Friday, August 13, 2010

Timeless Tuesday on Friday...Whoa..that's really late !

Well talk about being tired..I am beyond and so I am really late in joining the fun of Timeless Tuesday this week. But I have to tell you, I am typing on my new sizzling hot SSSS ( that is the sizzle, in case you didn't get it ) "Hot Cherry Red" lap top. It is a joy to see, so I treated myself royally by purchasing it. Getting a bit nutsy in my old age but I said to myself...hey old lady you can't take it with you so enjoy while you're still around to enjoy. Anyway this card uses Flourishes humming bird set that I happen to really love.Sorry I couldn't link you to Flourishes but the linky is not co-operating with my new red hot lap go to it by going you are now you're linked. I forgot now what I was telling you but I guess it's just that I just used the faithful water colored pencils and a blender. Not my supplies but DD's . Hey can you believe it ...all my stuff is out there in limbo. The moving company is not going to deliver it to my storage unit until after the contract date which means they have to pay me $150 a day for each day they are late. Glad I didn't have an empty house waiting or that would have been crap for the birds. Well fellow bloggers I hope you have a happy weekend. We are going to the pig races if it doesn't rain. Ever been to pig races? How fun to watch these little fat pinkies running a race. Maybe they're running so they are not made into someone's pulled pork sandwhich...guess I'd run too.


Our Little Inspirations said...

I see you haven't skipped a beat in all these weeks! Your card is just lovely and colored so beautifully! Pig races? I can't imagine what they're like, but they sound like fun. Just think Pat, if the moving company is late for a week, you'll be rich enough to buy a whole truckload of new goodies!! Hah!! Enjoy that new hot red laptop! You only go around once in this life, so go for it whenever you can!!! Have a great weekend!

sandyh50 said...

Oh Pat, you are so funny! Lovely card by the way! And hey, better late than never! Hope you are liking my old hometown!

Sandy in Glasgow!


Glad you are where you are supposed to be even if your things are not! I know you have to be getting weary. Weary is way past tired and going toward just plain tuckered out! Find some time to rest, your things will be coming off a truck soon enough!

Betty said...

At least you have things to borrow!
My son moved home after grad school, he was 250 pounds short of getting the $150/day. To keep the amount down he loaded a bunch of books in his car as he was told that would keep the cost down, they underestimated his weight so it was $600 more when they delivered. They were over 2 weeks late so had to do some complaining. We haven't got the check yet but they SAY they are refunding $800. Good luck, I hope you get tons of money back. It will either help pay for the laptop, be a good college fund for grandkids or buy TONS of stamp stuff and I'll come stamp with you from ND. It does pay to live in states no one else wants to! LOL

denise g. said...

Hot Red Laptop; Hot Red Ford - - you're just a sizzlin Red Hot Lady lately! Pretty card and I have seen a little bit of the pig races. Fun Stuff! Glad you're not destitute for your stuff - - I think they owe you anyway, since you ended up doing most of the packing they were paid for!

velta said...

Oh My Pat...goodness you just have not changed even with the are still your cutsey, funny glad to hear from you again. Your card is gorgeous...I don't have to tell you that...YOU KNOW IT :) Take care this weekend and Blessings to you and yours :)

Betty Wright said...

Pat, this is just beautiful! Wonderful coloring and detailing! A cherry red computer...way cool and very chi! As for the late stuff, at $150 a day tell them they can keep it for a month! Imagine all the new goodies you can buy! LOL! Thanks so much for playing Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge, too! You have all month to play, too!

Curt in Carmel said...

It's so nice seeing you posting again! Love the colors of this card and the hummingbird is just beautiful. Wow, a laptop! I'm impressed! Now for the weird thing. . .you know the little secret word you have to type before you can post the comment? Here it is "pigen". How funny based on your blog post. Best, Curt

Silke Ledlow said...

Hi Pat, so nice to see you had a chance playing the FTTC!!! I'm so happy to see you and Julie made it home save!!!

Your sketch card turned out beautiful!!! Perfect choice of stamp set and you colored it so beautifully too!!!

Hopefully your household goods will be unloaded soon...hang in there!!! How was the piggy race...LOL...and *congrats* on your hot sizzlin' lap-top!!! Hugs ~S~

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