Friday, October 31, 2008

Stamp Simply - All Buttoned Up!

Meet Beaulah T Witch, who is all ready to do the Monster Mash on this happy day of Halloween. I'm sure you have seen little Ellie in her witch costume flyin high in the sky over the front lawn of the house. How cute her costume is, bright and colorful . She can be found on Julie's sight which is of course...outtoimpress. Have a great Halloween to you all and when we next meet....I will be back in my own neck of the woods. Have a great weekend to you all.


Margie said...

Cute card!
Happy Halloween :)
xo, margie

Curt in Carmel said...

Happy Halloween Pat! Love this witch! I saw Julie's daughter in that very cool picture! She looked awesome! Have a safe trip home, and I'm sorry that it sounds like you won't be bringing a cowboy back with you! Best, Curt

6 wacky women said...

Happy Halloween, Pat.
Absolutley the best witch I have seen!! I just love it. Have a good trip home.
Take care

Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

This is fabulous! That witch is ugly and adorable all at the same time!

Cheryl said...


Anonymous said...

love this card Pat! wow, that visit sure went fast. I bet your sad to be leaving.

Anonymous said...

Swift miles of safety, Pat. Sadly, we did not touch base. One mighty irritating hack beset this kingdom. To work and zzzzs provided the creative color these past days. Feels like a fort night! Garner the orange and mango, cranberry and grape juice (no eye of newt this episode!).
What about that Cal and mighty Ellie!
Do T or T in the 'Vette?!! Then a sunny grand All Saints Day!
Keep Looking UP! mt23stamper

Shirley said...

How absolutely 'charming' and so cute cute cute! I love the whole design, Pat!

Janine said...

Hi PAt!! I love your card and I hope you had a fabulous time with Julie and her family!!
HAve you received your cardz for the kids yet? I hope so.
Off to Chicago this week.
Have a great one!

LaY hOoN said...

Such a lovely card !! The witch seems so kind.