Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm a scrounger big time

Well it's fun to scrounge now isn't it and while doing so I came upon this sweet colored image in my daughter's stash and said to myself...I can make a card with that beauty and so I did. Found some interesting paper in a pad of designer type paper and put it to use with the already beautifully colored image and just added a few blingers and it's set to take a trip to Detroit for the hospital to use as they see fit. They asked for some blank inside cards so they can add whatever they wish and use it and this will do nicely. Well the sun is shining today and it says it's 70 degrees out there and so it's pretty perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. All my cohorts in crime are gone for the day so it's just me and my TV. Safe way to stay out of trouble or is it?? Thought I'd have a glass of wine which might cause some dysfunction but oh well what the hail.

3 comments: said...

It is always good to come visit and see what you have going on! Love your card; the colors are so bright and cheerful! Hope you had a good Sunday afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, I have been missing you and your beautiful cards. Mary

Anonymous said...

Pat, wonderful to see you online creative as usual! Great color job dishrag and wonderful dp combo rubbermaid! Blessings C4K Detroit.
Doing oral surgery here. Lots of healing and revisits.
gaining strength. On the upswing.
We did experience some kind of hail in week long strong storm surge! How was your hail damage? State Farm took a 50M hit in one Billings storm. 10M is collected for house insurance across the state by that company all year long,,,,,,been a looser in MT since 1987 or some such.
Keep Looking UP!