Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I got this wonderful card from Mary Schrieber who was the winner of my part of the Cards 4 Kids drawing over at Cherly Moody's blog. What a nice surprise and a perfect card to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the states. I'm pretty sure she used a cuttlebug folder or whatever they are called to get the embossed workings.
Hope you all have a laid back Maxine would say " If you want a laid back Thanksgiving,
stuff your turkey with Prozac ". Ya gotta love that crazy old broad. I plan to use a bit of wine myself to get that feeling, but only after the meal is on the table.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friendship Award

To the right you will see a special friendship award given to someone who you have met and formed a space-like friendship because of their creativity and or their pleasantness etc.
I want to pass this on to my friends in outer space better known as blogland....
Bela-, Cheryl
Diane ,Joanne Curt and Karen You are all special and I'm glad you are in my blog life.


The last few days I have been busy at the Francican Poverty Program making up and then passing out the makings for Thanksgiving dinners for those in need. This year we had to scale back to 350 families as we just didn't get the donations we needed. Yesterday and today we passed out the groceries and turkeys to those in need. We also gave 150 filled baskets to 2 very poverty strickened churches in the inner city of Detroit. I feel very blessed to be a part of a team that does this work for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is very heart breaking to see what is happening here in Michigan with so many out of work and having to beg for the first time in their lives. So when you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner, remember to say a prayer for those who are without a job, or a home, or anything to eat. Take a moment to thank the Lord for your many blessings. I know I will do that. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.
I'll be back to card making come Friday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

And the winner of my blog candy is....

Well I put all the names in a bag and pulled out the winner. So who is this lucky ducky??? It's Robin Kirkpatrick that's who. Thanks to you all for playing and better luck next time.

Say it with ribbon...Friday Challenge

Well we all have that special friend from our childhood or at least I hope you do, and mine was Elinor White. She and I spent our summer days laying on our backs in our "blanket tent", eating a sleeve of crackers and day dreaming. I'm the cute adorable blonde on the right of this image and Ellie ( that's what she is called now) is the silly looking one on the left. Where did she get that hat? Well, I'll tell you a secret about me growing Mom wouldn't let me shave my legs until I was like 13 yrs. old and I should have wore knee high socks to hide the fur that was growing on my legs. She had a good point though...once you start you have to keep it up. Well I went to school with band aids all over my legs after the first time and you gotta admit, Moms are pretty smart cookies and when they tell you something it's for a good reason. Anyway that's my card for using ribbon with a message, and my message is...we all need to cherish our best friends. Elinor and I are still friends even though she lives in New Jersey now. We see each other every summer when she comes back to Michigan to their summer cottage.
Have a great weekend everyone and keep those fingers inky.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday DD Julie

Well picture this if you can...I'm a huge pregnant woman with swollen feet the size of an elephant's and because it is snowing an inch a minute I need to get on boots. What do I do??? Thank goodness for mothers, as mine was ready to help this big humongous bellied woman get some boots on so she can go to the hospital and deliver her darling baby girl. Where is the father during all this you ask....well I scream asked that very question and his gentle reply from his office telephone, " I'm writing a report I have to get out and I'll meet you at the hospital as soon as I finish. Well needless to say I'm not a happy cramper ( labor pains hurt a bit ) so I scream & holler to no avail getting madder by the minute but give up and head for the hospital. I won't tell you how mad I was, I think you get the picture. Anyway DH shows up several hours later as calm as can be, asking how I'm doing. How the *@#*#* blankidy blank do you think I'm doing...I'm in labor ! Well after 26 blissfull hours,( yeah, right!) I was finally in the delivery room having my DD Julie. I guess you wonder why I have Raggedy Ann on for her birthday wishes. Well back in the day, everyone did pink or blue nurseries and I did red, white, and blue with Raggedy Ann and Andy. It was a cute room for an adorable baby, my Julie. So, Happy Birthday Julie and even though I can't be with you, you are in my heart as you are with your Dad ( who sends his love from heaven). I won't tell everyone how old you are cause I know you'd kill me but I will give them a hint....thirty....what rhymes with mate??? Can you guess?? Ya can if you think about it a little. Go on over to her blog and wish her a happy day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Challenge...Different Fold

Well as you can see I baked sugar cookies...the first of the season and guess what??? I didn't even burn them. My one little ginger bread boy looks a little over baked but he's not burned. This is an old card I redid for the challenge over at Sharon's place...notimeto stamp. You are to do a different fold so here's mine. The card actually has 2 4 1/4" scores and then just a 2 " one that folds over from the left. These are De Namie stamps done with a brown tone ink pad and colored with water colored pencils and then chalked a bit and used some Stickles to make the sugar look. Didn't photo well but in real life it's sparkly.

