Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Master Bedroom

There is a little nook in my master bedroom where I put my new " Black Beauty" dresser..right next to my window which has a wonderful window seat. Have to get some fluffy big pillows so I can prop my newly "svelt" body in the window by my darling late husband's cowboy hat. See I do have a cowboy in my life and will have for ever more.
My room is a soft blue tone that is called "Sea Salt" which I think in it's self is a beautiful name. I carried out the black in my coverlet and commplete set except I bought ivory sheets made of that exquisette Egyptian silk which is so luxgerious to lay between. I just realized I used a bunch of uppity words that I don't even know how to spell so please give a bit of forgiveness here. The sun was out when I took these so they aren't the best in clearity but I gave you somewhat of an idea. My room is very generous in size and I am looking for a lounge chair to put in so I can prop my feet up and watch the tellie.
Have a super-bowl terrific weekend. See you soon.


Diane said...

When can I come over???
Looks fabulous Pat!!! Where's the cowboy that that hat belongs to!

Carol L said...

I love that color you chose Pat! it's very soothing and goes so well with the black accents and furniture! I hope you're overjoyed with your new home! I can't wait to see that front porch now :)

Lauri said...

Your new home is gorgeous! Looks right out of a magazine!


I love seeing your new home! It is so nice to see you with nice new things to furnish! A lounger sounds so nice for your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I have been totally enjoying your house tour. You must be so happy to be settled in. I am still waiting to see the stamping room!!!
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Black and white and read all over, that's your room so Stetson striking and comfortable sporting all your sweet personal strokes. Reading your blog has been a treat this blustery day. Hope your place is as cozy as can be! What a way to start up your new home guest book....snow boots all over with drip rugs everywhere. Blessings, Pat.
Keep Looking UP!

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