Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Blue Valentine

So, I decided to be artistic and design a
Valentine in a different color. I have been
known to do these kind of things and my
take on it is...when you get older, you do as
you please. This is done in blue denium ink from
Adirondack,the heart is a PSX, and the little
phrase is Darcie's.
We had another 3-4 inches
of snow today in my neck of the woods and my son
favored me by doing the shoveling. Hope you are
all well and thinking about Valentine's Day which
will be upon us very soon. Where or where is MY


the dreamer said...

Hi, Pat! Wow, this is such an elegant card.

I also love the stamped frame you made and the birthday card in distress ink.

You have such gorgeous projects. =)

SBS5 sister

Janine said...

How pretty is this card??? I love the colors.. I hope you had a great weekend. We went to see Michael Buble and he was FABULOUS!!
So dreamy and a wonderful voice.
HAve a great day Pat!!

NancyK said...

Oh Pat - that blue is just beautiful. It reminds me of fine china.

Kanani said...

Ditto Nancyk's comment. It reminds me of china too. Pretty!

Hope said...

very elegant looking card. The colors are fantastic!

hope sbs 5

"Jany" said...

Every single time I stop by your place I find a delightful buffet of creations for my eyes. Thanks for sharing so beautiful creations! I loved your friend's mom card!

Thanks for sharing,
SBS 5 sis Jany

Janine said...

ARE YOU STAYING WARM PAT !! It is soo cold...

Sue Daly said...

Very pretty. I love the background paper.

Belas Creating Place said...

How beautiful, it looks so regal. Sort of like Wedgewood China. It is very well done.