Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter to you all

Well I received this adorable Easter card from my friend Mary Schreiber who lives in Minnesota. Thanks Mary for thinking about me and also for the wonderful Easter card.
I can't tell you about the stamps or paper but hey who cares anyway...I don't. I was just thrilled to get a special card from a very dear lady who has been a regular donor to my Cards 4 Kids program. Mary, you are one of those that have been faithful to the cause and I really thank you for it.
Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you all were very good and got lots of jelly bellies...I mean jelly beans, or maybe I mean, well hope you got lots.


Anonymous said...

Sweet card Pat, Mary is a very thoughtful lady!

Cheryl said...

Very nice! Love the bunny!

Jenny Gropp said...

I have not been able to use that DP yet, I love the image you paired it up with, looks just right!

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