Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's the Wild West...where's the cowboys????

Well howdy friends, just wanted you all to know I have arrived in my new home area of Billings Montana and I'm on the look out for that cute old cowboy. Hi Ho Silver away as the cowboys say. Let me tell you the ride out west was not fun at all. I think truck drivers can be very very mean. This one guy in a huge rig tried to run me and DD off the road and scared the heebee jeebees out of us. What the dang was he trying to do to us innocent lovely ladies??? Well he went from the extreme right lane and over to the extreme left lane and gave us that certain middle finger wave and I don't think it meant...hope you're happy dear ladies. Well DD had to pass him after a bit and she gave him the sweetest of smiles and the greatest Queen Elizabethian wave, you know the one that you keep that hand going back & forth. She in escense let him know she was a bigger, better person then he was. If his truck would have had a telephone number to let his company know how he was doing I would have called on the spot and gave him a pretty nasty report but alas no number..lucky for him. Any who I'm here and very tired but will report in soon again with a little of the crafty side of me but in the mean time hope you are all well and staying happy. Talk soon. Hope I can get this bow legged cow boot walk down soon as I feel like I have a wad up the end and it doesn't feel right some how. Happy weekend everyone and see you next week.


Donna said...

Hi, there, Pat! I am originally from Miles City--SE of you. My sister, BIL and nephews live in Billings. Except for the occasional mosquito and the weather extremes at times, it is a pretty good place to live. I like to shop there because of no sales tax. Good luck adjusting. Go to Miles City and you will see the cowboys there.


Pat, I'm so glad you are safe and sound! I am so proud of you! It has to take some guts to move across country....even if you daughter is already there! My hat's off to you gutsy lady! I hope you find your cowboy!

Our Little Inspirations said...

Thank goodness I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read your last little gem about walking! You are TOO funny girl!
With all the crazies out on the road trying to multi-task and acting so carelessly, I'm glad you arrived safe and sound to your destination! Best wishes in your new home, and I wish you happiness and joy wherever you hang that cowgirl hat of yours! YeeHaw!!

velta said...

Glad to see you in your new place Pat. Your story was hillarious...wonder if that trucker was drunk or on drugs...I cannot imagine anything that you and DD could have done to make him act in such an unfashionable way...Take care and I am looking forward for some of your crafty ditty's.

Anonymous said...

So happy for your 'happy Q E' salute on I-90 when for too many days 'we've' been doing in way over the top numbers of frolicing motorcyclists. Haven't heard a detailing of the weekend so hope none of those non-helmeted bikers out of RL on the 'hill' descent near Bear Creek in gushing downpours was injured.
Sad you encountered a spare cog semi driver; elated when you jazzed lemons into lemonade! Go ladies on the upper edge in life!
Some cooler unpacking days to you from the pre-Midland Empire Fair weather forecast. Of course, afternoon and evening thunder bumpers are offered for good measure. Mornings should be great. Enjoy! Crafting soon cometh. Pat, we're excited!!
Keep Looking UP!

Sewflake said...

I am happy to know that you and DD have made it safely "home". You have been missed on line but I realize that moving is a busy, exhausting undertaking.
I have spent plenty of time on the road this summer and am more than ready to stay off the roads for awhile. I will be flying though...

NancyK said...

I'm glad you made it to Montana safe and sound! Now you can relax a bit before you "git along" and set up your stamp room!

Sharli said...

So glad you got there safely - although it sounds like "barely"!!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Hello my friend ... long time NO see!! I'm so glad you out closer to Julie & her family ... what fun will that be!!
Miss you guys!

Curt in Carmel said...

So glad you guys arrived home safely. Truck drivers can be real jerks. Trust me I know, my father was one! LOL Hope you are getting settled in and I hope you find that cowboy soon! Best, Curt

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