Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it time for butterflies?

It is super cold here in Michigan and I am
dreaming of summer by the pool with those
beautiful butterflies flitting around.
Crazy me! This is a Hero Arts stamp done on
acrylic and colored with markers. Plain
& simple but who doesn't love butterflies!


Janine said...

You are darn tootin its time for butterfiles. I just told Julie that it is minus 14 here in good old London Ontario. FREEZING !!!
The is a beautiful card. I love that color blue.. so vibrant.
Stay warm Pat ...

Julie Koerber said...

Awesome card mom! Just love the sparlkies on the butterfly! I wish it were time for butterflies here. We got about six inches of snow and it is supposed to get up to a whopping 4 degrees here today! ICK!

Juliann said...

I love love love this card! The butterfly looks like a picture! Fabulous!