way the blossoms bloom here and I did my own thing on the copy and steal challenge. I never have figured out what the CASE really stands for so I just say it's copy and steal everything. Happy week fellow bloggers or is it buggers in your neck of the woods??? The grasshoppers are driving me nuts here  as they eat all my plants and make me extremely MAD and I mean worser then usual. Have a happy trails kind of week.


Glenda said...

I don't think you have become a country bumpkin at all! I love the greens and brightness of your card. But your post did make me smile! Have a great weekend and if you want to be a bumpkin, then be one!

Anonymous said...

Oh how the greens bring a smile to a drought laden countryside! Thanks, what a cooling effect the sight of your TT card cased to countryside lush lawn perfection on a dewy morning, orange tea in hand, no stress, relaxing. We need more of these mental images in full living color, as the weatherman just predicted these 90 to 100 degree days through August into much of September. Reminding him of the average hard freeze by mid- September seemed a wee dampening.
Ha! dampen away! eighties would be welcomed. Going green suits you!
Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Did mention of the triple digit temps come to mind after that prognosticator's big hint? Yap! Do the grasshopper sand green stomp with the shade near your oh so pretty purple blossoming plants.
Keep Looking UP!

7toursbd said...

nice great and green.