Friday, June 18, 2010

Taking a Break...for a few more days at least.

Well don't have much spice in my life and I'm running low on thyme but I've been busy trying to get this house in order to sell. Spent this morning with a realtor and she seems to think my home is a gem and should sell to the right buyer very easily. She's a sweetie but let's face it, the "right buyer" is of course to me anyone who is willing to pay a good price. The market is down but that's the breaks and I'm at a point in my life where I need to sow some wild oats and I don't mean eating All Bran either. Sooo... I am going to go for it and see what develops. She's bringing in more of her cohorts on Monday and then come up with a price I should ask.
Wish me Good Luck bloggers and know that I'm just too busy to get inky at this time but will stop by to say hello soon. Happy weekend to one and all and if you're out drinking, well have a dirty Martini for me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...Wednesday

Well Timeless Tuesday is hosted by the sweetest lady Miss Dee Jackson who has made the challenge to use black/white and ONE other color. I chose the cherries from one fruity set that Flourishes put out and it works well with this challenge. I know you have seen red cherries but I pushed the envelope and made the leaves and stems also red...a little Picaso coming out in me or is it just a bit of crazy? I'll leave that answer up for grabs. Just color pencil it, add a few mats and a bit of bling and you're done.
I know all of you are so interested in the wonderful Boob/flab bra that I'm thinking of becoming an independent Avon and Mary Kay. Cool huh? So I'll keep you posted if I can get a franchaise going and then you can order from me. Happy week fellow stampers.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good News Fellow Bloggers...It's Here !

Well good news to share they ( the undie people) finally made something worth while for us oldie but goodies. This is a combo bra/wings holder. I'm so physched as since working out at the gym I can get into a AAA or maybe even a training bra on this one. Isn't that the greatest thing you ever saw? Now I can't promise that all stores will be carrying it but you can try at your local department store and see if they have them in yet. Maybe could help too. Name is Boob and Arm Flab Bra but I plan to protest and have a more sexy name attached to it cause after all if Victoria can have Secrets well us old folks should be honored with a better name for it. Happy rest of the weekend fellow bloggers.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Timeless Thursday...yep it's Thursday

Well talk about dedication! I've got it and so does Flourishes design team and I don't want to name names but ( Barb Anders ) came up with a way to dedicate big time by challenging us to make a one layer card. She also took her dedication to it's peak by frustrating me big time with doing a ONE layer card??? Yikes that is a toughie.When is the last time I did a one layer card you ask? Well probably when I was taking rubber stamping lessons at my LSS. Yes I know some of you out there find this no problem but us oldies find it very difficult. Thank goodness for Flourishes beautiful sweetpea set as doing a stamp and color makes it somewhat easier. Stamp, color, add a lopsided bow , and a little phrase and you have it done.I'm not one to complain or at least not much, or perhaps a little ...OK so I'm a real ornery old cuss,but I always try and get in on the fun.
Late in saying it..but happy week fellow stampers. I'm still cleaning and tossing out. No sounds from critter pal so guess he's gone for good. Thank goodness as I want to collect all the nuts I trailed outside the house to draw him out...looks kind of nutty if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog Candy Winner...# 4

Well the picked # 4 and that is Ashley Nguyen Newell. Hey congratulations Ashley and to claim your prize you need to e-mail me and let me know your address for the prize to be sent. Also you have a choice of a set of stamps from Flourishes and I will pick up the charge for the set and shipping it to you. Contact me by an e-mail to Thanks to all of you who entered and sorry there could only be one winner.