Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lord of the Dance

Can you do the Irish Jig??? These cutie patootie's can and they sure are cute! Love the looks on their faces. A little green beer would do nicely about now. These stamps are Art Impression and were done with just water colored pencils. Can't help but take this stamp out each year and send it to someone. Don't have too many Irish friends but who cares if you are really Irish or not. Happy St. Patty's Day in advance.


Janine said...

Great card Pat and what a wonderful pic of the nice car !!
Do you ever drive it around????

Kanani said...

No, I can't do the jig....
Fun St. Pat's day card!

Flossie's Follies said...

this card is adorable, love your jig dancers.

Beth Norman said...

Oh my gosh, these guys are way too cute. Your card put a smile on my face.

Janine said...


Janine said...

Hi Pat
Have you got a ton of snow???
We do !1 I can't believe it.. It just won't stop.. I have given up.. I can't shovel any more.
I am sitting inside with my cup of tea and watching it come down.
Hope you are well and that you are having a great day !!

Jamie Martin said...

Everyone loves St Patricks day! And lucky me, I'm part Irish along with a ton of other things!
Cute card :)


Chriss Rollins said...

this card is so funny made me smile
chriss x
you are invited over to my place i have some blog candy you may like why not tell a friend.

Belas Creating Place said...

How cute are these Highland dancers?! Wonderful card.