Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...say thank you

Today at TT over at Flourishes we are to make a thank you card. Well I don't need one at present but it's always nice to have one available now isn't it? I used the image from Spring Bouquet and when it came time to put it together I didn't have a cute flower shaped button in pink so I went with the yellow. I guess it's Ok but would have preferred the pink. My card is a pink base ( of course you can see that ) with the bottom being dotted swiss. Did you ever wonder why it's called dotted swiss instead of let's say dotted french or dotted german? Anyway I used my favorite method of coloring ...my water colored pencils of course and my die cut is one from SU. The thank you phrase is from the Flourishes Clematis set punched out with the fancy little rectangle. And voila I'm done.
Really tired today as I did all my yard work and I guess when you get to be my age that is quite a feat! It looks lovely with my grass being a very healthy green and my flower box filled with the most beautiful deep purple petunias along with some lavendar bocupa flowers. I'll take a picture when they get a bit fuller but it sure is pretty. Hope you are all doing well and are experiencing good weather. It's a nice 65 here with plenty of sunshine. Good week to you all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Timeless Tuesday....flower

Well TT over at Flourishes is to use a flower on your project. I chose the Clematis and made a cute little gift card holder I was taught at a SU meeting. This is so easy and comes out so cute I said hey why not share??? So here it is.
This is the inside part. You just take an envelope and score it in half and cut the flap in half and seal down the left side part. Decorate to match your outside and change it from looking like ...just an envelope.  On the right side you can put a little sentiment and drop you gift card in the open hole. Neat huh!
Here are a few more and as you can see...you could make the brown tone one for a guy pal or hubby or Sugar Daddy or whoever.Happy weekend to you all. It's turned cold here and good thing I left out a sweater to wear as I put the winter things away. Oh well....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...ABC's

The theme this week at TT is to pick a letter and create using that as your focus. Well I picked the letter P...and it's "plain, pretty, purple, posies, pling(that's bling with a P) and some pollen due to the posies. I should also add presumptous when I said it was pretty...just plain pathetic on my part. All with the letter P!Hope I didn't perturb you all dear pals. So that is it in a pie...I used the letter P to it's fullest capacity. Used the astor set and just used some Grape Jelly Memento ink for the purple color. I guess I'm getting plenty lazy and just doing cards that are simple lately with no coloring unless I really have to. Slap on a purple ribbon which looks bluish here but really is P as in purple. Happy week fellow bloggers..or is it ploggers? Hot weather here, up to 83 today and just wonderful for posie planting. See you soon .

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...Pinkalishous or something

Well today over at TT we are to do it up pink. Soooo..I chose the Gerber Daisy set and went to work creating shades of pink. Did you hear about "Shades of Gray"??? Naughty you, now arn't you! That's a book written for how to tire both you and your hubby out or maybe even kill him with sex. Don't quite understand why you need to read a book about such a subject but oh well. I'm reading a book about anti-gravity and I just can't put it down...just kidding. This was an easy card using my faithful water colored pencils, a little flag-phrase and a button . How easy is that?? Hope you are all off to a good week. I am busy doing my yard clean up. Pulled the weeds cut the grass and trimmed my flowering bushes. My yard is pristine. See you soon fellow stampers.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Timeless Tuesday...butterflies

Well today at TT it's let's use butterflies. I took the liberty to do some weird coloring but it's not really weird because ...did you know there are 175,000 species of butterflies and the way I colored this one is due to a butterfly called "lemon emigrant".Picutured above so you don't think I made that up. I'm not completely nuts afterall. I used my butterflies from the Gerber Daisy set along with my dies from Spellbinders. Not much coloring just some cute paper put our by The Thrift Shop and I don't mean Salvation Army either. Easy peasy card with just a bit of rickity rack and crocheted lace added and I'm done. Got a dentist appointment coming and I hate that but I said to myself...you shouldn't not like the dentist cause he has fillings too ya know! And with that I say smile you're on Bloggers camera and pretty soon John Qinoutus may show up and ask you ...what would you do??? Tell him you're busy stamping and just don't have time for such foolishness. Happy week everyone.