Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey you....Hi out there!

Well I decided to grace you with my presense or is it presents or well anyway hello to you all from me. I have been packing up my over 30years of stuff and am getting near the end of my ropes with no patience left. DD is at CHA which I think is Crap Happens Always or something like that. I say it's crap happens always because I wish I was there too. She is having dinner with the big wig bloggers and has promised to give them my best wishes for a happy time. She is coming my way on this Thursday and we will have some quality time together before I close on the sale of my home. The close date is Tuesday August 3rd. and DD and I will then just leave for our trip to my new home town of Billings, Montana. Can't believe it but it will be true. Once I am situated I can start up my blog again and start visiting all of you more faithfully. I know you miss me can admit it, I know you do so just let it all out and let those tears flow. Now doesn't that feel better??? There's no sin in feeling bad so I just won't. I will return with a happy smile for each and every one of you soon. Take care and know you are loved.