Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three Singing Christmas Mice

These little guys are not to be confused with my singing tenors who also numbered three. This is Larry, Harry, ( should be Hairy), and Schmow, and they are getting ready for the big event this Friday night. I'm presenting them at a dinner party for foster kids and they will be part of some cards the kids will make for their foster parents and or biological parents. I was blown away when I was told I would handle the craft table for card making that would host 60-80 kids. I said to myself....take it easy, you can and you will do this. Yeah right! Anyway, I am making some simple cards for them to follow and this is one of them. Kind of patriotic in colors but they can color the little guys any way they want. This mice stamp or should I say mouse stamp is one I got in a dollar bin many moons ago , and is made by Westwater Expressions ( out of China) and the little snowflake is from Stampendous. Just used my water colored pencils and the snowflake was done with denium colored ink. I'll probably change up the color scheme but it's a start. I have cut for 20 cards so far and only another 60 or so to go. Where's the Xanax???? After this I won't be laid back, I'll be konked out.


6 wacky women said...

Adorable card, Pat. I'm sure the 60-80 kids will love it too!!
I thought you must be very busy as its been a few days since I have heard from you.
You will have a great time with all those rug rats...be brave!

Have a great day,eh

6 wacky women said...

Me again...I have left something on my blog for you.

Karen x

denise g. said...

You go, Girl! Bet you'll have the best table there, as these mice are darling. Have fun!

Juliann said...

Adorable card! Sounds like fun!
You crack me up!
You should take some pictures of the kids cards as well, with your spare hands!!!
Have a great time, you are such a lovely lady!!!

mochamama said...

oh my word girl and I thought I was busy!!! These cards are gonna be a huge success and if I were closer I would be right there helping you with all this!!!!

Curt in Carmel said...

You are something else! Those kids are going to have a blast with you! And if there is anyone that I would pick to handle 60-80 kids, it would be you. And hey, if it does go nuts, you can always get home and uncork the bottle! LOL Have fun! You are going to be great! Best, Curt

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow Pat, I'm sure you will have fun, you are so awesome for doing that! oh and I love the card!

Janine said...

This is just the sweetest card Pat.. Love it! Hope you are well!!
Have a great day!

Shirley said...

Good for you! I also love the card! It is really a cute cute adorable card too!