Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday good to me

Happy new week everyone in blog land. Last week me and DD went to a Stampin Up meet and this was one of the cards we did. Don't ask me the colors as I'm not all that familiar with their special names. Maybe Bimini Blue or Bayou Blue, Baha Blue or something like that blue. In other words...we used shades of blue. I think this set is really nice and since I bought it I can tell you the name of it, it's Just Believe and my friend well actually it's DD's friend Sheila and another SU rep. named Sandy put on the class/meet and it was a good selection of cards. This one had some dotted swiss going on and a bit of score paling and add a fancy bit of ribbon and a neat brad and you are good to go & if you're not good to go then you're good to stay. Do as you please and you're sure to feel good. I'm off to get a haircut today and naturally trying a new hair stylist. Wish me luck as it's always quite frightening to go to a perfect stranger for a hair cut....OMGoodness let's hope it's not a shaving but rather a good hair cut. See you soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Montana Cowboys...

Well for all of you out there that have never traveled West I thought I would treat you to some cowboys. Yep, we went to breakfast this morning at a little western diner called the Muzzle Loader and low and behold, there they were all cozied up to the counter in their hats and boots and ready for some grits. I suppose I looked out of place as I left my cowboy hat at home. I actually did buy a cowboy hat on the way back from Seattle, and if you are very very good I will treat you to a picture of me in it. I need to get myself some new duds that will go with the great hat and of course I will need a piece of straw to hang out of my mouth too. Now won't that be extra special...maybe yes, maybe no, I'll let you be the judge of that. So until next time...see ya later cowboy and cow girls.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ...lace

Well I'm back from Seattle and ready for the Tuesday challenge at Flourishes.Maki is asking us to be lacey...hey I know about racey and I am a little bit spacey but lacey is really not my forte. Not wanting to be ornery, I will go along and use some lace. I don't have my own supplies as they are locked in the storage unit so guess who I had to turn to for some help???

Did you figure it out? Well of course it's the DD who has a nifty craft room just waiting to be messed with. I used her Flourishes Sunflower set and did a little bit of Copic magic. I'm not certified ( at least not in the Copic world ) so let's face it, I just did the best I could and I know you are saying...where the heck did she find a hot pink type sunflower. Well have you ever been sun burnt? That's what happened to Miss Sunflower Sue. I think with my fancy shmancy paper which is kind of hot pink or fuschia it all goes pretty well. I got a bit crazy and used two pieces of lace. What's an old broad to do when she gets told to use lace, well she uses lace. Hope you all have a happy week going on. See you soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi Ho Silver Away!!!

Well I'm off ...Yep I know I have been for quite awhile now but this time I'm going on a little family vaction. We are heading out to Seattle Washington and that is going to be the farthest west I have ever been. We planned a great itinerary and will hope for the best. Found some fun things in the tour book annd one of them is taking a crazy car/boat ride. You start in a car like bus that holds 35 people and the tour is of the city on the streets of Seattle, then the crazy machine turns into a boat and we enter the water for the rest of the tour. Looks like lots of fun and I'm sure the G-Kids and the Nana will have a blast. I've put the cowboy search on hold as I think this will be much more fun for now. back first part of next week and as Arnold would say....I'll be back. Take care dear friends and see you soon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Timeless Tuesday on Friday...Whoa..that's really late !

Well talk about being tired..I am beyond and so I am really late in joining the fun of Timeless Tuesday this week. But I have to tell you, I am typing on my new sizzling hot SSSS ( that is the sizzle, in case you didn't get it ) "Hot Cherry Red" lap top. It is a joy to see, so I treated myself royally by purchasing it. Getting a bit nutsy in my old age but I said to myself...hey old lady you can't take it with you so enjoy while you're still around to enjoy. Anyway this card uses Flourishes humming bird set that I happen to really love.Sorry I couldn't link you to Flourishes but the linky is not co-operating with my new red hot lap go to it by going you are now you're linked. I forgot now what I was telling you but I guess it's just that I just used the faithful water colored pencils and a blender. Not my supplies but DD's . Hey can you believe it ...all my stuff is out there in limbo. The moving company is not going to deliver it to my storage unit until after the contract date which means they have to pay me $150 a day for each day they are late. Glad I didn't have an empty house waiting or that would have been crap for the birds. Well fellow bloggers I hope you have a happy weekend. We are going to the pig races if it doesn't rain. Ever been to pig races? How fun to watch these little fat pinkies running a race. Maybe they're running so they are not made into someone's pulled pork sandwhich...guess I'd run too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's the Wild West...where's the cowboys????

Well howdy friends, just wanted you all to know I have arrived in my new home area of Billings Montana and I'm on the look out for that cute old cowboy. Hi Ho Silver away as the cowboys say. Let me tell you the ride out west was not fun at all. I think truck drivers can be very very mean. This one guy in a huge rig tried to run me and DD off the road and scared the heebee jeebees out of us. What the dang was he trying to do to us innocent lovely ladies??? Well he went from the extreme right lane and over to the extreme left lane and gave us that certain middle finger wave and I don't think it meant...hope you're happy dear ladies. Well DD had to pass him after a bit and she gave him the sweetest of smiles and the greatest Queen Elizabethian wave, you know the one that you keep that hand going back & forth. She in escense let him know she was a bigger, better person then he was. If his truck would have had a telephone number to let his company know how he was doing I would have called on the spot and gave him a pretty nasty report but alas no number..lucky for him. Any who I'm here and very tired but will report in soon again with a little of the crafty side of me but in the mean time hope you are all well and staying happy. Talk soon. Hope I can get this bow legged cow boot walk down soon as I feel like I have a wad up the end and it doesn't feel right some how. Happy weekend everyone and see you next week.