Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ...use doilie

Holy crapola...I had to go to the dollar store to buy a doilie ( not sure how to spell it) but being the gentle soul I am I decided what's a buck when you want to join in on TT for Flourishes. I used the angel from the set Rejoice which I bought last year and still love to use it. I used some
cranberry colored ink and just did a bit of matting and added a matching velvet ribbon cause let's face it doilies are fancy schamcy so you need classy type ribbon. Don't forget to dippity do down below if you want to see my abode's progress. See you later friends and bloggers.

Update on pictures of my house...Yipee it's almost done!

This is the livingroom which as you can see has a fireplace...COZY!
This shot was taken from the upstairs loft which is open and totally awesome.

This is the upstairs loft and as you can see it's a huge room that overlooks the downstairs. Love it!

The openess is really beautiful and once the railings are in ...well just gorgeous.

My sweet fireplace which I plan to get tons of use out of as it is a gas one this go round and I will have a fire each cold wintery night..now where is that cowboy???
So there you have it for the time being. SWEET home sweet home.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Card for kids card....to Bela's

Well my buddy Bela who lives in Canada asked me if I would contribute to her program for the Children's Hospital there in Canada...Toronto I think. How can you turn down such a request???
You can't, so I whipped up some cards to forward to her and this is one of them. Easy card with a bit of coloring which I love to do anyway. She has a drive going to get some cards for the Christmas season so visit her site and jump in and help. Hope your Thanksgiving was a real humdinger. Lots of turkey and pumpkin pie with tons of whipped cream. We did like the pilgrims did and "gobbled" it down with such a sense of WOW! See you soon and visit Bela's place by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...Sketch Challenge

Well, I love sketch challenges and Miss Cindy ( our sweet Canadian Friend) is challenging with a pretty nifty sketch. Easy peasy when someone does the lay out for you. I say ...you go girl ! So I chose the little sweetie mound of snow called a snowman from Flourishes set Warm Winter Wishes and followed the sketch. I love using blue for holiday cards so I decided to be blue or I should say go blue and do a mono type card. Just used my water colored pencils and a bit of ribbon, bling, and some glitter glue. Today was only zero out...yep I did say zero and tonight is supposed to be minus 6-10 degrees. Hey Baby it's cold outside and on Saturday we got about 4-6 inches of snow and since they don't plow here or salt I felt like Sonja Hennie on ice but in my car. If you don't know who Sonja Hennie is well that's Ok cause she goes way back and was
a wonderful ice skater in the 30's and 40's. A kind of Dorothy Hammil of my day and age. So anyhow I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you later.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...Do Christmas

Hey it's Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and the ever so sweet Miss Dee is asking us to show our holiday spirit and do a Christmas card. Would I not play??? Of course I have to play cause this little birdie told me to along with I'm sure Miss Dee. This stamp is from the set Christmas Classics and it seemed simple enough for me to do in a production line and use for my very first ever "Montanian " Christmas. I used a embossing folder for my background ( which doesn't show up very well on the picture but does IRL) which hopefully brings out the sweet image. I also matted it ( not the bird but the image) it with my Spellbinder die cut. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. The little mountain town of Red Lodge got 8 " of snow yesterday and we are looking pretty black today so we may be next. Well happy week fellow stampers and I'll catch you later.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cards 4 Kids Update

Well as some of you know I have left the Michigan area but my heart is still holding on strongly to my Cards 4 Kids program. This is a program I started over 2 years ago for the children at
Children's Hospital of Michigan and a program that not only did I hold dear to my heart but one many of you out there also did. In the past you have sent me cards to gather and then take down into Detroit to be delivered to the hospital. I guess now that I'm gone you think ...so is the program. Not true. If there is anyone out there that lives in the Detroit area that would be willing and able to take on this project I guess I'd have to say..you are an angel and I would be so indebted to you as would the hospital and all the kids. I am presently making cards and altering journals to mail and will continue to do so and so can you. The director in charge is willing to have you mail your cards and or journals directly to her so the program still continues. So until someone is found to take over this program I would ask you to mail cards to...
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Attn: Deanna Scanlon
Child Life Project Specialist
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, MI. 48201
We can all make a difference in a sick child's life by sending them these cards for birthdays, holidays, etc. Remember do not send get well soon cards as some of these children will not be getting well at all. The hospital also needs sympathy cards, thank you cards and thinking of you cards. If you decide to do Christmas cards they must be non religious cards but rather a cute card of Santa Claus or a snowman etc. There are all types of religious kids in the hospital so we do not make them as Christian cards. Thanks for all your help in the past and I hope someone out there is willing to take on this job. The first Valentine's Day drive I collected over 6,000 cards so I know you all care. Please keep up on this and thank you for your participation in the past and in the future to come.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ...Wednesday

Well I cheated on this one but I said to my self...who cares really??? Flourishes challenge this week was to use some glitter be it glitter glue, glittery ribbon, paper or something that just shines like Lady Gaga. So I have been doing some cards for the hospital and since I had this one done I just took out the glitter glue and squeezed out some on the water part of the card. Actually it did add something to a plain card and I know kids love glitter so it's a win win situation. This is from the set Kids at Play by none other then Flourishes. Great little sillouette set and so easy to use. Just stamp and use a Spellbinders fancy die cut to mount it on and before you know it ....you're done. Sometimes a bit of glitter can really make a card stand out and sometimes it can make you stand out too. I have been using glitter while making cards and then had to run out to the grocery or whatever and when I arrive home I realize I looked like a glitter
queen with the dang glitter on my eyelashes, eyebrows etc. That is why I limit myself to glitter use. Well stampers I hope your week will be just wonderful and I have a favor to ask of you all, please read my post tomorrow about my Cards 4 Kids program as some changes had to be made. See you then and happy stamping.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Timeless Thursday

Well now I'm doing Timeless Tuesday on Thursday and I'm seeing a pattern of total neglect on my part when it comes to getting things done. What's a girl to do??? Anyhow the challenge called for you to go to a website and pick a print of some fancy schmancy paper which is French and make a card. I chose the one above and tried to imitate it somewhat. Don't even know the Flourishes sets these stamps came from other then they are from Flourishes.. so there! I think my card will make a good sympathy card to send on to the hospital when I get myself in gear and get some cards done. All I had to do was stamp and do a small bit of coloring and a bit of slapping down with some glue glidder and I was done. I used a Spellbinder die for the shape and don't know what number or name it has because DD puts them on some clippy things and just hangs them on hooks in her craft closet and I just grab and go.
Kiddos have off school for a few days so I took them out to do a bit of bowling. They loved it but I especailly loved our little trip afterwards to BBY ( which stands for Billings Best Yogurt) to fill our bellies with some real yum yum. Love that stuff and haven't had it in a good month or more.
Have to be bad once in awhile. Happy week fellow stampers. See you soon.