Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cards 4 Kids from Toni

I received some cards in the mail on Sat. from Toni who is She sent some adorable Halloween cards and I wanted to post them as they are so stinkin cute. Thanks Toni for helping make some kids at the hospital happy. A box load is going to the hospital on Thursday so Toni's will be included. Many thanks to Toni, and also to my DD Julie who sent me 100 cards to forward on to the kids. I'm sure the administrator Deanna will be overwhelmed by the huge donations. I have had many responses for this cause and I am so grateful to all of you who are willing to participate, looking forward to getting the cards.


"Jany" said...

What you and Bela are doing is great! I'm so happy that someone sent you a few ones to help you out.

Belas Creating Place said...

These are so them all.

I am so happy for you on doing something you love and sharing it with the kids.

Happy Sunday Pat.
Hugs, Bela

Shirley said...

How wonderful Pat! It really does not surprise me at all that you do this kind of community work and your daughter follows in your foot steps too! I just tagged you. Hoping to get you some more cards!

6 wacky women said...

What a wonderful cause....Pat. The cards are all beautiful. You will have some very happy children.
Have a great day!!

Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Pat! Cards are ready to be sent! I've posted some that I'm sending on my blog! Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

sweet cards Pat and again, you are one sweet lady for what you are doing for the children!

Anonymous said...

Would love to help and post a few cards.Is there a time limit on these?
Is the occassion any?
`Thanks` can mail me at

peakoilscotland said...

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