These are cute little cookies. Below is the inside of the card, sorry, it looks so blurry, I guess my hand was not very steady.Hope you all have a great weekend and keep those fingers inky. Remember to sign up for some blog candy in the post marked....Blogoverssary below, you have until Nov.20th.
Blurry little ginger bread boy. Cute verse says ...wishes for a Joyous season.

It's Blogoversary time

Sing to the tune from Howdy Doody Time...If you don't remember that one just hum along, and if you find that too hard well just fake it. Today we are celebrating my blogoversary. Hey, why do I give the gifts??? Why? Because I want you to so sit back with some cake and coffee or tea or milk and just sing and look and then if you want a chance for these goodies let me know by telling me your name. I know your Mommy told you not to talk to strangers but even though I'm a bit strange ....I've got the candy. I need some kind of communications for you to be entered for the chance to win. I've got a Christmas Martha Stewart stamp set, a Scrappy Stamper stamp set, some wonderful rhinestone embellishments, some sparkly snow stick ons, and a pad of K & Company background papers and some Christmas ribbons. So why are you just sitting there...stop singing and eating cake and leave me your hello. Happy Blogoversary to me !!!
I will give you all a chance to enter so the drawing will not be until the 20th. That's DD's real live birthday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

This is my winter card in my card for all seasons. I used the Flourishes poincettia set for my image and if you are asking why blue flowers??? Well you'd be blue too, if you were left out in below freezing temperatures with no coat on . Anyway this is simple, stamp with a bit of masking well with a lot of masking but it's worth it, color with water colored pencils, add some beautiful ribbon from Mike's place and a bit of matching bling and viola, you've got it. I showed the others just below in case you can't remember. Be sure to come back on Thursday as it is my blogoversary and I will be offereing up some candy. See you later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

All that glitters is not Gold !

Well this card caused a storm of glitter all over me and my crafting table. You ask why??? Well it seems like my ribbon spool bought at my buddy Mike's place was on sale for a reason, and that reason sheds glitter. Well what can you expect when you buy ribbon on sale I asked myself trying to see through my glitter covered eyelashes. Anywho, I finally was disgusted and said to myself and to all of you....ENOUGH . So here is my card for the Friday challenge at
Sharon Johnson's notimetostamp blog. The boughs are stamped with a stamp from Santa Rosa and is a very old stamp ( though not as old as some people I know) and the phrase is from DeNami. And you know about the glittery ribbon. So that's it my friends and foes. Have a great weekend and keep those fingers dirty but stay away from cheap ribbon. Pay a little extra because you're worth it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cards 4 Kids

Cards 4 Kids is going great guns and as you can see by this post...I am receiving cards from all over the place. This first entry is from Janine Orchard who sent them from London, Ontario. Thanks so much for your wonderful cards that the kids will love. Janine is one of my SBS5 sisters and here sight is on my list for the sisterhood. She does wonderful work and took time to do these great cards to help this wonderful cause. Each of the ladies below deserve a big hug for their help in making this a successful project as did the others that I have previously posted. Thank you all for your big hearts in remembering the kids in the hospital that need some love and encouragement. HUGS !!! I love you all.
These little numbers came from Val who is in Orlando Florida. Wow I can't believe the wonderful cards that are coming in for the program cards 4 kids. Thanks for joining in the group Val, you are really appreciated.

These are some of the cards I received from Mary Schreiber who sent them from Taunton, MN. Thanks Mary for a box full of wonderful cards for the kids. I know they will love them dearly.

These are some cards sent to me by Denise G who lives here in Michigan. Thanks so much Denise for joining in the cards 4 kids program which I have gotten such a wonderful response to.