Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Hole in the Ground

Here's my update on the hole in the ground. As you can see the foundation is now poured and dried and come Monday they will be working to fill in for the basement walls. You're probably thinking...big deal, it's just a bunch of nothing but hey, be kind as it's my future home. It's the first time in my lifetime that I will be building ( well Ok, not me personally but you know what I mean) a brand spanking new home. Wish my hubby were here but I know he is in spirit. Are you as excited as I am in seeing the progress??? Well stayed tuned and I will be back with more photos. Peachy keen isn't it!


mudmaven said...

That's some hole you got there girl! Looks very promising to me. Keep the pix coming! ~chris

Our Little Inspirations said...

I'm so excited for you Pat! This is going to be such a wonderful experience having a brand new home built just for you! TFS the updates!


I see a hole, you see a new home..It's all in your perspective. I'm so happy for you Pat! I'm hoping this gets finished before you know it!

Peggy K said...

How exciting! And you are carving out a room for your crafts, correct??

Betty said...

It is finally looking real. So are you going to share your floor plans? Have fun picking out all the floor coverings, light fixtures, kitchen stuff and everything else involved in building. I've been helping my neighbor with her kitchen remodel and it's fun but still very nerve wracking. I bet your happy to have your DD there to help out too.

velta said...

Oh my Pat...This is peachy keen! I am so very happy for you...and cannot wait to see more!! My grandmother had a basement in her beautiful home...I have many, many fond memories of playing in that basement!!!

6 wacky women said...

Congrats on your new exciting, Pat!!
We so enjoyed watching our first home being built...took pic's everyday at the progress...we were obsessed with! It is really something to watch!!
TFS your pic's...I can't wait to see more.
Karen x

Sharli said...

I think it's VERY exciting!! I hope you'll continue to keep us updated - this is a wonderful experience!

Curt in Carmel said...

This is so exciting Pat! I love watching your house go up. It reminds me of this home I'm in now because it was my first building spanking brand new. It was so exciting so I know how you feel. Can't wait to see more! Best, Curt

Betty Wright said...

A basement! I so miss basements. Cannot have them here...too close to sea level. I have built a home before. I still question why I did some things and I have been in it over 4 years. I do not think perfection is one of the! The builder is cute, though. I saw him in an earlier post! I am so excited for you as building is FUN!

Leslie Miller said...

I love seeing the progress! I can't imagine what an undertaking this is, but it's pretty exciting from where I'm sitting!

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